Rh Negative Miscarrages

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michelle - November 10

has anyone who has rh - negative blood not been given the anti D injection after loss of baby. I am asking this question as I have negative blood and after my first loss I was not given this injection through a doctor overlooking my records. I have since had bleeds with every pregnancy and lose the pregnancy. I have the bleeds only days after finding out I am pregnant. I was wondering if anyone has had similar problem and if so have you had any sucess. I have been told by a friend that once your body has built up this anti body you will keep rejecting the baby my friend does not know i have negative blood.does anybody know anything on this topic.


Lisa c s - November 10

i am so sorry you have lost pregnancies, i have just found out in the last few days how it feels to have lost a baby, and it is not nice. i am trying to find out the same thing....i have just found out that i have most likely miscarried at about 5-6weeks (i have a hcg level of only 91 and have been bleeding for last 4 days). I have asked about the anti D but doctors dont seem too concerned as i have prbably miscarried anyways...but i was under the impression that the antiD was to be given within 72 hours of first bleeding. But in saying that, i had a slight bleed with my first baby who i carried to term, but wasnt given the injection, and had 2 babies after her..good luck, i hope you can find some answers that will help you ...


Kim - November 10

Hi Michelle - wow I'm so sorry for all you're going through! It is hard enough to lose a baby, but then to keep losing babies possibly because of a doctor's mistake, I can't even imagine. Are you currently pregnant? Whether you are or not, I would make an appointment to see your doctor and tell them that you were never given the injection and and are rh -. I have also heard that it should be given 72 hours after m/c, but I wonder if there's something they can yet do to prevent you from losing any more. It's definitely worth asking about! And if your doctor is not taking you seriously, find another one, that is just ridiculous. Good luck to you and take care of yourself. xxoo


me - November 10

I am also rh- and was given the rhogam shot after my d&c. When I started spotting during my pregnancy I only called my doctor because I know you need to get a shot any time there is bleeding during a pregnancy if you are rh-! I didn't even think that I was miscarrying I just wanted to make sure I got the shot. So you definitely need to talk to your doctor about what you need to do because from what I have read, your body does build up the antibodies if you don't get the shot!


michelle - November 11

i have just been back to the doctors for my checkup after loosing the twins and asked him about the anti D - he test everything from this loss and thankfully i have no antibodies which is really good. My husbands blood also came back as negative also so it is not the anti D thing. My doctor is lovely he is not the same one from my first pregnancy (but unfortunately my partner from then did have positive blood). my doctor is great he lays down the law and is extreemly strict what he says goes. I do have a daughter who was a result of my present doctors determination ( i started to see him to have her) and hard work with complete bed rest, test every 2nd week till 29 weeks then hospital and test every day from then on. he was hoping that the problems i had with her were only from the early bleed i had and it would not happen again and would not have to do this every pregnancy but looks like we do. He has said that as soon as we find out i am pregnant again i will be giving up work and resting it will be a long pregnancy but very much worth it. he has also if he says hospital i will have to go home and pack my bags and go. he wants to make sure that we understand what is expected of me/ us and how he thinks he can get us through to the end. he said he also has another specialist in sydney whom specialises in ladies having difficulty carrying and my tranfer us to him if he needs to. he know we want a big family and has said we can try a couple more times but then if we are not successful we will be happy with our daughter who he ( the doctor) calls his miracle child. thank you all for you support. i am feeling better and will hopefully start trying again next month. my doctor is confident that he has given me all the papers to get test done as soon as i fall pregnant that way he will be getting results he needs from day one. Hopefully we might have good news for the new year. I say good luck to everyone and find your self a great doctor you can relate too. my doctor gets along great with my husband including him in the pregnancy ,it is great to have the doctor support for him too.


Kim - November 11

Michelle - your doctor sounds kind of controlling! But hey, if you like him and feel comfortable with him, then more power to you! Remember that it is your body and your baby and your family, so you are qualified to make decisions about your health too! Best of luck to you. xxoo


Erin - November 11

Rhesus incompatibility does NOT cause early miscarriage. There have been several large studies into this. Rhesus incompatibility is a problem when a Rhesis negative woman has a Rhesus positive child (with a Rhesus positive partner), and blood is exchanged between mother and child, usually at birth, but can be during miscarriage, abruption, etc... If the blood mixes and no treatment is received, the subsequent Rhesus positive child that the mother gestates will suffer problems beginning int he late second trimester. The baby will need a full in utero blood transfusion or else could die or have birth defects. That is why a Rhesus woman received Rhogam or Anti-D before delivery and immediately after. It is like a vaccination... It makes the mother immune to the Rhesus positive blood that may escape into her body...


hi - November 11

hi i am so sorry :( i dont know if the rh factor causes mc my mom had that and she had 2 kids... she had to be watched really close by the dr tho the whole time... i tihnk there is something ur supposed to get that will help u not to mc again ask around drs maybe get a different one? and i am so sorry good luck :)


Angela - November 12

I too am Rh- and asked the doctors when I had my miscarriage last month. If you had your pregnancy blood work they will test for anti bodies and should notice something then. if you do have the antibodies, you will not miscarry. The antibodies will travel through the placenta and attack the baby later on. They baby can be born with anemia. In severe cases the baby may need a blood transfusion. I would talk to your doctor to make you feel better, but I'm sure that's not what is causing your miscarriages. Also, if the baby has negative blood like you, you don't need the rhogahm shot. Don't worry. i am sending you lots of baby dust, good luck, Michelle.


michelle - November 13

Kim,You may think that my doctor sounds controlling but he is saying to us what is needed to be said because with my daughter every time i did not rest i started to bleed and then later in the pregnancy i kepted going into premature labour. he just wants us to understand that for me to carry for a health baby i will have to do what i did last time. he was hoping that this was not the case and that is why i did not rest this last time. and also why he did test to rule out any other possiblities. He is very caring when i got transfered through 5 hospitals he kept in touch with my husband giving him the rea__surance he needed and then when i was stable he arranged for me to be sent closer to home so we were not alone and could have family support.if that is how to get success when my success rate is 1 in 5 you too would do what is best for your health and the baby. the way i look at it when you look at what you will get out of 8 months of rest it is worth it.


Erin - November 13

Was your Doctor able to tell you how the bedrest was helping you stop bleeding? DId you have an abruption or placenta previa? Otherwise, rest doesn't really prevent miscarriage.


michelle - November 13

Erin each bleed i have effect the placenta some how. once my daughter was born he said he could find each bleed and the placenta was quiet thin. which is what happened to the last pregnancy i had a bleed but did not rest. their is no medical reason why i have these bleeds it just happens and for some reason rest minimises the effect of them and will hopefully stop them. i guess it is just bad luck. i am willing to try resting again as it may give me success.


j.a. - November 14

Just to let you know any Rh negative mother that they suspect is having or has had a m/c NEEDS to have a shot of Rhogam. I'm a blood bank technician, so I should know! Generally, you'll get one at 28 weeks and then at delivery. Any time a m/c is suspected, most doctors feel a shot of Rhogam is best. Failure to get the shot can affect future pregnancies, as your body can produce an antibody against the baby's blood.


Kim - November 14

Hi Michelle, sorry! I hope I didn't offend you. I am not disagreeing with what your doctor is suggesting for you at all, I think you are being very smart to follow his advice. I just meant that I think women should be empowered to participate in their pregnancy care as well. I am so glad you have somebody with whom you feel so comfortable, that is truly a blessing. Take good care. xxoo



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