Sac But No Baby

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Mama123 - February 2

The first day of my last period was Dec. 11th...I had not been to the doctor yet...Nine days ago I went to the doctor with terrible pain in my lower right abdomen. The doctor did a va___al ultrasound and couldn't detect anything! They sent me to another ultrasound room to a "better" ultrasound machine. They found a sac, but no baby in the sac? Basically, they sent me home with instructions about a potential miscarriage, but otherwise to return on feb. 3rd to re-evaluate and hopefully detect a baby? Has anyone experienced this? Another thing I might add is that the sac measured at 5w, 6d, 9 days ago..Would that be right?


deltabwa - February 2

Mama - they didn't tell you anything else? from what i know - there should be at least a gest. sac by 5 w and at 6 w flat, for me, they could see a heartbeat. i know this is stressful and i really hate that the docs do this to people. go home and stress yourself out for 24 hrs then come back and we'll see what we see. the stress alone sometimes is enuf to make ppl m/c


Kim L - February 2

Hi Mama - could it be an ectopic? I ask because of the pain and lack of fetus. Did they look for one?


deltabwa - February 2

kim - I've never had one but i know that when i went for my first u/s due to cramping and spotting, they looked for that right away and they also had probs seeing it for other reasons, they did say that it's not etopic and that was their first concern. so, wouldn't they have seen that, if that was the case?


Mama123 - February 2

Thanks deltabwa and Kim L: They did check to see if it was eptopic...and it was not. They seemed relieved after they found that out. It just seems very puzzling that there was no baby in the sac.


onetwothree - February 2

It is called a blighted ovum and is very common. I actually had one and ended up having a D&C. A blighted ovum is when something happens right when the sperm and egg meet so no baby developes but the body doesn't get the message and continues to grow a sac, increase HCG levels and even cause m/s. You should know tomorrow if this is what it is or if there is something in the sac. I'm sorry you are going through this.


Mama123 - February 2

onetwothree: Thank you so much for your information. I have never heard of a blighted ovum or that is is common. How long ago did this take place for you, and what was the process like? Thanks for any information.


onetwothree - February 2

I was supposed to be nine weeks but the sac measured seven. They waited another week to make sure I wasn't off my dates. When it was confirmed, I went in for my D&C that afternoon. It is an outpatient procedure that took about an hour. I didn't have any pain at all and hardly any bleeding. I was given a prescription for some type of pain pill that I never used. I was fine with it emotionally because there was no baby and I knew it would have been a lot harder to see a baby in there with no h/b. I am sorry that you are going through this. Here is some info I got from iVillage................................................... While the term "blighted ovum" is not commonly known, the occurrence is quite common. A blighted ovum is a pregnancy in which the placenta develops but no fetus is visible on ultrasound. The fact that transv____al ultrasound did not show an embryo at eight weeks must be viewed with caution. If the ultrasound had been performed earlier -- say, at four to six weeks -- it's very likely that either the fetus or yolk sac may have been seen. In other words, the presence or absence of an embryo at the time of the pregnancy loss has little bearing on future pregnancy outcomes. Blighted ovum is thought to be due to a chromosomal abnormality. Over 60 percent of all first-trimester pregnancy losses are due to chromosomal abnormalities unique to that pregnancy -- meaning that these are one-time events that do not raise the risk of similar future problems. Usually the chromosomal abnormality lies in the individual egg; sperm chromosomal anomalies are infrequent. Other chromosomal problems may also arise if something goes awry genetically during the first few cell divisions of the newly formed embryo. Following the first miscarriage, there is no need to test the parents for chromosomal problems. In fact, most physicians will not recommend genetic testing of the fetal products of conception unless and until there is a second loss. There is always an underlying risk of miscarriage, and a single first- trimester pregnancy loss does not change that risk. This risk does increase with age, however, so that in women between the age of 40-45, the risk of miscarriage can reach 65 percent. If you are over 35, I would strongly recommend asking your doctor to test your ovarian reserve to make sure that age-related infertility is not a factor.


onetwothree - February 2

Oh, this happened about 3 or 4 years ago. I missed that question.


Mama123 - February 3

onetwothree: Thank you so much for your helpful information! I go to the doc this afternoon. I'll make sure to update here. I appreciate your willingness to help out a perfect stranger.


onetwothree - February 3

You're very welcomed and I do hope that things are fine but if not, just know that this place is here for you.


Mama123 - February 7

onetwothree: Thanks again for all your support. I went to the doc and they found the baby! I feel very fortunate, and at the same time--somewhat guilty, considering all the women on this site who have experienced loss. Nonetheless, I'm am certainly thankful for the news and already battling severe nausea. Thanks you for you help.


AshleyB - February 7

I'm so happy for you mama123. Your story is inspirational, to teach people hope and not to give up very quickly and to hold out for the best. Glad things worked out for you. Yay!!!


onetwothree - February 7

MAMA123, I am so happy to hear this! This also shows how you should not have a D&C right away. A good DR will make you wait and have another u/s. Congratulations and I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy and much joy with your child.


erica79 - February 8

Hi, I was just reading and I am soo happy for you Mama!! I had a blighted ovum and had a d&c on 11/1/05. I am still afraid to try again, it was my first. It shows there is always hope, good luck with everything!!!


voujuliet1 - February 10

reading your story has inspired me not to give up on my baby, though i was told yesterday after a test that i will most likely loose my pregnancy. like you i had sharp pains after confirming i was seven weeks pregnant, i had an internal scan and a sac was found wihout a baby. in other to rule out ectopic pregnancy, i was blood tested twice within 48hrs and the result showed my baby was not growing which means i am most likely going to loose the baby. though i have an appiontment to see the doc on wed next week to see if i am still pregnant. another thing is that i am bleeding but not severe and i have cramps. can someone please tell me what my chances are of not loosing my baby? i'm desperate!


danner03 - February 13

not that i really have a answer i was told the same thing last week theres tow sacsbut, no babies in them .. today my sacs are measuring 7 wks 2 days.. but still no babies i seen you waited this out as i choose to.. When did your baby actually show up on u/s?



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