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lilbuss - September 19

I just had my first miscarriage at 37 years and am very distraught about the whole thing. My partner and i have tried for 6 months to get pregnant and finally did after the 4th try. We were so excited going into the appt. for the 1st ultrasound which i should have been about 10 weeks along only to find out that the gestational sac was only at about 5 weeks! We were devistated and not ready for that news. My doctor said to wait 2 weeks and if i didn't miscarry to come in for the D&C. I finally miscarried this past sunday! I just started feeling the sadness of this whole situation and was looking for support. Is it normal to have your hormones feel like there all over the place? I am sad one minute, happy the next, and ready to scream! Is this normal?


oncemore - September 19

lilbuss- I am so so sorry for you loss! Yes, these emotions are very normal. Hormones will play a big role in them right now. I am 37 years old and lost my son at 14 1/2 weeks along (he died 5 days earlier). I had no signs and also found out at an u/s that there was no longer a heart beat. I feel for what you are going through and I remember many times that I felt like I was losing my mind. It's an up and down battle with the emotions and takes a while to get through it. Hang in there and have a place to vent your feelings... hopefully you have a good support system with you with family and your significant other...but if you ever need to vent to a "cyber" friend...the thread I go to where there are some wonderful ladies is "the clean slate" we are on part 38 right now. All of us have suffered a loss or more, and are at different stages of ttc. (((HUG))) you are welcome to come by our thread if you ever need some support or just to vent... take care and best of luck to you with your ttc endevors!~Lori~


cynnababy - September 19

What you are feeling now is very normal. I have been through the same emotional roller coaster too. One day you felt like there's nothing can bring you down, and you are ready to take on the world, the next day, you felt like the world is crashing down. There are mornings that I couldn't even get out of bed, and some mornings, i felt like I am ready to start my life fresh. Tiny little things can make me very very sad, and i would cry for hours for no reason. We are all here to support each other and lent each other an "ear" or "eye" for you vent. No one undestand us than women that had been through this.


emtcutie1028 - September 19

Oh is completely normal. I am very sorry to hear of your loss :-( While not everyone will completely understand how we feel we all share a certain bond...something I would rather not have in common with other women because I would much rather have my baby here! I lost my son almost a month ago at 22 weeks. Its still so hard for me to understand it. I have my moments where I am sad too, happy, p__sed you name it and I probably have dealt with it. Not only is our emotional hormones out of place or d__n physical ones are too! To top everything off I began producing milk 4 days after I delievered and still to this day im leaking. Only time will heal our wounds. Good luck...if you need to talk im here ;-)


franciepants - September 20

lilibus - I am sorry for your loss. I've been through two this year (I am currently "waiting" for the second one to pa__s). Now that the miscarriage has taken place you will start to feel better. Your next chance to try isn't too far away. Not that you shouldn't grieve over what has just happened, it's all very shocking and upsetting, but when it happened to me I clinged to that hope that I would have another chance. Going through this current miscarriage my DH says he can see my mood swing from one moment to the next. It's an awful thing to go through. On the flipside, congrats at only taking 4 months to get pregnant. It will happen for you again soon. FP


FrancesM - September 20

lilbuss, I was 37 (have turned 38 since) when I found out I was pg. We were not trying, we were just not careful. If it happened it happened and it did. I had 2 perfect ultrasounds (Doctors words). I went for the 3rd u/s (level2) and there was no heartbeat. They said the baby stopped growing at 10 weeks. It was horrible. The Dr was shocked too cause everything was going so well. That was this past July. It is still on my mind everyday. Your emotions will drive you crazy. I will say I never had anger towards pg women cause it was not like we have been trying and trying but I am having envy issues now... it is like "I want to be pg too"! My hubby and I are still not "trying", we are doing what we did before...if it happens it happens. We don't want the pressure and stress. Anyway enough about me. Hang in there with this. There are a ton of great women on here that I have been through this too and can relate to your situation. I am on the Clean Slate thread with Oncemore and a bunch of other fabulous ladies so come over there if you want. There is always someone there who has kind supportive words and lots of good advise. Sorry for your loss.



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