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Kelly G - January 24

Hi, I was 6 weeks pregnant last week, when I started with cramps / brown spotting. My doc did a blood test, and unfortunately, my levels dropped. I miscarried later that week (Wednesday / Thursday). The nurse said I had a blighted ovum I saw my doctor on Friday and he did an ultrasoud and said that everything looked fine and that we could start trying again when we were ready. He said to wait at least a week to avoid infection (from the miscarriage). But I'm wondering if I should wait until I have a period to start trying again?? The doc didn't mention anything about waiting....any help would be appreciated.


Cathy - January 24

I also had a m/c and the doctor told me she wanted me to have 2 normal cycles before trying again. I had a d&c so I don't know if it would be different without having one.


J - January 24

I had a miscarriage at almost 8 weeks and my doctor told me to wait for one normal period. I got my period exaclty 5 weeks after my dnc and we started trying but I haven't gotten pregnant yet and have had 2 periods since.


Soo - January 24

I had a MC on 13th Jan.My Doc said no s_x for 2 weeks to avoid infection & good recovery & to wait till first cycle for getting exect date of last LMP to trace the weeks of pregnancy.


claire - January 26

i have had two miscarriages one i had to give birth to which was a little girl and one started the same as you with the brown spotting ect i too was told you can try straight away its only if you've had a dnc that you have to wait because the linning of the womb is not ready to implant a baby i am trying again now and i would advice you to start as you are at your most fertile when you have been pregnant well i hope this helps and good luck!


Kelly G - January 26

Thanks everyone. I did some searching on the internet and what not, and found that a doctor will usually only ask you to wait until you have had one cycle only to help is calculating the due date. It went on to say that because of all the technology these days, that if you doctor says you don't have to to wait for a period you should be just fine. Claire, I'm going to take your advice about the fertile time after pregnancy and start trying again soon! Good luck to everyone!!!


Amy - January 26

If that's the case I can start trying in a few weeks then- I miscarried over the weekend and I really wanted to have a baby this year. Does anyone for how long of a time you are most fertile?


Kelly G - January 26

I found this on another site, not sure how accurate it is cause it was just someone "saying" it, but here's what I found, hope it true!! 'Both my midwife and my OB-Gyn told me that you are at your most fertile in the 3 months following a miscarriage.' Amy, Sorry for your lose and good luck to you! We are both in the same boat. How far along were you, if you don't mind me asking.


Jc - January 26

Hey Girls~ I had a miscarriage & a D&C in July of 2004 and I havent had my period since August 2004. The doctors put me on progestra and i started but i havent started since then. How long did it take for you girls to get pg or even have a peroid. My husband and I wabt to have a child but it is kind hard to have one without having a period. My doctors told me that I shouldnt worry about it but I want answers and he wont give me any. So if any of you have some answers then please let me know. Thank you!


Kelly G - January 27

Hey JC...Sorry I'm not much help here. I just had my miscarriage last week, so I'm just waiting for the week to pa__s by, since that is when the doctor said I could try again. After that, I'm not going to wait for a period, I'm just going to try. I'm sure I'll spend millions in HPT, but that's OK. I will tell you that when I went off the pill in Aug 04, I never got a period for like 3 months. I was taking test left and right and nothing. Then finally in Dec I got pregnant (but misscarried at 5 weeks), but that just shows that if you aren't getting your period you don't have to really wait to have one, you can catch the ovulation before it starts. Sorry is this is confusing....good luck to all!


Tara - January 27

Hi JC, I know what I'm about to say here is easier said than done but it has worked for a 3 of our friends and i really belive in it. Your body has been through a lot and that can be why you havn't gotten your period. If you try and relax and ease your mind your system has a better chance of 'getting back to normal'. A couple that we know tryed for 3 years to have kids and was unsuccessful until they adopted and as soon as they were in a happy enjoyable place in lifen they got pregnant. What you can try is the ovulation kits (2 couples I know did this and worked the first time) where you take your body temprature every day and as soon as it goes up a little you know you are ovulating. Kelly G is right, you can start trying at any time. Best of luck to you.


Amy - January 27

Kelly G- I was at 6 weeks when I miscarried. It's been really tough this week working, but everyone has been giving me hugs. I just feel like my emotions are behind a wall and I just want to be alone. I've never felt like that before, but I'm sure we'll try again soon. My doctor told me to wait 3 months to try again, but I feel like I am ready now. I don't feel any different except the hormonal craziness going on. I am okay with the loss, though. It just wasn't meant to be. The doctor said that nature tries to correct itself and she's seen women bear twins following a miscarriage. <hugs> to you all. I know how rough it is.


Amy - January 27

JC- I agree with Tara, just try to relax and not stress so much about it. It's hard not to but my sister told me 'if you think positive and you really can picture yourself having a baby, then it'll happen'.


Michelle - July 10

I was also 6 weeks and had a miscarriage on July 7. The doctor told me that i could wait till my first period or wait until after 3 periods.


Amy - July 10

i m/c may 3 and we ttc right away and i'm now 8wks pg so i got pg a little over 3 wks after my m/c i had a natural m/c no d&c


linda untivers - September 5

i wonld more pregncy and nltrasoun



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