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tuesdaypm - May 6

Hi saramcg, I did put out a post to talk to you, I have ic and lost dd may last year at 22 weeks, was following you on another post but couldn't rememer which one?? So glad to hear you ok! I had a cerclage done at 16 weeks but was too late as membranes had already been exposed and infected, we hung on till 22 weeks though! Have you a cerclage? I wasn't put on bed rest and after following you wonder if I could have had diff outcome?? How far along were you when they discovered ic? Sorry for all the questions :) xxxx


FrancesM - May 6

Tuesday, I don't want to b___t in but I am not sure that she will see this as it seems to be inching it's way to the bottom. You can find her in the Clean Slate thread. I am so sorry for your loss. Please feel welcome to post over there. Frances


saramcg - May 6

Hi Tuesday---I can't remember where I posted to you either, but I know that I talked to you. I am sorry for you losing your little one at 22 wks...that had to be so difficult. In my situation, I went in at 20wks for the anatomy u/s. I guess one of the routine things is to check the cervix. she didn't like what she saw and did a v____al u/s. My cervix was starting to shorten. I was told this usually happens as the baby gets a little bigger. I was told to take it easy for a week and then come in for another check. My cervix was measureing at 2.5 cm. Normal is closer to 4 cm and they get worried when it is under 3. When I went back in for a check the next week, my cervix had shortened to 1.9cm with funneling (that is where it starts to open up from the inside) So at 21 wks, I was immediately pu tin the hospital. on total bedrest. My cervix was measured weekly and it went down to 1.3cm...if it were to go below 1, I would have been put in bed with my feet up!!! I did not have a creclage put in. although my membranes are bulging into my cervical ca___l, I was too far along for a doc don't do them after 14 weeks. Some doc do, and many people wanted me to get the st_tch put in, but it is VERY risky this far along...they have to knock you out and if they accidentally rupture the membranes, you could wake up having delivered your baby- and obviously it would not live. I could have pushed the issue and gotten one, but I didn't want to take the chance. ---SO--- since then I have been on total bedrest, getting up only to go to the bathroom and trying my best to lay on either side. I have my cervix checked weekly still and it grew a little and is staying stable (at 1.8cm now) and I am home, but I lay on the couch or in bed ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! I am 27 weeks now. I have no contractions, which is really good- it would be a lot worse if those started. It is all really weird to me b/c I have a son that is 22 mo and I had NO problems with him. he went 2 days late! I then had a m/c last july with a d/c in august and then got pg again in november. I don;t know if the d/c had anything to do with it or not. As I sit here for weeks on end with nothing happening, I am starting to wonder if this is more normal for me than than anything else? but who knows. we want another child sometime after this, so I will be all for the cerclage then, just earlier. I also agree that bedrest has helped alot. I am being VERY good as my punishment is getting put back into the hospital. I feel great though and am hoping that I anly have 6-8 more weeks of this and then I can slowly start to do more again. How are you doing? I think that you said or I read somewhere that you are currently ttc? How has that been going? are you in the tww yet? you will have to keep me posted on your progress, and I wish you all the luck and baby dust possible. But if you need to, I think that a cerclage and definitely bedrest have some very good effects (well for the baby b___t and back could disagree!) But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask...I'm not doing much these days!!! take care


tuesdaypm - May 6

Thank you so much for answering me, thank you frances for bumping, I followed sara when in hosp and wondered how you were, I find you on clean slate, thanks again :)



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