Scan Shows Empty Gestational Sac

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Lauren - May 18

My last period was 24th March, I had a positive pregnancy test 10th May, my cycles are irregular, had dating scan 16th of May which showed an empty gestational sac. The Dr's think it may be only 4 weeks old, If so how could I have had a positive pregnancy test as early as one week post conception. Also the mean diameter of the gestational sac is 8.3mm (transva___al scan) which should make it 5.5 weeks where a yolk sac is usually seen. My Dr refuses to test blood HCG levels. I have to wait for another scan in two weeks time. I have no symptoms and I am scared this is a failed pregnancy. I miscarried at 11 weeks in December, so I'm very scared. Can anyone offer any advice please? Lauren


Davida - May 18

You need a new Dr.! Why does this one refuse to test your levels? I'm sorry you are having such a hard time but I really would seek another opinion. God Bless!


s - May 18

I would definitely get the HCG levels will ease your fears either way. I had the same thing--dr. saw empty sac and said that could be normal given you are early in pregnancy. In my case, i was 6 weeks (thought I was at least). Dr. said could be good news or bad but you need to test HCG levels to determine if they are going up or down. In most healthy pregnancies your HCG should double every 48 hours. If your levels are declining or not doubling, the dr. will determine what steps you need to take next. Much more accurate than a scan. Hope this helps!


Amy D. - May 18

Lauren - I would ask why is he refusing to test the levels? That is the standard procedure in early pregnancy, as well as follow up u/s, and you'll get an answer sooner with the hCG. I'm surprised he's not doing more since you recently miscarried? I was pregnant with 2nd child, found out in nov03, and started bleeding at 5 weeks. My doctor followed my hCG levels, she wanted to wait until I was at least 7 weeks before doing an ultrasound, she said it was too early to be definite of anything before that. Well, hubby and I were too scared and impatient, we went to another doctor for a scan at their office, I was about 6 weeks at that time, and had the v____al u/s scan. The tech told me there was a sac, but it was empty. I was devastated. We left and went home, the doctor was not available until later in the afternoon, and we were going to go back in for a D&C. We decided to call my doctor to tell her what we had found out from the 2nd doctor. She said don't do anything! Come in to see me first, please. So we did and she told us that if I wanted a D&C, she would not perform one, she had my latest hCG and the levels were very high, right were they should be, she thought the u/s tech at the other doctors was wrong. We felt hope, so we decided to cancel the D&C and wait another week, and sure enough we went in for an ultrasound and saw our little baby, heartbeat in the 150's, right size and everything. I was amazed! And the other doctor's office we had gone to never said anything about testing my hCG, or waiting a little longer since pregnancy was so early, she was going to do the D&C that day! I think how close we were to killing our baby, who was alive and well, growing just right! My bleeding was caused by a subchorionic hematoma and with extra care and 2months bedrest, it healed and I went on to have our 2nd beautiful son.


Brittany - May 18

Lauren- I know exactly how you feel! My LMP was March 26th, so we are pretty close. My first u/s on May 12th showed an empty gestational sac, and now I am scheduled for another appointment this Friday, the 20th. My doctor did however test my HCG (but only after I suggested it, because my original "positive" blood test was low, at 26), levels but only once, and it was before I went in for my first u/s appointment -they were above 14,000. So, very high, which almost concerns me more... But yes, they haven't checked the HCG levels since the last scan... I just hope everything is okay, I guess I will find out on Friday. Anyways, just know you are not alone. This is so hard to deal with! You should find a new doctor if you can, one that will work with you. My doctors are awful too, but I live in a small town, and they are the only ones here! Anyways good luck to you!!! Take care :) ~B ~*Heartbeat vibes!!!*~


Lauren - May 19

Thank you all for your advice, it is so rea__suring to hear from people who understand and empathise. I will pursue the HCG blood test. Best Wishes, Lauren



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