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amylei7 - May 23

HI all, I'm Amy from the great state of Virginia. I am not in a good position right now and it is causing me a lot of stress. In January, I had an early miscarriage which I only knew because I got a few positives along with a few negatives and I finally went to get a blood test to confirm. I was bleeding some at the time. About a week later I had a lot of bright red blood. A LOT. The doc said that I had miscarried. Now, in May, I got what I thought was my period about a week early. It lasted about 3-4 days and was a brownish color, not at all bright red. I thought this was my period, but I was just feeling pregnant. You know, the more common red flags: nausea, fatigue, sore nipples... I decided to get a pack of 2 PT's, the cheapest possible. After 2 accuclear and 2 clear blue easy digital readouts, I found that they all said PREGNANT, or positive. It is now about a week later. My br___ts still hurt and I have been having period type cramps for about 4 days. This morning I found some light pink-brownish blood, and this has continued throughout the day. I am so scared that this is another miscarriage. I know that some people have inplantation bleeding, but I estimate to be about 5 weeks and it's NOT common to bleed twice in a month AND be pregnant. I am between insurances right now and I can't go to the doc yet to see what's up (my new jobs insurance kicks in 7/1). Please Please Please help me. I am seriously affected by this and I need some kind of answers. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


pink_roses - May 23

i know a woman who had bleeding at the point of her periods throughout her entire pregnancy. i also know a woman who had bleeding b/c she lost the twin but is 31 weeks pregnant with the other baby. if you want to see an OB you could find a planned parenthood and they will treat you b/w insurance and on a sliding pay scale if necessary. i hope this helps and good luck. i m/c my first pregnancy at 12 weeks in april so i do understand your anxiety. again, good luck!


josita - May 24

Dear amylei, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I also recently mc-ed (officially on the 11th of May) and only now recently getting my af, trying to heal and wait a few months before ttc again. I have done tons and tons of personal research during this whole process also because of feeling cramping etc. Try to stay positive and realistic at the same time. The fact that you still are having pregnancy symptoms is good. The moment I found out that I could possibly mc - a few days later all the preg. signs stopped (no more sore b___sts, fatique eased, not hungry once I woke up, headaches gone.) Also, in the early stages of pregnancy, many signs of being pregnant mimic those of getting your period. Having cramps is common bc of all the changes going on in your uterus, etc. Also, unless the discharge is bright red, don't worry so much. Brownish blood is common during this time and is something that shouldn't be of concern. I would also echo pink_roses advice in finding a low-cost (is there good public health care system in your town?) ob/gyn like planned parenthood that could possibly give you some tests and put your mind at ease. My first mc was devastating -- but i can tell you when I get preg again, I will be a nervous wreak. Just try to take care of yourself and get the rest that your body needs at this time. I think that the hardest thing is waiting and that is what you need to do right now, I know exactly how you feel. I wish you luck and hope that everything turns out ok -- please keep us informed.



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