Scared Of A D Amp C

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demi35 - September 20

Hi I am going through a second m/c and at 8 wks ,my doctor has allowed a week to see if I can pass on my own and nothing has happened no bleeding no cramps. She made me an appt. for a D&C for tues. and told me to think about it over the weekend. My first m/c I passed on my own and really was not bad but I had bleeding and cramps and it was fast . I am scared of never waking up. This would be the first time I go under. Help!!!


FrancesM - September 20

Demi, I had a dnc in July and I was nervous too as I have never been under either. It was SO fast. The procedure itself only lasts about 5 minutes. They gave me a drip of something put me on the table, the Dr put the sleep meds in the drip, and they put the oxygen mask on me. I felt a warm feeling in my mouth, the Dr came in and said, I am here honey and patted my leg. Honestly, the next thing I knew they woke me up and said I was done. I sat there for about 20 minutes and was they helped me out. I know that sounds easy but you are not under for very long AT ALL. I wish I could give you more rea__surance then that. The Dr's know what they are doing. Look up d and c on the internet and you should be able to ready what the procedure is. Good Luck and try not to worry.


cynnababy - September 20

Demi, I have a D&C in April this year. I had the same fear of not waking up too. I know some OB can do it with just the general anesthesia, but I didn't want to be awake when they are doing it. I didn't have any problem with the drug or the procedure at all. Like Frnaces said, it was fast. I was out before they wheel me into the OR, and I woke up with my DH beside me. If you are really worry, there are also some other options as to what drugs they use to put you under, some will not totally knock you out, but make you semi-unconscious. My husband had that when he had his catheter port put in for chemo drug transfusion.


julie2007 - September 21

demi - i am sorry for your losses - i too had my 2nd m/c (3 weeks ago) -- both times i had a d&c and i was never put out. i was in the semi conscious state that cynn spoke about. i never felt a thing, and it was over so fast. they used versed (an anmesiac drug) and fentenyl i believe ( i remember nothing after the IV - but i was breathing on my own the whole time) both via IV and i also got an antibiotic via IV so there would be no chance of infection. cramps are almost non existent, and although i did bleed for 7+ days after - it was such light bleeding - more of an annoyance than bleeding. it is such an awful thing for anyone to have to go thru - losing a child - but the d&c is not a bad thing to have - i was petrified the 1st time since i didn't know anyone who had ever had one - get yourself a heating pad and some motrin or they gave me vicodin i took one - and the next day i took my 2 y/o out to get her pa__sport and we went to lunch -- and then i came home and cried for a while - but it wasn't physically painful. ** oh and a good point if you can find one - is that you can have the baby tested to see if he / she had any chromosomal abnormalitles that may lead you to an answer as to why it is happening and how to prevent in the future -- you can also find out the s_x if you want. not to make light of it - but it's not awful physically. best of luck to you!


em2007 - September 21

Demi, I had a D&C in aug and was scared beforehand because I had never been under and didn't know what to expect. Looking back I can say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My husband was with me when I left for the OR, then I got on the table and the anesthesiologist put me to sleep. When I woke up I was in the recovery room and a nurse was with me the whole time. I was so afraid I'd be alone, but someone was always with me. After I was awake for about 15 minutes, they got my husband and he stayed with me for about 30 min and then we left. Like julie said, the bleeding was very light and lasted about a week. I did cramp for a couple days afterward, but took 800mg Motrin and that helped. I wish I'd found this forum beforehand so I could have heard from other women who'd had the procedure. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope this helps.



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