Scared Pregnant After Mc

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Alexis - May 31

Hi everyone. I first found out I was pregnant at the end of March and mc at the beginning of April. My husband and I waited for one normal cycle and I just found out I/m 4 weeks pregnant. I am ecstatic but terrified. I got horrible cramps today at work and almost lost it. I am so scared I will miscarry again. Please, some encouraging words!


Tamisha - June 1

Alexis, Congratulations! Please please please try not to worry, that is the worst thing you can do for you, your body, and your baby right now. I know that is easier said than done, but just remember that minor cramps/pain is ok. It's the major cramps, and possible red blood that you worry about. Try to enjoy being pregnant. So when do you believe you became pregnant after your mc? Good luck to you throughout this pregnancy


Kishia - June 1

First off CONGRATS!!!! Like the pp said try not to worry so much right now.


Laura - June 1

Alexis~I am in the same boat as you. I m/c 4/30 and am prego again with no af in between. I started feeling crampiness last night, and I am so freaked out. I can't help but feel that it's inevitable for me to m/c again now that I am feeling these cramps, but am doing everything above my power to try to stay positive. Let's help eachother out!


crisy - June 1

Hi Alexis. Congratulations to you. Being scared is normal especially after you had a miscarriage. If you have cramps just go home and ask your doctor to put you on bed rest for the first 3 to 4 months.I had horrible cramps when I was pregnant and I went to work. I pushed myself to hard and I lost the baby. Try to put your feet up and don't lift anything heavy. After my miscarriage I became so scared that I promissed myself I would go on bed rest for the first 3 to 4 months if I get pregnant again. Lots of luck to you. Take care.


Alexis - June 1

Thanks everyone for your comments. It is helpful to hear from people who understand. Tamisha, I believe I conceived around the 18 of May. Laura, I'm so glad I have someone to help me out. I feel like I want to think ahead (ultrasounds, telling friends, buying clothes) but I'm terrified of losing this baby. When are you due? I'm due February 8th


Laura - June 1

I'm pretty sure I ovulated and conceived around the 15th, so would be due Feb 5th! I won't know for sure until u/s on June 15th. Two weeks sounds like such a LONG time to me right now! I called my doc this afternoon and she rea__sured me that cramps are very normal (the feeling like you are about to start af at any moment) and to just take it easy. She said to get lots of rest and water. Hope this advice helps you, too! We have told very close friends and my mom because they were the most supportive with the last m/c, and if it happens again, I would want some support. As far as everything else I am waiting until the doc appt. I'm too afraid to jinx it.;) Good luck to you!


Chrissy - June 2

Congrats Alexis! I know exactly how you feel. I have had two miscarriages and am pregnant again, due on Nov 2. I am constantly worried too especially because i am not showing at all but my doc a__sures me that everything is looking great. I go for an ultrasound in about two weeks so hopefully that will ease my nerves. Good luck with this one im sure it will all be okay.


Alexis - June 2

Chrissy, it's nice to hear from soneone who had a m/c and is further along. That brings come comfort to the situation. Laura, I have an ultrasound on the 21st. I'll be 6 weeks 6 days. I'm hoping I make it that far and everything looks good. Let me know how your appointment goes.


Cyn - June 2

Alexis. I am in the same situation as you. I m/c on 7 Feb and found out I am pregnant now, should be around 4 weeks now. I am very paranoid, always checking if there's any spotting and I actually did post one message today because I noticed a tinge of it in the morning and nothing later. I hope to think positive but I can't help to be worried as well. Sorry, I know I am not being encouraging but just to let you know there is someone out there feeling the same way as you are.


Alexis - June 3

Cyn, I too am paranoiod about everything. I'm scared when I have bad cramps and then scared when they stop because I think the baby is no longer implantated. I too am 4 weeks and I really want some more signs. I'll take the morning sickness and heartburn just to confirm that I'm pregnant. I had a blood test on Wednesday (the day my period was due) and it was 105. Repeated blood work today and will get the results tomorrow


Good Luck - June 4

Hi Alexis! The exact thing happened to me. I MC in Mid-Feb and found out in March before AF I was pregnant. To rea__sure you, my doc advised me I was at no higher risk for another mc because of conceiving again so soon. She said that would only happen if the baby implanted in the exact same place as the mc baby did and that would be like winning the lotto! I am now 14 wks and had a bit of spotting at wk 7 and 11 but everything is fine! Make sure your doc checks your progesterone level to make sure you don't need suppositories. I have to have them for every pregnancy or I WILL miscarry. Good Luck to you and CONGRATULATIONS! Try to stay relaxed.


Alexis - June 6

Hey everyone. I had my hcg tested last week and it was 105 on the day I missed my period and 221 2 days later which is good. My progesterone is 19.2 which the doctor said was good. I'm starting t feel confident about this pregnancy but I'm still taking it day by day.


tiff - June 13

hi i just lost my child two weeks ago i was 8wks preg everyone is telling me to wait atleast 3months but i dont want to its easier said than done i never recalled me self happier than the day i found out i was preg and now i lost it and cant wait so im trying now wish me luck


staci - June 13

I wish you all the best. I had my first m/c in March of this year and was 6.5 weeks pg, I just had another m/c at 8.5 weeks and had D&C done last wed. I never had af in between and was so hopeful this time that it was going to last. My doctor said that the chances of having another m/c are no more than the first time you got pg, so try not to worry-I am praying foryou all, and hopign that myself will get pg after waiting this time for an af. Chrissy, I am so sorry for your losses, were you tested at all after your 2nd loss? Did you have D&C's with them at all? I wish you all the best.


Chrissy - June 16

I am 20 wks pregnant and just had an ultrasound. Everything looks perfect and we found out we are haveing a girl. Third time is a charm. Alexis i am so happy for you sounds like things are going great. Best of luck to you. Staci I am so sorry to hear about your losses. yes i had a D&C with both and after the second i had genetic testing done and there were no abnormalities. So we still dont know why i miscarried twice. I am going to have further testing done at about 28 weeks. Dont know what exactly but i guess to just make sure everything is progressing well. Best of luck to you all.


~Terra - June 17

I think you should just relax and enjoy being pregnant again, my husband and I misscarried May 28th, and I am 'still' waiting for that reg. menstral cycle to try again.. Wait to get your ultrasound, and fetal heartbeat, and that will take all your worries away! I will be just as concerned the day I get pregnant again, until I deliver a healthy baby, it's ok to be concerned. If you experience, Severe cramping, and spotting, then go to the ER, if not, and it was a one time thing, ENjoy, I hope to be as lucky as you getting pregnant right away! Was that your first pregnancy? The one I lost was supose to be my second child (five year old daughter at home)



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