Scared To Go For U S What If No H B Again

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buffy2297 - June 4

I'm now 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and due for a scan on Wednesday 7th June. My first pregnancy I went for a scan at 9 weeks(6th Jan 2006) and they found that the fetus had died at 7 weeks. I then had a chem PG on 31st March and now I'm PG again and dreading my scan, I've convinced myself that there will be no heart beat again. I can't bare going a finding it dead again. My DH keeps saying it's early days yet and doesn't ever wnat to talk about it and if I do he changes the subject. Could it happen a third time? I've got few symptoms:- constipation but had a loose movement this morning, so thats worried me. Extrememly tired having to have a sleep in the afternoon, modd swings and very ocassionally mild nausea. I know it's really to early to expect symptoms. Am I going mad do others have the same fear? My inner instinct is rarely wrong.


Mandy1984 - June 4

hey, I wish there is something I could say to ease your panic but there is not!, I had a m/carriage last yr but I knew it would happen I was just so shocked I got to 18weeks. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant again and from the start of this pregnancy I was CONVINCED I would m/carry, the day I had a scan I was dreading it rather than excited...I know what you mean about your inner instinct rarely being wrong but you are only fearing the worst because of what you went through. Also you could be preparing yourself for the worst, if you know what I mean, I think I do that to, The fact you have pregnancy symptoms so early on is a very good sign!! PLease try and take it easy, I'll be thinking about you xx


kiza - June 5

I wish you luck with this pregnancy being successful. I unfortunatley lost dd at 20weeks in 04 then m/c at 8 weeks dec 04, then again march 05 at 7 weeks then I had a ds at 21weeks may 8th 06 who pa__sed after 7 hours due to chromosonal abnormalities. I don't think I will ever feel comfortable and safe with another pregnancy until that full term healthy baby is in my arms. Don't beat yourself up over the way you feel, I think it is the body and minds way of shielding us from hurt and disappointment. Nausea is a good sign I had it with my first two successful pregs but not with any of the ones I lost. I hope I haven't made you feel worse, but I just wanted to let you know you have every right to feel what you do, and I hope your doc is understanding of this. Best of luck I will be thinking of you. xxxxx


Morrison1 - June 5

Buffy, I lost both my pg at 5w4d and never had any nausea at all. So, that's a great sign! Good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts. That is an early scan though...just 6 weeks. I didn't think they could always see a h/b that early.


Neets - June 5

Hey Buffy. Nothing's ever certain, and what will be will be, so try and not worry (easier said than done, I well know!) However, by the sound of things things are progressing OK. I've also had a m/c, so totally understand how you feel, but you worrying about "what could happen" is not good for you or bean. I'm currently 20wk pg and have experienced very few cla__sic symptoms - but did suffer from constipation from the outset. Good luck for Weds :-)


buffy2297 - June 6

I hope you are right. It's tomorrow morning it's come some quickly. I'm dreading it! I will update you tomorrow if I'm in any fit state. If you don't hear from me it's because it's bad news!!! Otherwise I will speak to you tomorrow!


buffy2297 - June 6

Morrison yes they can see a h/b but I'll have to have a v____al scan!


chandellina - June 6

best wishes for your scan ...


Roxy - June 6

Hi buffy, I am sure everything will be fine. I had two m/c one with a d & c and one natural. Currently I am 27 weeks pregnant and everything is going great. I had a v____al scan at 6 weeks and we didn't see a hearbeat. I was panicked but my doctor said that a day off could make the difference. I was charting so I knew when I ovulated but he said that implantation takes different amount of time for everyone. Anyway I am just saying that if you don't see the heartbeat don't be alarmed. That doesn NOT mean something is wrong but I would suggest you ask for another one in a week or so to ease your mind. Have you gotten you HCG levels checked. They were checking mine once a week for 4 weeks to make sure that the levels were rising as they should have been. Sorry to go on and on but I don't want you to worry too much. I know that is easier said than done as I still worry about everything. Good luck and be sure to let us know how everything went.


buffy2297 - June 6

Thanks for your words of support. I'm from the UK and they don't check HCG levels here. I'll keep you updated.


buffy2297 - June 7

Well I had my scan and all they could see was a sac and a yolk. they said it was far to early to see anything else so still none the wiser. The doctor wasn't concerned though! So I'm trying to stay postive got another appointment next week!! What a rollercoaster we ride!


Roxy - June 7

Buffy, that is great. That is exactly what we saw when I went that early and I remembered that I panicked because of reading on here that people seen the heartbeat that early. Congratulations, I am so happy for you and I am sure you are anxious to go next week. It's going to seem to take for ever, I had to wait two weeks and then when I got to see baby again it was amazing. The little heart was just beating like crazy. Have you gotten any symptoms yet? You know I have never really had any. I have two other children and with both of them I knew I was pregnant because I had sore b___bs but this time I had nothing, except being tired all the time which I am still. Good Luck!


buffy2297 - June 8

ROXY Thanks your sorry is really rea__suring! I have had symptoms nausea, constipation, extreme tiredness (haven't done anything for a week my house is a mess!) and frequent weeing. Although today I didn't seem to have nausea but I did have breakfast which I haven't been doing. I haven't had sore b___bs but they have grown!!


chandellina - June 8

buffy, that's awesome - glad to hear it!



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