Scared Too Death

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Cabbie - October 11

I have been on this board since last June '05 when I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 10 weeks or so. I had a d&c. This was my third miscarriage in a year. The two others were early one (6 wks and 5 wks). I have two wonderful children who I had no problems with during pregnancy (ages 3 & almost 6). Well, my husband and I were waiting to go back on birth control until my body got back to a normal cycle after my d&c. ( I have had problems with bc in the past.) After this next period, we thought it would be time (this would be 3 cycles). We were practicing caution during the month as not to become pregnant. Well, guess what. My AF was due on Monday. I finally got up the guts to take a HPT this morning (Wed.). The positive line showed up before the test lines. I am scared to death. My miscarriages have taken such a heavy toll on me mentally. I know there is no question here. I just needed to write or talk to someone. Thanks.


Cabbie - October 11

My two best friends are two weeks out of losing their babies. One a d&c at 9 wks. Another blighted ovum diagnosed at 9 1/2 weeks, so as you can see this is a subject I'm not comfortable talking about with them right now. My husband says I am being so pessimistic. That I am just expecting the worst. This baby will be really loved, but I am in a state of shock and fear right now!


Laura - October 11

Stay strong, Think positive! If it is meant to be, you will have a healthy pregnancy and baby.


MRS.R - October 11

Hi Cabbie, Congrats first of all!! Second just take it one day at a time. I know what you are talking about being scared. Hubby and i are trying to decide when to do the deed again as far as getting pregnant.. It is a scary thing after misscariage and i only had one so far.. I can't imagine three. Just trust that things will work for you. I will be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you. Keep me updated.. Take care.


Cabbie - October 11

Sorry, I am so shell shocked that I have my days all confused. AF should have been on Sunday. I have now taken the test on Tuesday. Laura and Mrs. R. thanks for the words of encourgaement. Don't get me wrong. I am giggling that this has happened, but I am also terrified beyond belief. I am trying to decide whether I want to go get my blood levels checked or just let things happen as they will. I have never had my progesterone checked, either. We will see.


Christina - October 11

CABBIE- hey i am sorry for what happened to you! i too have have two miscarrieages in 8 months, 8 weeks and 10 weeks. i have no other children. i was wondering what the reason was, well if you knew the reason anyway. My dr. told me that so far the egss that had joined with the sperm aren't good ones. he's not for sure if all of my eggs are bad so i am going to start fertility drugs this coming period. is your situation similar? my husband and i cant wait to start a family, but it seems like i may not have one at all...


Cabbie - October 11

Christina, I am sorry for your losses. My dr has told me that he really believes that my miscarriages were a run of bad luck. They had nothing in common with each other. The first one I lost at 6 weeks, the second was a chemical pregnancy so I lost it really quick, and the third was diagnosed as a blighted ovum at 10 weeks. We had really just decided with all the heartache and devastation that our two kids were more than enough for us, and like I said I was planning are going back on bc soon. This was a total shock. As far as fertility drugs, believe it or not, my first daughter was conceived on clomid and my second was conceived the month after stopping a six months course of clomid. I was headed into surgery in those next few weeks to figure out what was wrong and poof found out I was pregnant. Now I seem to be able to get pregnant and not carry, whereas before I had so much trouble getting pregnant but no trouble carrying. I have no answers and neither does my dr. Good luck to you, and thanks for the thoughts.


Erin - October 11

Dear Cabbie - I know how you feel. I am 37 and have had four mc's in my life, three just this year. The first was 9 years ago - a blighted ovum at 7 weeks. I had a D&C and got pregnant with my daughter two weeks later. My first husband and I divorced when she was an infant (he ran off with someone else shortly after she was born). Four years later I met a great guy whose wife left him with two kids and we got married. It took a few years to get our blended family settled down. In Jan. of this year, when I was 36 1/2, we started trying again. I got pregnant right away and miscarried naturally at 6 weeks. I wasn't too upset, it was early and I was older, so it happens. I got pregnant again the next month but my doctor found a uterline polyp which he thought might be the cause of the earlier mc. It turns out this next pregnany was ectopic (took a long time to figure this out). I took methotrexate to dissolve it, then six weeks later had the polyp removed surgically. I got pregnant two months later. Everything seemed good. HGC was high, progesterone was a little low, but still in the normal range. I had slight spotting in week 5 and started taking progesterone supplements. THey seemed to work, my numbers went up and we saw the baby with the heartbeat at 7 1/2 weeks. I had lots of morning sickeness, no more bleeding and was completely exhausted. Two weeks later an ultrasound showed that the baby was dead. It was a BIG shock. I had a D&C immediately. The doctor sent the tissue out for chromosomal a___lysis. He's convinced that it was a genetic abnormality of some sort. He also thinks that these mc's are probably not related. I am just getting older and have a higher chance of all types of problems, and I have thrown three bad dice in a row... If I keep throwing, I'll get lucky eventually. But he is also referring me for the huge battery of blood tests, just in case there is some underlying problem they can try and treat. Although he doesn't think this will be the case, but wants to make sure anyway. I am TERRIFIED of becoming pregnant again, as much as I want to. No amount of morning sickness, ultrasounds, absence of spotting with rea__sure me. I have the name of a threrapist here in NYC who deals solely with pregnancy issues. If I get pregnant again, I will see her one a week throughout the pregnancy. Also, my friend who had to mc's was referred to a specialist by her ob/gyn who figures out her problem and when she got pregnant again, took her blood twice a week and did an ultrasound every week. Very closely monitored. After 14 weeks, she went back to her usual ob/gyn who delivered her healthy baby boy. I am going to ask my Dr. to possibly refer me to a specialist like this if he feels he cannot scan me once a week (he does twice now, so maybe he will). He will certainly do blood twice a week. I need a huge support system, and so do you. Try and find a Dr. who will give you the extra care. Take the blood tests to see if you have an underlying problem just in case, even if it doesn't seem like it. And see a perinatal therapist if you can. You need someone to talk to who specializes in these kind of traumas and can hold your hand throughout. Your insurance may cover it. If you're in NYC, I'll give you her name and number.


Tara - October 11

Congrats Cabbie , I know how hard is is to be pregnant after a miscarriage. I am 12 weeks 1 day today and had appointment today and heard a strong heartbeat. I cant say its been easy though, but its another chance at ending up with a baby in your husband and I have only told my mom and dad and sister in law that Im expecting. Im waiting until 16 weeks, Im hoping Ill feel more comfortable then. I have to take one day at a time and I mark a x on my calender when Ive made it through that day.I remember talking to you and Mrs R on these posts and you both were so wonderful. I am praying for you and your little one. Keep in touch and let us know how your doing.


Q - October 11

Hi Cabbie, Congratulations! I know it's hard, but you are blessed to have another chance. Keep your spirits up! Tara, I'm so happy you are still doing well, I hope you both have healthy pregnancies!


Cabbie - October 12

Thanks to everyone. Christina, Q, Laura, and Erin thanks for the thoughts. Mrs. R and Tara, great to hear from you again. Tara so glad eveything is going well. Mrs. R, things have a way of happening (as I am discovering, hehe). I'll keep you posted.


Cabbie - October 13

Have consulted with my family doc today as I took my youngest in for an appt. He sent me for HCG, progesterone, and anti somthing or other for blood clotting disorder. He put me on progesterone suppositories as a precaution and said I could take 81 mg of aspirin a day. I am happy to take the progestrone but have any of you taken the baby aspirin. Read a little on the internet and not sure if it is best. After test come back I will consult my obgyn. Any help on the aspirin issue would be great!


CABBIE - October 13

Just heard from my dr. I am supposed to be four weeks and two days or so. My HCG came back at 350. Seems a little low to me, but he said not to worry. Yeah, right. No results yet on the other tests.


Tara - October 13

Cabbie, your doctor might be right dont worry yet. There is a girl due around the same time as me on first trimester site who had low hcg and bleeding and thought for sure it would be another miscarriage, but it all turned out good and she is close to 13 weeks now with a baby that has a strong heartbeat. I have never had my Hcg tested in any of my four pregnancies, so I really dont know levels, but I will pray for you and your little one !


MRS.R - October 14

Cabbie, I am keeping track of you..LOL I know it's easier said than done about not worrying. But, You are still early on. Just TAKE IT EASY. And try not to stress too much. I am praying for a healthy, Happy, Chubby baby for you. Take care.


MRS.R - October 14

Ok Cabbie now you have me resorting to surfing the web for you..LOL This is what i found... From your LMP 28 days or so your levels should vary from 3-426. 35 days or so it should be between 18-7340 It said all women are diffrent. But, if you are about 4 weeks or so i think you are right on in the 3-426 range. Also, i am sure you know that they should double every couple of days.. I would say don't worry it seems like all is right on...You take care now and keep us updated!!! Tara, So glad everything is working out for you also!! Hopefully in a couple of months i will also have some good news. I will be honest i really am getting the itch again!!! SHHHH don't tell.HAHA


Cabbie - October 14

Thanks Mrs. R for the info. That makes it seem better for sure. Family doc went ahead and started me on progesterone suppositories and a baby aspirin a day. No other results in yet. Keep you posted. Thanks so much.



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