Second D And C One Miscarrage

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lumpy - January 25

I know this might not make sense on the offset but it is true. I fell pregnant last july 06 and had all the normal morning sickness and so forth so all was well, we thought we went for our 16week scan and found that the baby had no heart beat i was asked to come back the next day and have the d and c... Ok this was bad enough then 2 and a half months later getting ready to start trying again and i pasted the baby same one the whole thing i couldnt beleive it. we went straight to hospital and at first i was in so much shock i just thought it must be anotherpregnancy as it was fresh looking. The nurse said it was too far developed to be another one. So i got admitted into hospital. the next day was horrid the did an internal and found that i had some membrane trapped in the neck of my womb that was holding blood to which they decided to pull out while i was awake this was so painfull some of it did come out and i was laying in a pool of blood that wouldnt stop they eventually rushed me to theatre and the injection to close my uterus did not work and i was in a lot of pain. they did another d and c on me and i stayed in hospital a few days and i had lost alot and was given 2 types of anti biotics to stop any infection. The point is has this happened to anyone else... I was also told i was lucky as i could of got a serious blood infection. I really want to fall n i should be looking forward to trying but have to wait they are doing an investigation in to this so will let you know.... Thank you for taking the time to read my story and i am so sorry for all you that have lost or had simular situations. big hugs to you all........


oct19bad - January 25

Oh my god! Thats horrible.. I hope you are ok .


Erin15 - January 25

that sounds horrible. i have never heard of a story quite like that, but understand it is possible to go back for a repeat d&c (as that happened to me) as sometimes they are unable to remove all of the pregnancy matter. I don't understand why they don't always use ultrasound while performing d&c to actually see what they're doing, but I suppose more than not, it works that way. I wish you luck as you continue on your way to trying. You've had quite a time - take good care of yourself.


JuJu - January 26

OMG!!! I am so very very sorry that you had to go through such a terrible, terrible experience. I am just so relieved for you that you didn't get a serious infection, you were very lucky. I hope the investigation gives you some closure and that you fall pg quickly too. Best of luck to you {hugs}


lumpy - January 29

Just wanted to say thank you for your replies that is very kind... xxxxxx



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