Second Miscarriage In The Last 4 Months

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Tonia - December 11

After yet another cycle of planning, hoping, wishing and praying, my most recent pregnancy dream ended this past weekend. Unfortunately, I miscarried on Monday of this week. This is my second miscarriage in four months. I honestly don't know what is going on with me. I have all kinds of exams and tests done on me and everything comes back "normal". I have a wonderful 7 year old little girl and had NO problem whatsoever getting pregnant with her. I don't understand why my body cannot hold onto the pregnancy now. I am very depressed and can't go through this waiting, uncertainty and then ultimate disappointment any more. Mentally and physically I don't want to put myself through it anymore. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone miscarried like this and then managed to have a normal pregnancy? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tonia


Trendy - December 11

Tonia... I truly understand. I am in cycle 7 of ttc and I have had two miscarriages. One as recent as last month. And those were the only two that were verified. This morning at about 3am I used the bathroom and when I wiped my self there was a purple-ish fair amount of blood on the toilet paper. I am too afraid to tell my husband, since he takes it harder than me. It seems that I have difficulties pa__sing the very early weeks of pregnancy. We have three children - no problems. I can tell you, do not give will happen, just pray without ceasing. Tren


Tessa - December 13

I went through the same thing Everywhere i ead said you should wait three cylcle before trying again which seems like an eternity when you want a baby but i didn't wait and had my second m/c than i waited 3 months before trying again and in the 5th month I got pregnant 6 months ago i gave birth to a healthy baby girl so keep your jopes up i know its hard and i am so sorry for your loses


Karen - December 15

I also am experiencing my 2nd m/c right now - both of them in the last few cycles. It's so frustrating. We've been ttc for a year - I'm 31 and very healthy. I'm so afraid of miscarriage now that I feel like every time there's a possibility we're pregnant I stay home and do nothing scared of what might happen. The cramps are terrible but the waiting and emotional frustration is much worse. I knew I was going to miscarry two days ago - my temp. dropped to 97.0!!! It scared me to death but also my b___sts seemed to fade a little. My husband even knew by the look on my face before it happened that I had become that in tune with my body. I feel for all of you.


Missy - December 23

Hi Sweety, I know how painful it is, I had a miscarriage 8 years ago and then I just had another one less than a month ago, Im going to wait about 6 months before I even think about trying again. Good luck


MULGAJILL - January 15

Yes, had two in a row, within a year, went on to concieve second (boy) shortly after that. Just had another mc recently, it happens, but full term pregnancies happen too... so try not to worry too much, it is nature, and worth keeping trying. Mind you i kept away fromthe dr's until 5 months pregnant with boy as i was too scared to believe i was going to go to term, didn't want to get too excited, didn't tell family etc. either, so i understand where you are coming from. Cheeers


claire - January 26

i have had two miscarriages and am now trying again i have two perfectly healthy girls and had no probs now everything is going wrong people tell me this is quite common and not to worry it will happen when its right but it doesn't make you feel any better then theres the lovely people who like to point out that you have two lovely girls and should be grateful for them but my first miscarriage i had to go into labour with and gave birth to another little girl which made it twice as hard than a regular miscarriage which i had the second time and there is something missing in my life and yours as well but the important thing is that we don't give up we will both have healthy babies i am sure when the time is right good luck



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