Second Tri Loss D Amp C When Can I Ttc Again HELP

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Martha31 - October 20

I've lost a baby at 17w2d...had d&c (Aug 3) d&c cycle was long 42days...then my first natural cycle (Sept 14) was about normal 5 days with some bief spotting before and after...same for my second natural af (Oct 13)...29 days later, lasted 5 days with a brief pre and post spotting... So, now I've waited 2 afs....and if I ttc this cycle this will be almost 3 months after d&c.... do you think that's enough? Should I wait for another af? My OB said 2 afs, but I just need some reassurance and second opinions...just because my loss happened in second tri. Please help! Marta


thejr2913 - October 21

I also had a 2 trimester loss 1 1/2 weeks ago at 18 wks. I had labor followed by d & c for retained placenta. My dr told us we could try after 1 cycle, because there wasn't any strong proof that waiting longer would change the outcome. I have heard where some say wait as many as 6 months. I suppose it depends on the dr.


Martha31 - October 21

thejr2913: thanks a lot...and I am very sorry for your loss... Anyone else, please???


ChattyKathy - October 21

I had a D&C at 17 weeks, and tried after one cycle. But i'll tell you that I charted and I noticed that it took my cycle a couple of times before it got back on track. You've waited a good amount, but remember that it may take a few tries before you conceive. I stressed myself out way too much at it took 6 months for me. Just relax and don't rush. You've been through a lot. Good luck!


Martha31 - October 21

ChattyKathy: thanks a lot for sharing...of course I realize that I may not get pregnatn right away...I am actually more nervous about getting than not getting regnant...I am jsut such a wimp and chicken,.,,,I am very excited aobut ttc again and stuff, but at the same time I am super scared for how it's gonna be and I really want a healthy beautiful baby.... I am terribly sorry for your loss. God bless you.


julie2007 - October 21

hi martha - i don't know if you remember me - i was on SOP board with you when you announced your preg (i had just had my 1st m/c- i was 11w3d) -- i was told to wait 3 cycles that time (come to find out - mostly for emotional well being) i waited 2 and got PG the 2nd month - i lost that baby too (9w2d) - due to a trisomy (this was about 7 -8 weeks ago) == they told me i only had to wait till i got AF this time (as being 39 time isn't on my said they said!) -- so i got AF - and we did our thing - and POOF - i am PG again - just recently found out. i am scared to pieces - and worried abouat every test i am going to have to take (i remember your posts about the nasal bone measurement with your PG) -- i think that if you are emotionally ready to handle trying again - and your OB / RE said it's ok to go ahead now - then go ahead - but if you are apprehensive - or think it's too soon - then wait a month. i am pretty sure we also have daughters about the same age - so i am sure you want one sooner rather than later so they can be close. -- just make sure your head and heart are ready and get the OK from your doc - and when the times right - you will get PG again! (PS: i had d&c's with both babies i lost too). good luck to you - and i am so sorry for your loss. --- CHATTY KATHY - i didn't realize your m/c was so far along. i am so happpy you are pg again now!


Martha31 - October 21

julie2007: oh Julie...of course I remember you....I am so sorry for your losses...I did not realize...I am not here very often you know...mostly at ff...they have more close circles and it's more personal an deasy to talk with the same people all the time. I am impossibly happy that you are pg again!!! this is great! Have faith and pray. Everything will be fine! As for me....yes I am emotionally ready...I'm just so freaking out you know...i would love to be pregnant already but I know that the momemnt I do get prengant, I will be one emotional wreck. Time will show...for now I am determined to teke it easy...if I get prengnant this cycle it's because it was meant to be I guess...if not then I'll pray for next one.... God Bless you and your little beanie. Don't be a stranger. I'd love to stay in touch with you! GL Marta



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