Serious Fetal Abnormalities

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caroser - January 9

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. Because of my age (35), I underwent chromosomal screening and found out that my baby has Down Syndrome as well as significant heart malformations. The genetic counselor tells us that it is highly probable that the baby will die before it comes to term. If he does carry to term, she doubts he'll survive delivery. If he does survive delivery, she says that he'll have significant heart problems which would severely affect the quality of his life. Even though this is not what I would ever have thought I would consider, I think I should terminate the pregnancy. All that is available to me is to have either an abortion in a local abortion clinic or to be induced and go through labor and delivery in the hospital maternity ward. It seems that every option is an absolute nightmare - I just want this all to be a bad dream - but it isn't and I just want to do the right thing. Of all the possible and likely scenarios, I would most like for this baby to go naturally. Does anyone know of any way to induce some type of miscarriage? Again, I can't believe that I'm even thinking of doing this but I have no idea what else to do.


LeeYV - January 13

I am so sorry that has happend to you. I know what you mean about wanting this to be a bad dream. I too found out that my baby had a fetal abnormality but in my case it was fatal as it had died at 9 weeks. My OB told me exactly the same thing as you, if it had carried to term, it would have died almost immediately or would have died eventually anyway. I dont think my decision to get it removed would have changed had its heart continued to beat. I didnt hesitate to get it removed surgically as I was anxious to start trying again immediately and who knows when my body would have expelled it naturally. I went three weeks w/out having any miscarriage symptons and not knowing there was something wrong. The OB gave me the option of taking a pill that would induce a abortion. I'm sorry, I cant remember what that was called and I cant remember what the consequences where. I do remember that the consequences made having a D&C more appealing to me. Speak to your OB about it. I hope this helps!


meshell01 - January 14

I went in for my 5 month ultrasound when I was told that I would have to terminate my pregnancy. It was such a b__w!!! There were several abnormalites and the baby would not survive outside the womb. I went through the labor and delivered a stillborn baby(it died from the delivery) It is even harder because they don't know exactly what was wrong with the baby. I know what you are going through. My nurses were very nice. I think that since you are so far along it would be best for you to deliver at the hospital rather then at home because you need to make sure that the placeta comes ok and that you don't need a d&c. I understand about doing it naturally because that is what I wished for too so that I didn't have to make that decision. You just have to do what is healthy for you.



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