Sex After A Miscarriage

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Angie - April 2

Hey ladies I miscarried last week and dh and I had s_x last night. I'm just wondering the first time you all had s_x did you get alot of cramping that lasted well into the next evening. I dont know if this is common or not, but it sure doesnt feel good. If you could let me know that would be great.. thanks girls.


Lily - April 2

Angie - I had a m/c and d&c 2 weeks ago. I was told to wait to have s_x so your cervix has time to heal and close. Therefore, I might be able to let you know how I feel after tonight! :) ~ You might want to be careful - you can get an infection if your cervix isn't closed. ~ Regardless, I wouldn't think it would be "abnormal" because your cervix might still be sore. ~ Maybe someone that has had s_x since m/c can give better advise.... Good Luck!


bump - April 3



Allie - April 3

my m/c was 11 days ago, dr told me I needed to wait at least two weeks before having s_x...your body is probably still healing from the trauma it just went through.


mulgajill - April 3

Angie, Lily is right, your body hasn't finished healing.... i would give it another week.... usually it is two weeks after m/c or a week after all bleeding has stopped before trying s_x again....


Liz - April 3

I had a d&c 3/22 and was supposed to wait until tomorrow to have s_x again, but we dtd today. I hadn't bled in a few days, but did right after and my cervix is feeling pretty sensitive. I guess we'll wait a few more days to try again. I'm sure it's just sensitive. I went in last week, and they took a sample near my cervix and it was very uncomfortable and the dr said it would be for a bit.


Angie - April 3

Well me and dh did it again last night and this time I had no pains what so ever. I think that made me more excited than the s_x itself.. lol.. I cant wait till I get AF this month so I can start bding again. Good luck girls and hopefully we'll all be posting again under pregnancy signs soon. Love to you all.



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