Sex After D Amp C How Long Should I Wait

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Mellissa - April 29

I had a D&C done on the 26th of April because of a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks... I'm just wondering if anyone knows how long you should wait before having s_x again? We plan on waiting 2 or 3 cycles to start "trying" again so I had my Dr. prescribe birth control...he said to start taking it this Sunday. I don't know if I will physically be ok to have s_x that soon or not. I feel a little pain in my cervix, but not enough to have to take something for it. Any advice would be appreciated.. thanks.


Sandra - April 29

I was told to wait 2 weeks before having s_x, but not specifically about waiting to ttc. We were intimate the first time 10 days after D&C and I started bleeding heavily for a day after that. I have read the same thing happening to others on other posts on this site. Only start having s_x or ttc when you feel emotionally ready. Having a m/c is a big thing to deal with. Good luck.


sarah - April 29

Hi Melissa --2 weeks wait! I had a d anc c 9 days ago and couldnt imagine any thing in there yet? yuck.. You dont want infection!! I have heard WAIT 2 to 3 cycles befor trying because you want a strong healed Uteris befor you get pgnt.. Im waiting,, I dont want to but Im not gonna do this again and misscarry I want my body in tip top shape first!! Its not fair to the baby sarah Good luck


mellissa - April 29

thanks guys....i can't imagine even being in the mood to have s_x anytime soon... i feel bad for my husband. he had a to go a whole 14 months without it because he was in iraq and now this happens. Go figure!


Stephanie - May 13

I had my D&C done on the same day, because of a missed miscarriage, and I was also 7 weeks. My doctor told me to wait 30 days, and my sister in law had the same situation, and she was also told a month.


Liz - May 13

I was told to wait 4-6 weeks after my d&c but I only waited 3 weeks. It was a little painful the first couple of times, physically and emotionally. Just make sure you feel ready regardless of how fast you think is appropriate for your husband or relationship.



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