Sex After D C

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Chimpette22 - January 23

Hi Ladies, Our nurse at the hospital said that we shouldn't have s_x for 4-6 weeks. It's been just over 2 weeks since my D & C, and I feel fine, I had no bleeding apart from the same day as the procedure. I've read that some women have s_x as soon as 2 days afterwards and was wondering if it would be ok for me to have s_x with my husband now?? We havent' had s_x since we found out about the baby which was the day before xmas eve.. and so obviously we're now a little tetchy.. Thanks x


Pikkewyn - January 23

Hi Chimpette22 After my D&C on the 5th of January, my doctor told me that we can have s_x as soon as I stopped bleeding. Although she recommended that we use condoms untill I have my first period - I guess just to have a date from which we can "start". If there weren't any complications with you or the D&C, I can't see why you & hubby have to wait...


newmom87 - February 3

Hey I had a d&c on the 3rd of december and bled for about 2 weeks when it stopped me and my fiance resumed having s_x normally with protection, just make sure you use protection if you haven got your period back because my nurse told me to wait 1 cycle before trying again but i was absolutely fine and once you feel fine you will be fine, i just got my period back on the 18th jan and have been trying again since it ended so scared what my happen if i get pregnant again but i have to do it are you going to try again soon?? xx


shirleyshirley - February 22

It's an interesting topic and I guess the answer varies in every doctor's...I had my D&C on 11th Feb and yesterday night me and husband had protected s_x for the first time, makes it the 12th day after the operation. I'm from Hong Kong by the way and the doctor actually told me to wait until my next period ends to have s_x again. And obviously I didn't listen to her lol because god knows when my period will come...I think as long as the bleeding has stopped and you don't feel any pain it'd be fine. It's true that the cervix needs time to close and the uterus needs time to heal, just make sure the s_x isn't too hardcore and that your partner wears a condom (I do think it's right to wait for two to three months before trying to get pregnant again) as infection is easily occurred after the operation. But anyway I think I'll start on the pill again when my next period comes because I just hate using condoms. :)



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