Sex After Dnc Time A Woman Should Wait To Get Pregnant Agai

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qarina - June 19

I had a d&c last week, now how much time should I wait to have s_x with my hubby and should I use condom if I want to have earlier.Secondly how much time should I wait to get pregnant again? Thank You


SaraH - June 20

Hey I've never ha a D&C so...with both m/c I've had though there has not been a time frame on having s_x so once the bleeding stopped it was good to go. As far as my doc told me wait 1 cycle ttc after a natural m/c (mainly just for calculating due dates and such) and 3 cycles ttc after a D&C (since they sc___pe everything they want to make sure the uterus is completely healed up). Hopefully that gives you a little bit of an idea, but ask your doctor, he or she is familiar with your case and probably has a specific time frame they would prefer for you to fallow. Hope your dealing ok with the m/c if you ever nead to cry the girls on here are great. Prayers and baby dust.


Lavender - June 20

Hi--Sorry to hear about your dnc. I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage and my instructions were to wait 3 weeks before having s_x or using tampons, etc. They called it pelvic rest. This is to protect you from any infections. Even though you and your hubby may be clean, bacteria that don't harm us on the outside can enter into your healing uterus and cause an infection which could delay your baby making even longer. My doc said to wait 2 months or 2 cycles, whichever comes first (I am irregular) before trying again. So I guess you could wait 3 weeks and then start having s_x again maybe using condoms. Didn't your doctor give you any instructions?


SashaP - June 20

I had s_x 3 days after my D&C I stopped bleeding after a day and a half. It was the only way I felt close to dh and I haven't had any problems from it. I am still waiting for af though it's almost been 4 weeks. As far as getting pg again goes my Dr told me I could try on my own after 1 cycle and she would do a IUI again after 2. I think it's all when your ready. I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck I hope this helped.


qarina - June 21

hi again, thank you all, yes its been a tragedy for me but I am not losing hope , God will bless us again.Actually at that time I was very upset and did not have that much consciousness to know whats going on around, so could not discuss with the doctor.And honestly I dont have that much knowledge.Anyways I have an appointment 3days later so will discuss each n everything.honestly speaking there is nothing like s_x in my head for the time being but because of my hub I wrote that question.Do let me know more this is the good way to learn and have more knowledge because its practical knowledge here.I will let you all know what I would discuss with my doctor.till then bye to all


Lavender - June 21

qarina--good luck at the doc. appt. I hope everything is fine and you don't have to wait too long to try again! I'm with you--s_x was the last thing from my mind for a while.



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