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susie price - March 11

could any one tell me how long should you wait before you have s_x again thanxs susie xx


Shannie - March 11

My doctor told me to wait 3 weeks, but I guess every doctor could be different.


stefkay - March 11

susie, my doctor said 2 weeks and some others here have said their doctors said the same. You want to avoid infection, etc. I'd say wait at least 2 weeks and maybe 3 depending on how your m/c was (the further along you were it probably takes a bit longer to heal).


sososleepy - March 11

Hi susie. My doc said 2 weeks after mc followed by d&c. I waited a week and a half.


sososleepy - March 11

... thought I ought to add that we were very careful to shower well first with antibacterial soap.


Whisper - March 11

I was told as soon as the bleeding stopped, which was about 1 week for me, but we also showered really well first just to be on the safe side =).


SaraH - March 12

I had 2 m/c (both natural) and we could have s_x again once the bleeding had stopped. I think it's longer though if you've had a procedure such as a D&C as that is invasive and you need to allow your system to heal a bit. Just make sure you use protection so you don't get pregnant again right away. They want you to wait at least 1 cycle after a natural m/c, mainly so that they can date a new pregnancy accurately. With a D&C they tell you to wait 3 cycles b/c the lining in your uterus needs time to rebuild up (they sc___pe a lot of the lining away during a D&C and therefore it can be too thin to properly support a new pregnancy if you don't give it time to heal and build up). Good luck and I'm sorry for you loss.


Shiner081 - March 12

Hi,susie ,My doctor said wait until the bleeding stoppped and said it was ok to ttc then when we were ready and donot have to woory about waiting 4 a period.I had 2 D&C since OCt 06.With a D&C it is not nessasary that they sc___pe your uterine lining,they did a suction on me both times so your lining does not thin out in this sense.My last miscarrage was Feb 13/07 and we are currently ttc now as my doctor gave us the go ahead.


susie price - March 20

thankyou for all your advice...just not sure whats goin on at the min i stopped bleedin a week ago after m/c.....but since yesterday iam losin very dark brown blood do you think it could be start ot a/f


Shiner081 - March 20

Hi susie.I think it may be to early for your period yet.Usually it takes 4-6 weeks for it to return.Hopefully your system is clear(did u have a D&C),better check with your doc. to make sure and if you may have infection.Dunno but I would get it looked at anyway.


susie price - March 20

hi shiner yes i think your right i will go to docs...the thing is if i had not fell preg i would have been due my a/f around now...oh i dont no theres so many questions isnt i didnt have d.c...think iam hoping to move to fast thanks 4 your reply and sorry for your lost and good luck to you tryin.x



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