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Jae - August 30

hi ladies.... i miscarried in june & am hoping to concieve again asap, however my cycle is all over the place... is there any harm in having s_x everyday? is too much sperm not good when ttc? i am tracking my fertile days but me & my man are desperate so we just make love everyday is that ok?


Alison - August 30

I have heard mixed views on this-My DH have s_x once a day when TTC. I have had 3 pregnancies (all miscarried unfortunately) and every time I became pregnant we were BDing once a day and I always conceived within 3 months. I suppose it varies depending on the male's sperm count etc but I think once a day is usually ok. Worked for us anyway! I hope you get pregnant soon and have a lovely healthy baby. Take care xxx P.s Have you tried OPKs to see when you ovulate? I have started using them just so I know!


Amy - August 30

i think maybe just every other day that is what we all ways did and we have been pg 5 times but 1 m/c and i'm now 15wks 3 d


Kara - August 30

We have s_x every day for ten days starting the day my period stops. I don't have very much success tracking my ovulation. I would rather put that energy into having s_x than tracking temps, cervical mucus and peeing on sticks. We always get pregnant fast by just making sure we cover our ovulation window by having lots of s_x. Plus makes my husband feel more included on the pregnancy. Good luck!


Sam - August 30

My friend has been going to a fertility specialist because of "women problems" and they told her to have s_x every other day. Because something about the sperm being fully develoded after 48 hours. But obivously it works other ways as well. Just have fun doing it, don't make it a chore!! Good Luck


Jae - August 31

thanks ladies, i know it sounded like a silly question but sometimes when ttc every little thing plays on your mind... ttc is part of the fun & we have no problems in doing it everyday so its definately not a chore for us... good luck to you all may god bless us all with healthy babies.... thanks again


teigan - September 2

its nice that your making love everyday, but there is only so many days in the month that you can get pregnant, i think your fine, but i will say, it sounds like you and your hubby are stressing your selves out, sometimes not a good thing when trying to concieve, as you are under to much pressure to have a baby, relax and it will come xxx



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