Sexless Valentine

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Whisper - February 14

Anyone else having to sit out the Valentines Day Sex-fest due to m/c? I'm having a hard time with it. My husband and I are generally very s_xually active, and this doing without until the doctor okays it is killing us both, especially on this day of Lovers, not being able to do those things that lovers do. And I've had to listen to my friends go on and on all day about how great their valentines dates will be, and how much s_x they are going to be having, ugh. Just another "Why Me?" to throw on the table I guess. Every aspect about this m/c is just so upsetting, even things like this, which in the grand scheme of things, is such a little thing to be upset about, but I am. Anyone else? Its so frustrating! *rants*


Diann - February 15

whipser the m/c issue sucks totally on valentine but remember he still craves you. 2 prev m/c before now but i'm 31+wks pg and my dh would rather self serve himself then touch me. nothing like making a girl feel great about herself. but you can at least find other ways to s_xually satifiy one another which is more then i've seen in months. now that frustrating!


sososleepy - February 15

Whisper, my doc specifically forbade the bd because of risk of infecton. He stated, "no v____al penetration". Several days after my mc and dnc, I had urges, and knew it was too soon, so, um, we tried new things. It wasn't the same, but it sure was fun to play. There are a lot of other alternatives to pleasing each other, and in a way I'm glad I got over some(ok, all) of my 'never gonna do that's' because of this. It's changed my ideas about bd, made it more fun, and I'm looking forward to a lot of years using what I learned this past week or so with dh. If I count serious bleeding as cd1, my dnc was cd2, and we did real bd on cd8, then got permission to from doc on cd12. I didnt' have any problems, but some people do... And yes, I get the why me, because after I thought I was mostly done crying, yesterday for valentines we were bd when my 12 year old daughter got sick (everywhere) and we had to stop to clean up and console... I ended up leaving dh to finish steam cleaning the carpet because I went to the bedroom and cried: poor dh came in from that mess to me a mess - what a valentines day! MC is beyond upsetting, it isn't a little thing, and I'm beginning to understand that it's going to hurt for longer than I want it to. Frustrating: Absolutely! Keep ranting; it helps. Hugs.


stefkay - February 15

Hi Whisper, I found out I was pg on Dec. 2 and we hadn't bd'd since like a week or so before that. Then I was too scared to because I was considered "high risk", then as I got closer to the 12 wk point where I thought we could start again, I m/c'd...which was pure ICK and he wouldn't even touch me even when I was only spotting. We didn't bd again till almost 2 weeks after the m/c (early February)--i wanted it and I felt so bad for him as we'd never gone 3 months without s_x. I feel like it was too soon because I spotted again after wards and it was actually kind of painful. He felt bad because he could tell I so wasn't into it. This has really affected our s_x life in a negative way and I hope it can get back on track soon.


stefkay - February 15

i meant to say that we bd'd almost 2 weeks from the day I started bleeding, so I hope I waited long enough. The nurse at my ob's office told me no s_x till I see her which isn't till the 23rd of Feb. There was NO WAY we could wait that long. I hope it wasn't a bad move on my part....**worrying** :-(


Whisper - February 15

I wish I could find other things to do, but I'm just so sore and achy still, I don't think I could do anything anyway. I still want to though, lol. I'm starting to feel a bit better now though. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment (on Monday) to find out how I'm doing and such, and hoping my hormone level will be zeroing out soon so I can try again. It was just 1100 when the bleeding started Saturday night, so maybe next week sometime it will bottom out. *fingers crossed* I'm all kinds of nervous but anxious at the same time, and would really like to get my s_x life back on track, along with my dreams.


linds99 - February 15

I'm right there with you. We layed in bed last night (after feasting on italian in our underware in the dining room) and watched a show about coronary heart disease on pbs...what a v-day it was! Geez, kinda fitting though, because it is like my heart was broken, so why not indulge in a show about broken hearts huh? So stupid. Anyway, I think the worst aspect of it all was when my husband asked me if I needed any more maxi pads in the bathroom upstairs...Happy V-Day it was. :(



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