Should I Give Up Hope

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A - April 15

I had my first ultrasound today. I have had spotting getting progressively worse since 2 weeks ago. But still relatively light. The ultrasound doctor told me the fetus is measuring 6.5 weeks and I should be around 8-9 weeks and they were not able to pick up the heartbeat on a va___al ultrasound so they are saying it's a definite miscarriage. My ob-gyn has scheduled me for a d&c on tuesday. Should I just give up hope and accept that it is over?


Hydee - April 16

I wouldn't go for the d&c yet. My doctor said if I had hevy bleeding or pain that I should call her. I've been bleeding for a week with no fever or pain and my u/s is on Monday. I was told I had an empty sac at 6 weeks and my counts were not doubling but were going up. Although this has been a long week It has also prepared me for closure on Monday if the u/s comes back showing nothing. If you feel your health is at risk, have the d&c or just wait a week. Read more posts. I'm more optamistic now than I was when I first found this site. If in doubt wait it out or get a second opinion. If you can pa__s it naturally without complications, it is better for your body than having d&c where scar tissue can develop


A - April 16

you are probably right, it would be better to just wait and pa__s it naturally then at least I won't have any doubts either. My main concern is that I'm hanging on to hope that things might work out when the doctor seemed so sure the wouldn't because he couldn't pick up a heartbeat. thanks for the advice.


BAA - April 16

Had a blighted ovum at 7wks and had a D&C a week later. The D&C went fine very little pain and got my period again in 4wks. I bleed a little for 2wks after D&C. I waited one cycle and got preg right away after having a D&C. I wanted a D&C because I still had the preg hormones and needed to have it for emotional reasons.


A - April 16

Well if this really is over I would like to get the d&c so I can move on quickly get back to normal and try again. argh I can't decide what to do!


rb - April 17

Last month I went for my my first check up at 9wks but the baby measured 6 wks with no heartbeat. My doctor gave me another week just to be sure. After 1 week the ultrasound showed the same results, so I had a D&C done but I didn;t have any doubts.....though it was a really long week for me knowing that something inside me was dead.



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