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jenny - March 5

I was just wondering if anyone has become pg before getting a period after a d and c? i had a m/c and d&c on 2/14. I went to the doctor yesterday for my check-up. He told me that I was ovulating, so me and my husband ran right home and stated ttc again. Now I am worried because he told me to wait a cycle.


S- - March 5

I tried after my d&e, but it didn't happen (yet)- don't know if I ovulated yet. However, one of my friends had a natural m/c and she got pregnant again before her next period. She is due in a coupleof weeks :)


jenny - March 5

when did you have your d&e?


S- - March 5

1/28. 5 weeks ago :(


mulgajill - March 6

i think it is best to wait a cycle... but then lots of things in life are "best" for one person and not for another.... good luck to you *******babydust*******


brandi jo - March 6

i just had m/c 10/22/05 i would wait .they say wait four normal dont want to take a chance of having another one


lynette - March 6

Jenny, they tell you to wait a cycle mainly so they can "date" the pregnancy - difficult to do if you fall pregnant before your af (mind you, with ultrasound the way it is, they can easily date it a few weeks down the track). Other than that, my doc told me that if my body allowed me to fall pregnant, then it was probably ready to, as it wouldn't ovulate or implant if the lining etc wasn't okay. Also, each egg, sperm and pregnancy are different, so you will have as good a chance as anyone if you do fall pregnant before your period. Good luck, if it worries you don't try again this until you've had a period, but if you did conceive the other day you should let yourself be very very happy. Take care.


jenny - March 6

lynette, when did you m/c and did you get pg before your period came?


lynette - March 7

Jenny, I found out I lost my baby on 17 January at my 13 week ultrasound (baby had died at about 10 weeks). Had a d&c the next day. I had a really weird bleed (5 days of brown spotting) at the time when my period was due, and I a__sume it was weird because of what my body had been through - not too worried. I'm currently waiting to see if I was lucky this month (af due anytime from yesterday til tomorrow) but I'm going to wait until the end of the week before I take an hpt. The absolute best website for information on this topic is . It is very rea__suring and makes a lot of sense. Fingers crossed for a baby soon for you and me too :-))


L - March 7

Jenny I had a miscarriage and d&c at 13 weeks in september and got pregnant in october. I am now 5 months pregnant and doing fine. But the decision is up to youwhen to try again . Good luck:)!



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