Slow Miscarriage

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Sherry - February 7

I am in the process of miscarring. I was almost 7 weeks pregnant and started having cramps then light spotting. Called the doctor and they did an ultra sound and saw no fetus (may be too small). My beta hCG's are very low and are dropping slowly over the past 6 days. I am feeling no pain and am frustrated to have to wait and wait for my blood levels to return to normal. May need a D&C, but started bleeding - just not a lot. My beta hcg is at 96.5 - which is close to zero, but not close enough. Can I avoid a D&C? How long will this take?


Tara-T - February 7

Sherry: I'm sorry for your loss, it's such a sad event. I know, I've been through it twice in the past year, one at 5 weeks and most recently at a little over 6. This time, from my highest Hcg (which was 1490) it took about a week to begin the miscarriage proper. I knew because of the cramping, and clots began to appear. So, with an hcg at 96.5, it could be any time for you. You don't need your hcg to be 0 to needs to be back to 0 to begin your regular cycle and to ovulate again (although many women have ovulated right after a miscarriage and gotten pregnant, so it's more the norm than a hard and fast rule). Hope this helps, a little.


kate - February 8

Your beta levels are extremely low, I was 9 weeks with levels at 44 000 dropping to 33 000.Women are so afraid of the d& will be asleep, the procedure ensures that all conceptual material is removed, and your body can get back to normal sooner.For some women the d&c means less bleeding and it will pose no threat to future pregnancies.Beta levels have nothing to do with when the procedure will be done..only to confirm the pregnancy is not viable.


Julie - February 12

Sherry, as I know HCG does not indicate when the m/c will start. I had a m/c at about 6 weeks in 2003, I did an ultra sound, the tech did not see the embryo. At that moment, I then realized I have lost all my pregnacy symtoms, but I did not know I was going to have a m/c. I started to spot two days later, paniced, went to ER and the doctor told me I was having a miscarriage that will be undergoing in about 2 -3 days. My hcg at that time was about 300, dont remember exactly. The doctor said, it is very early prenancy and hopefully the sac will go out just like having a preriod. 2 days later, I had heavy cramping for about 3 - 4 hrs before it came out. Since your HCG is so low, the fetus might have not developed much, so hopefully, it will be anytime soon


a - February 13

Sorry baout your loss. What your doctor will tell you eventually is that if you bleed for more than 7 days or get spotting in the middle of the cycle after you are done with your period this month then there is some residue and you will need a D&C. It should last as long as it takes for your normal preriod, usually if you bleed for 5 days during your normal cycle then this should last for 7 days too.. this might also depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy


Lulu - February 19

I miscarried in late January because of an appendectomy. I waited for the event to complete, and I finally had a D&C on 15 February. I do not regret the D&C and would do it sooner if I had to do it again. Waiting was almost too much. I called it "my long slow goodbye." My body feels like it is getting back to normal finally. It is your personal decision. I read extensively before I decided, especially Good luck in your decision.



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