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Kaz80 - February 28

hi, i'm so angry with the lack of information that doctors and midwives give you about miscarriages. When i went for my 11 week scan i was told that i had had a missed miscarriage and that it had died at 6 weeks.They said i had 2 options either the D&C or natural, i decided to do it naturally because i didn't like the idea of being put to sleep. A couple of days later i started bleeding heavily with contractions and large clots coming out. I phoned the doctor (male) and he said that it should just be like being on a period. He was no help at all. Later on after spending a few hours on the toilet i decided to phone NHS direct and they said i should get myself over to A&E asap. I fainted when i got there and was put on a drip to replace the blood that was lost, they removed the clots that were left not by D&C though and I had to stay in over night. Nobody told me it would be like that and my doctor is a waste of space. I really think there should be a lot more information on what could happen so you can be prepared.It's now 4 days after coming out of hospital and i'm feeling much better , the bleeding is very light now and my tummy is slightly tender. Does any one know if the tenderness is normal ? if so how long does it take for your body to get back to normal? Sorry it's so long.


Belief - February 28

Kaz - I am so sorry for you loss and can completely relate to your frustration and aggravation. I had a D&C and wasn't tender at all in the stomach so I'm not much help there. If you don't mind me asking, how did they remove the clots if it wasn't a D&C? I had no choice but to get one so the more info I can get for the future the better. Never apologize for making a post that is long. That is what we are here for. I"ve had a pretty rough day and it just hit me today that I've failed twice at trying to carry. I don't want to go into deal b/c you will find it on other threads, but life is really sucky right now. How are you doing emotionally? I hope you find a doctor that is open enough to answer your questions and give you more information than what you have received. I have been going to a DO and she brushes things off like it is no big deal. I feel pretty stupid asking her questions. When she wasn't in last week, I had to see a guy (MD) thought maybe he would be more sympathetic to the situation. Well, to make a long story short, he wasn't much help either. He told me it was normal and people go on to have normal healthy pregnancies. Doesn't help the situation at the moment. Keep us informed.


Kaz80 - March 1

thanks for replying, not sure how to describe this or if it's going to make sense but when the doctor did the internal scan all clots were out but they were still inside me (if you see what i mean) He used some sort of plastic device which either pulled or sucked out the clots which were on their way down. Emotionally i'm fine i already have one daughter so it's made me appreciate her even more. We won't give up trying.


stefkay - March 1

Hi Kaz, I so wish we didn't have to go through this c___p. I'm glad you are feeling better though...I'm also frustrated by the doctors in general. I don't know if it is that they see this so much that they don't think anything of it, or if they are all just :-) I felt that something was wrong from the start with mine (m/c at would have been about 11 weeks by lmp, but my dates were all messed up because the u/s kept showing the baby smaller than it should have been) and my dr. kept telling me it was fine and that maybe I was off on my ovulation--even though I told her several times I knew the day I ovulated...frustrating to say the least. I guess there is nothing that could have been done to save it, but noone seemed concerned at all...But, for me, I had a natural m/c a week after I found out the baby had died 3 weeks earlier, so 4 weeks it took for my body to recognize. I just had my first period after the m/c and it took 33 days to get it. It's been a weird one though...very light and spotty.



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