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sue725 - October 24

'm just wondering if there's someone out there who has had this happen to them... Last Monday evening (2 days after AF was due) I took two Equate HPTs. Both showed positive (although the second one was a little more faint than the first). This would be our first child and my husband and I were ecstatic!! We couldn't beleive that it happened so quickly (our first month of "trying") so I took a third test on Tuesday morning which was VERY positive, a bright line within 1 minute. We were sure we were pregnant, even though we hadn't been to the doctor to confirm! To our dismay, early Sunday morning (5 weeks pregnant), about 1 am, I started bleeding. By Sunday around 9 am it was heavier than any other menstrual cycle and horribly painful, leading me to believe I was miscarrying. My husband and I were devistated. I continued to bleed heavily throughout the day Sunday. I went in to the doctor's office on Monday and had blood work done. I got the results on Tuesday afternoon - my hcg level was at 0. From what the nurse was saying, it seemed they were trying to lead me to beleive that I was never pregnant. I had so many symptoms and 3 positive HPTs!! First I was greiving over the loss of my baby and now I'm having a hard time dealing with "was I pregnant or wasn't I?" Do I believe the 3 Equate tests that all showed positive or do I believe the nurse at the doctor's office?!?! Has anyone had this happen?


jstaley1228 - October 24

Hi, Sue. I am so sorry. It's hard to imagine what can be worse than losing your baby but having someone try to tell you you are crazy and there was no baby, has to be worse. It is my understanding you cannot get a false positive pregnancy test. As we all know, the test detects HCG which you just can't fake, no matter how much you want to be pregnant. In addition, your experience on Sunday sounds exactly like a miscarrige. Again I'm sorry. I lost my baby in September. I did not miscarry naturally, I had a D&C so I cannot completely empathize with the cramping and bleeding but in my discussions with other women they have described similar circ_mstances. My advice to you is the try a new doc. I am not buying what this nurse is trying to sell you. Three positive pregnancy tests is hard to argue with. If this was just a nurses opinion did you get the doc's take on the situation? Or anyone else in the office? I had a lot of trouble with my first doc and just got fed up enough to walk out. I'm currently looking for another one but I think it's really important to trust and well...LIKE your doc. Might give that a try. I don't think your crazy, Sue. Sad...absolutely, and you have every right to be. Hang in there and I'll be thinking of ya.


HeavenisMine - October 24

Your body wasn't pregnant for very long so your levels probably didn't have enough time to rise properly, and they probably decreased dramatically as you bled. I am sorry to hear all that, you'd think doctor's would figure that out.


stillmourning - October 24

You most likely experienced what is known as a chemical pregnancy. I have had two of them so far(the second one just a couple days ago), and they are actually pretty common. that doesn't make it any easier though. It happens because there was something wrong with the zygote that caused your body to reject it. You can try again right away. My advice though would be not to use equate tests, they are not the best. Dollar tree/Dollar general sells $1 tests and they are better as far as accuracy goes. And find a new doctor, because one who doesn't know or won't tell you what a chemical pregnancy IS, is not a doctor you want to have bringing a baby into the world. Find one who will work with you and be honest in answering any questions you have.


Tory1980 - October 25

That is exactly how my first miscarriage happened. Positive tests, started bleeding went to doctor and their test came back negative. I was told though that because I had had a positive test they would take my word (and the proof - I took the tests with me!) for it and they doc_mented it in my notes. It needs to be in your notes on the chance this wasn't a one off. I don't meant that to sound nasty and I hope if you try again all will be well with your little one. You did lose your baby. I was also told the Doctor's tests aren't as sensitive (usually around 50mIU/ml) as HPT. As for the levels dropping after my second miscarriage at nearlly 15 weeks I had my period show up on time so they can drop very fast from a high number to ovulate and then have another AF. Just because their test showed negative means nothing. You had 3 days of heavy beeding which means the body had already recognised the pregnancy had ended so by the time they took the bloods it was too late to show a pregnancy. Personally I would be changing Doctors.


stefkay - October 25

sue, I'm really sorry for your loss. No matter when they happen they are never easy. This was a chemical pregnancy and like stillmourning said, they are very common. I read some studies that place the rate as high as 50%. Many don't know it even happens to them and just think they got their period late. For those of us "trying" though it seems to happen a lot becuase we are more aware of our bodies and often test earlier than women not trying do. What is great is that it happened so so soon so it will most likely happen soon again and you will carry to term! Good luck!



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