So Frustrated

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jennn28 - January 24

am so annoyed and frustrated... I had a migraine headache this morning and left work early. I was really only there for about 15 minutes. I don't get paid for it so that stresses me out. We have money saved but I want to save as much as possible for a future baby we have. Hopefully we have one. Also, I had a follow up ultrasound about a week ago. My Dr. consulted with another more experience Dr. and they are not sure that they got everything during the D&C. So they put me on progesterone to start AF and control the bleeding. I was expecting AF to come within a day or two after I stopped taking them (I stoppe don Sunday night). I had beeeding and cramping Tuesday morning and then nothing since then. This is so very frustrating not knowing what my body is going to do next! My Dr. said AF should come this by this weekend. Nothing yet! And he said that if it doesnt they will give me more progesterone or another type of medicine. I really don't want to have surgery again and I trust my Dr. and that he has another Dr. giving his opinion... But I am so frustrated with my body! I am tired of now knowing what it going to happen next and worried every time any health related issue comes up. I will wait for this weekend to see if AF comes but I really am tired of all of this waiting and stressing about it. My DH stayed home with me today and that was nice. And he said not to worry about not being at work, I hardly ever missed work before the MC. We haven't had s_x since before the MC and it has almost been three weeks. I just don't feel like it physically when I don't know what my body is doing. Emotionally I do not want to have to wait any longer. I also really want to start trying again but we are supposed to wait atleast one cycle. I think my dr. really suggested 2 or 3 cycles. That seems like forever. And I don't really want to use any type of birth control. I am 28 and married, I never thought I would need to use condoms again! or any type of birth control really. I feel guilty for missing work and for having DH miss work. I feel so frustrated that I don't know what the heck my body is going to do next. I am stressed at work and annoyed with family that doesnt talk to me much or doesnt even ask me how I am physically. I know they dont know what to say, but how hard is it to say "how are you feeling?" I feel like I can't even heal properly, I can't have a baby, I can't talk to people outside of these boards, I don't have much patience for work or anything any more like I used just feels like there are a lot more things I CAN'T do than things that I can... Anyway, thanks for being here everyone.


jstaley1228 - January 24

Kindred spirits, girl. I am 29 and married and we were told to wait two cycles. Well, we did and now we are ttc. We got pg our first shot in August but lost the pregnancy due to a blighted ovum at 8 weeks. I had a D&C at the end of Sept. and THEN was still testing pos. for pg three weeks later. They were concerned I too would need another D&C. That freaked me out and I was p__sed that they didn't get it right the first time yet I was going to suffer for this mistake? My doc (I got a new one at that point) decided to make me come in for weekly blood tests and make sure my HCG levels were dropping sufficiently or I would need another D&C. Well, thank heavens they finally started dropping and we were given the go ahead to try in December. I have to say that being in limbo all that time and not knowing what is going on was so awful! When we were given the "go-ahead" to try again I just knew anything was better than being confused. Turns out...ttc sucks just as bad! My cycle is totally messed up so I have NO clue when I ov and when it didn't work last month (I's only been a month but that was all it took the first time so I guess my expecataions are a little unrealistic) I was so upset! This part is just as frusterating. This ENTIRE process is just a giant nightmare. Let us hope that soon, very soon we get lucky and are able to get pg again otherwise I just might lose my mind! I feel your pain, Jenn, but hang in there. I love this forum and love that fact that I can b**ch and moan and you ladies get it. Thanks for letting me vent too and I'll be thinking of you!


jennn28 - January 24

thanks so much for the reply. I am so glad to hear I am not alone in this. I have never spent so much time wondering what my body will do next, it has just been unpredictable lately. I am not glad either of us went through wondering whether they got everything, but I am glad things worked out okay for you. And am hoping they do for me also. I never thought I would actually look forward to my period! I may buy a pregnancy test this weekend if it doesnt start just to see if it tests positive. I never thought I would hope for a negative pregnancy test either! Anyway, I hope you get pregnant again very soon!! I am sure that will be more stressful this time around as I have more of an urge to get pregnant than ever before. Please keep me posted! Good luck TTC :)


jstaley1228 - January 25

Thanks for the well wished, Jenn. I am sure everything will come out fine. I totally hear ya on the irony of hoping for neg test and your period. Again, just adding to all the weird and awful emotions this situation brings. I will hope for a negative for you too and that AF comes to visit very soon. I'm back to hoping the evil lady stays away. I'll keep you posted and you as well, please. Best wishes and lots of baby dust!



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