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tk07 - February 5

so i have lost my symptoms and i am just about 7 weeks. it has been 2 days now with none. i don't feel positive about this at all and i am really scared i am going to lose a second baby. i hope the Dr lets me in today. any advice or thoughts??


BeccaC - February 5

Hi tk07. I had two m/c last year, one in Jan & one in June. With my 2nd pregnancy all I did was worry, and I was making myself sick. Even though I had a 2nd m/c, I really wish I had embraced the life that was inside of me, even though it was for a short time. You need to be thankful that you can even get pregnant, no matter what the outcome. I know it is hard not to worry, especially with a loss, but try to be as positive about this pregnancy as you can. I am now 8 weeks pg and after two M/C I am still very nervous that I might lose this baby, but I am not going to let my past experiences bring me down. I am embracing this little baby inside of me, and I am excited that I CAN get pregnant. I lost my last one at 9 weeks, and it seems like eternity until the 12 week mark. I know its hard, but I hope you can keep your spirits up, no matter what the outcome is. Big HUGS to you!


JuJu - February 5

Hi tk07; congratulations :) BeccaC is totally right; it's hard to do at the beginning of a pregnancy after miscarriage, but you have to be positive. I was exactly the same as you though a few months ago......I had two miscarriages last year, so when I fell pregnant again in July I was always worrying, particularly in the first 14 or so weeks. My symptoms flucutaed too - especially around your stage. I started getting nausea around 6.5 weeks, but it came and went until I was about 14 weeks. My nipples (sorry about the tmi) were a little sensitive sometimes, but inconsistantly. My biggest symptom was my tiredness; but I always attributed that to my 2 yr old rather than my pregnancy! I did talk to my OB at the time, saying how concerned I was about the fluctuating symptoms, but he just said that it was very normal, and was due to hormonal bursts etc. And he was right - I am now 32+ weeks and things are going well :) So try not to worry too much straight away - go see your doc and let us know how you're going, JuJu


BeccaC - February 6

Ju Ju! I am so happy you responded to tk07's question! There are so many threads going on, and I wanted to find you so that I could thank you. A few weeks ago, I posted a question (I was brand new) and you were the first to offer advice. I think you are awesome for staying on the M/C website instead of moving on to 2nd tri help so many women here with your words of encouragement!! Thanks again and I am so happy for your pregnancy!



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