Some Questions If Anyone Knows

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Hanna - December 14

If I have normal cycles of 28 days and get +OPK around day 14/15 does that mean there is enough time for the baby to implant properly? Also I was scanned as I was nervous incase I had PCOS but my ovaries looked normal on the scan so I guess I don't? I guess if cycles are normal it also rules that out? I have had multiple miscarriages and am just trying to rule out some stuff as we begin trying again. Sorry for all the questions.


Kim - December 14

Hi Hanna, I'm so sorry about your miscarriages. I have had two myself, so I can honestly say I know how horrible you must feel and I'm sorry! I wish you so much luck on your next attempt. In response to your question, that sounds pretty normal to me. If you get a +opk on day 14/15, then it sounds like you ovulate on day 16/17. If you ovulated at the latest at day 17, then your luteal phase is about 11 days, which is a bit short but not alarmingly so, I think. Although I'm definitely not an expert. 11 days should be, in most cases, enough time for that little fertilized egg to get down your tube and find a good spot to implant. Have your asked your doctor about that specifically? And I'm sorry I don't know much about PCOS except that it can make conception difficult. Has it been easy for you to get pregnant?


me - December 20

I believe that more than 1 miscarriage needs more thorogh looking in to. Your luteal phase seems ok if you are that consistant with your periods. However, miscarriages can be either hormonal or chromosomal (developmental). Your dr may want to do some additional testing to find out the reason for your repeat miscarriages. I am sorry for your loss. Best of luck!


Hanna - December 21

Thanks me, I've had all the tests they offer and nothing has been found-including genetic karyotyping on me and my husband. They said to keep trying but I cant stop thinking about possible reasons I think I'm going crazy sometimes!


Kim - December 21

Hi Hanna - just wanted to make sure you saw my post above on the 14th. :-) I've had a couple of tests too and they're telling me the same thing - just keep trying and hoping for better luck. It is so frustrating! I'm happy to hear you do not have a genetic problem, but I'm sorry you don't have any answers as to why this is happening. I wish you so much success next time. Have they put you on anything like baby aspirin? My clotting tests came back normal but they're having me take it anyway, just as a precaution. Thinking of ya. xxoo



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