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Cyndi - September 23

I had a d&c March 30 2005 because I was 9 weeks pregnant but the sac was completley empty, meaning the baby never started growing. Well I am currently almost 6 weeks pregnant and I get a sono on Monday so far my hcg levels have been doubling but I am so scared that on Monday I wont see anything. I keep having dreams that the sac is empty again. I will be 6 weeks by Monday so I should see the heartbeat and that is what the doctor said we are going to be looking for, Please someone who had a m/c please tell me you got pregnant again and everything went fine. I am so scared I can't stop crying. I have no confidence that I will see a heart beat or even an embryo. Someone who has gone through this please respond


Julie - September 23

I had a blighted ovum in July also. I'm not pregnant again, but I can tell you that if you're Bets are doubling, then the pregnancy is very encouraging. It is possible that you won't see a heartbeat because of being under 8 weeks. I understand your concern for having another pregnancy go wrong. That's my biggest fear. However, having two blighted ovums in a row is not common. Chances are you will have a normal pregnancy this time. Good Luck!


Nicole - September 23

Cyndi I had a miscarriage and a D&C on July 15. I was pregnant again the next month. They gave me a u/s and we only saw a yolk sac and a gestional sac but they said it looked like I was right around 6 weeks so it might be to early to see a heartbeat. The next week was the longest week of my life. I went in 1 week later and there was a little beating heart. I started crying on the table. I felt great for about a week and now I can't wait until my next appointment to hear the heartbeat. I don't think once you suffer a loss you will ever relax until you have that baby in your arms. Just know that 90% of women go on to have a healthy pregnancy after they have had 1 m/c. I hope this helps and good luck on Monday. Let us know how it goes.


Cyndi - September 23

Thank you so much Julie and Nicole, Nicole you really gave me hope, for some reason my doctor seems to think we should see something at 6 weeks but if not I am sure I will go back again, your right I wont relax until I am holding my baby. The waiting game tears you up inside though.


Tara - September 23

Cyndi, I know what your going through. I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks in June. I am pregnant again 9 weeks 4 days and I cant say its been easy. I have had two good ultrasounds with this new pregnancy, but it still is not enough to convince me everything will be fine.I even got to hear the heartbeat via ultrasound and it is still not enough .I have had 2 healthy pregnanies already and honestly say I was never stressed over every little symptom or lack of symptoms and the pregnancies went by so fast because I wasent dwelling on everything that could go wrong. You most likely will find this first trimester really hard , but you have to have some faith that chances are this pregnancy will most likely turn out good. Your in my prayers!


Amy - September 23

Cyndi hi don't worry i had a m/c in may and got pg 3wks later i'm now 19wks tomorrow i went in at 6wks 5d and could not see anything but a sac and we could see heart motion but i was told to come back in 2wks and i did and all was well baby was growing fine i to was very worried up till about a week ago but i have a doppler that i listen to baby every day best of luck keep us updated :)


Q - September 23

Cyndi, 6 weeks is pretty early, but don't worry too much if you don't see a heartbeat - that is very normal!!! I have had two miscarriages and am going to wait a few more months before trying again because it's been stressful to say the least. I'm glad your hcg levels are normal, that is a very good sign! Keep us posted!


Nicole - September 24

Cyndi, I am glad I could help. For the most part women on here have given me the support I needed to get thru these hard times. As I said even if they don't see a heartbeat at 6 weeks that is ok. They should be able to see a gestional sac and yolk sac by then...some people see a hb but some do not. I have read sooo many people on these sites who have had healthy babies after a m/c I was nervouse because I didn't have a af before I got pregnant after my D&C. I will be 11 weeks this week. If I start to feel better I get nervous. I check to see if my b___bs hurt everyday. They do say once you see the hb your chances of m/c goes down to 5%. I will be thinking of you on Monday. I cried all day before I went in. Just remember your odds of having a healthy baby this time is very good. Let us know and good luck!!


Cyndi - September 24

Oh my gosh nicole you just know how to make me smile and give me confidence. Thank you so much and I am so happy for you, I hope you have a very healthy pregnancy and Baby, I will right again the moment I get in from the doctor. Thank you!!!


Karen - September 25

Cyndi - Congratulations on your pregnancy. I m/c in March at 11 weeks - everything seemed fine - I saw the h/b two days before I m/c. It was extremely hard... However, I am pregnant again, almost 19 weeks. I can that the first trimester was extremely hard. I had bleeding at 7 weeks and was sure the pregnancy was over -- thankfully, everything was okay. I still have my moments of worrying when I don't feel the baby, etc. I have had one healthy pregnancy prior to my m/c. I have a little boy that is 2. Pregnancy before m/c was so nice.. and worry free. Unfortunately, you just have to trust and believe in God that this baby is meant to be. I don't think you will ever feel "worry free" until you start feeling that baby move on a regular basis -- which is typically after 20 weeks. The fact that your levels are doubling is a great sign. I wish you the best of luck.. xoxoxo


Cyndi - September 26

Well everyone I just got out of the doctor and sadly we saw nothing. The sac is still empty. The docot took my blood again to compare my hcg levels with the others, He thinks theres not going to be a chance for this baby. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and there is still an empty sac. I had a healthy pregnany before these m/c he's almost 2. I dont know why I can't seem to have another baby. What is wrong with me. This hurts so bad. I have no cramps no signs that I will misscarry. I guess I just have to wait for it. Why is this happening to me. I wanted this baby so bad. I feel like giving up and not trying anymore. Should I give up or should I wait a couple more weeks to see if something shows up? Last Thursday my levels were one thousand something and it has to be 1500 + to see the heart beat I should be there already since my levels were doubling last time. Should I just face it and give up?


Karen - September 26

Cyndi -- I am SO VERY SORRY! Ugh.. I hurt for you. Personally, I think I would take at least a month or two off.. just enjoy your little one at home for now and give your body some time to heal. Also, check out this article.. There was a show on the Discovery channel as well that mentioned the a__sociation between a life birth of a boy and reoccuring m/c after... My doctor said he never heard of it because I also have a little boy (my first baby) followed by a m/c (but I am pregnant now... so don't give up hope!!). I wish you the best of luck. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


Karen - September 26

Cyndi - By the way, I would have my levels checked in a day or two just to make sure they aren't increasing and the doctor is correct. At 6 weeks in all my pregnancies (had one m/c at 12 weeks and 2 successful --cross my fingers on this one but I am 19 weeks so chances are good...) I NEVER saw a heartbeat before 7 weeks. I don't want to give you false hope, but I would also be VERY sure the doctor is correct. You do hear stories where woman are told they have no baby.. only to have an u/s a week later and everything is fine. Lots of hugs...


Cyndi - September 26

Thank you so much Karen, you give me hope, I just really want this baby but this is my second m/c in 5 months so I am going to make sure the doctor is right cause I have heard those stories. Well He will call me tomorrow to give me my results on the hcg levels I will keep you posted. Thank you very much xoxoxoxox


Karen - September 27

Cyndi - Good to hear. My prayers and thoughts will be with you while you wait for the results of your blood tests. xoxox AND don't give up hope!!!


Nicole - September 27

Cyndi, I am sorry they didn't see anything. Did they see a gestional sac or a yolk sac? When I went in for my u/s right before 6 weeks that is all they saw. 1 week later we saw the baby and the hb. I know it is frustrating each and everyday. I am now 10 weeks and still scared my next appointment is Oct 10. I cannot wait to see that everything is ok. I will be 12 weeks and think I might be able to relax a little. Don't give up yet. Your Dr. could be off on his measurments. You could be earlier than you are measuring....That has happened to me....I know it wasn't the news you were looking to hear yesterday but just wait until your HGC levels come in today and then go from there. Good Luck.


Cyndi - September 27

Well, I woke up around 6 in the morning to go pee and when I wiped there was blood, not brown but red, it stoped right away but I feel stuff going on and I know this is it. Two blighted ovums in a row in just 5 months. Now my risk of m/c is very high. I am not sure if I will ever have another baby, but I am going to try again, and again. This hurts so bad, I really wanted this baby I really believed in my heart this baby would be fine, I feel like my heart is so broken it can never be fixed. Thank you guys for your help, please pray for me to get pregnant again with a healthy baby. Good Luck Nicole I am sure this baby will make it you are almost out of your first trimester.



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