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emtcutie1028 - September 29

As most of you know I had my son at 22 weeks. Everyone I talk to say he was REALLY developed for 22 weeks. He was 1lb 4 oz and 15.5 inches long. I worry so much that he was really further along that he measured and maybe they could have done something to help him. I think this will work... h t t p ://


emtcutie1028 - September 29

ok that link didnt work...lemme try this one! DOT jpg DOT jpg


Tory1980 - September 30

Can't get the link to work either. I ams orry. tried both. At 22 weeks the baby usually measures approx 1lb and is roughly 9-11inches long. It could be that you are slightly further along but if you are certain of LMP then it could have been he was just growing faster than the average or he was just going to be a long baby. At 22 weeks though all that really needs to happen with them is to put weight on. They are fully developed by then.


kvilendrer - October 1

I am so so sorry for your loss. I don't know what you are going through because this has never happened to me, but I feel so horrible that you had to go through this. Your little boy was so beautiful!! I wish you the best!


ShoppingForTwo - October 2

Hey Keena maybe you were as far along with Kory as I was with Victoria. I was 24weeks excatly and she was 1 pound 3 ounces. They claimed they couldn't do anymore to help her either. They said they put the tube down her throat but her lungs wouldn't expand as much as they needed to for her to survive. Well isn't it funny that she kept herself alive with those same lungs without any help for 9 1/2 hours? I think that's weird. They didn't even tell me her weight or inches I had to ask for her weight and in the midst of things I forgot to ask her inches. I would love to know that and remember that forever though. I was p__sed in the hospital also because I woman came and visited me while I was on bedrest in the hospital trying to keep Victoria-Brooke in to support and encourage me and her daughter had been born the day before at 23w6d and was in the incubator with a respirator doing great. (Well I don't know if she was actually doing great but she was living!) I try to think that all babies are different. They give us the averages of the way babies develop inside so maybe he was ahead or maybe you really were farther than you thought Hun.


emtcutie1028 - October 2

See thats what I wonder. The high risk doc at the hospital that day measured his head and everything and he was measuring 22 weeks. But can they be off?? He didnt even breath when he came out, and they didnt do anything for him. They put him in my arms right away and I held him until his heart stopped beating. Wouldnt they have done something if they thought he was further along when he came out? Yeah I was told someone in the waiting room had a 12 oz baby that was doing good. Its not fair.


samy - October 3

hey keena i saw ur angel's pic......he's so beautiful ! i know how it feels to go through all this. my doc said the survival rate for pre term babies born at this time is 10-15%. even my doc didnt do anything to save my little angel. rather my daughter died in the process of delivery bcoz of me getting critical my doc did forcep delivery and with all those hard tools on my little angel's body, it was impossible for her to survive. and this disturbs me the most.....that how tough it would have been for her....wat she has gone thu....she died to save her mumma. she was all injured on face and neck wen born....its tough to even i didnt even click her pic., as nobody allowed. Our little angels must be together playing happily.....god bless them!



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