Soonest Time You Felt Pg Symptoms When Ttc

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parkermegan - March 27

This is me just wanting everyone opinions on this topic.....What is the soonest anyone felt pg symptoms..... I am just curious to see how soon someone could possible get signs they are pg....


stace - March 27

this time around I felt symptoms 2 weeks after my date of conception. Quite scarily fast though. I think that the problem is that alot of early pregnancy symptoms are the same as period symptoms, ie sore b___sts and cramping.


parkermegan - March 27

hmm... I wish you got pg symptoms just a few days after O it would really help with the 2ww!!!!


madison - March 27

last time i was pregnant (and only time) i felt a strange crampy feeling a week after O (implantation cramping i a__sume, diff than af cramps) and was very hungry and had sore b___bs soon after that, by 2 weeks after O. i never get sore b___bs with af so i knew something was up! i am now waiting for O, probably going to be here this weekend. i am using opk's this week but havent started charting or any of that other stuff. i always O on day 14 before so i am hoping it will be that easy again. where are you at on your cycle?


Mandy1984 - March 27

hi all, I new from the night I concieved, I know it sounds strange, I obviously didn't know for sure but just had a really strong feeling, I first fell pregnant at 16, I was unaware that my antibiotic affected my contraceptive pill, I remember saying to my partner and he told me to stop being silly cos I was on the pill but 9mths later I had a little girl, I fell pregnant again at 19, I spent 13 weeks in hospital and I got pregnant the first night I got home, Then when I wanted to get pregnant it took 6mths!! always th eway, I lost my little boy at 18weeeks in June 2005, I am now 22 and 13 weeks pregnant again and again this time I had a feeling the night we did the deed that I was going to get pregnant....I...I know it was only 6 mths when I was trying for my 3rd but it felt like a lifetime so I hope u all get lucky soon enough (prob when ur not expecting it :) ) GOOD LUCK


Susan W - March 27

With baby #1, I suspected about 10 dpo, but I was too sick with the flu to really care much until a few days later and tested three days after AF was due. I had a few symptoms by then, mostly extreme fatigue and crazy hunger pangs. Morning sickness kicked in at 24 dpo. I remember because it hit me like a freight train and lasted forever. With baby #2, I knew like 4 days later, but I never had any symptoms other than sore nipples, which stared at 7 dpo. Somehow, I just knew I was pregnant and wasted a whole lot of tests trying to confirm what I knew, lol! Nothing with this one at all. I didn't think I was pregnant and was sure AF was coming and still have no symptoms but it's definitely a viable pregnancy so far. Just goes to show that you can never tell! lol



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