Sooo Worried

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anelia2424 - July 12

ok ...I had my hcg level checked again and it only went up from 823 to 913 so it didnt triple like its supposed to but my pregestrone is 33! they want to do more test tomorrow, she talked like it was another Miscarriage(which i found out about at my 10 wk ck up, no symptom at all!) I dont know what to do I dont have cramping bleeding noting, I still feel preg!! (Which I know can happen)It did go up not down I am going to have more test in the morning and see what happens. I dont want them to do anything cause it is going up...I dont know what to do!!!


anelia2424 - July 12

Ok i had a miscarriage in April in case the above made didnt sound right. 5wks with this pregnancy. Sorry about leaving all that out.


armywife4life - July 12

Im sorry all that you are dealing with. I found out last week that my baby is in my tube, I am currently 7 weeks pregnant, my HCG levels were doubling as normal, then all the sudden on friday (july 7) they stopped doubling and went from 3600 to 4018. I had an ultra sound done, only to find out the baby wasnt in my uterus, so I had an emergency DnC down Friday afternoon, after the dnc they realized my baby is growing in my right tube. I was then given a shot of Methotrexate to stop the growing baby in my tube. I had no symptoms and thought everything was going good. But then I was told that if the numbers do not at least double every 48 hours during the early pregnancy then it meant a failing pregnancy, and they were right in my case. I hope all is good for you. Keep everyone updatedand good luck!!!!!


anelia2424 - July 19

UGGGHHHH I am sooo confused!!! OK first off they find nothing on the ultra sound but my utrine lining is thicker....Then I go to do more blood work and she was like "has your cramping started yet?" WTF!!! NO I HAVE NO CRAMPING NO BLEEDING AND YOU JUST FOUND NOTHING ON MY U/S! This is all making no sence to me...If there was nothing there why would I still be starving all the time, sore b___bs and peeing every 5 sec?????? etc..etc....uggghhhh I wont have my blood work back till tomorrow and I am ready to kill everyone!!! I didnt even get to talk to the doc (who seems to be the only one in the office with actual answers!)When we got into the car I didnt even cry---I dont feel like it is a m/c!!! What if I am alot earlier than they think??? who knows??? I sure dont, not now anyway



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