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Alison - March 24

Hi ladies I'm afraid I have another question if anyone can help! Was at my midweek church meeting last night and a lady I know fairly well (not all that well) came over to speak to me (she knows about my miscarriages) because her daughter had losses before having her children and was referred to a nutritionalist and told to change alot of stuff in her diet. I get the feeling it's probably not relevant to me (apart from anything else I've been very careful with my diet since starting TTC last April - avoiding coffee, alcohol, soft cheeses etc!) also I think my losses were chromosonal or something, but I wondered if anyone else has had similar advice at any time? She could't remember what things her daughter had to cut out but she said there were a few. Sounds unusual to me so thought I'd ask! I meant to when I was on here earlier but forgot!


rae - March 24

i would like to know too


Alison - March 24

Anyone? Grandpa Viv do you read this page? I'd love some feedback!


Lily - March 24

I don't think it is anything you eat / didn't eat, etc. The baby doesn't even receive much nutrition from you during the first month (if at all). My diet wasn't as good as it is now with my first pregnancy and I had no issues with that one. I worked on my diet prior to getting pregnant and lost the baby. I think it is chromosonal and wouldn't change much -- unless you really have a bad diet, which doesn't sound like the case.


stacey - March 24

I never heard of that, just the ordinary things you mentioned. I was always told chromosonal!


Kat - March 24

Hi Alison! I think yours is a great question and although I am sure nutrition accounts for a very small portion of m/c's, if any, it is worth looking at because in the end, it can only help, not hinder, our health and hopefully that of the little one we will create. I guess one thing that comes to mind is - How is your body doing in absorbing essential nutrients? I would think a nutritionist or other professional would be able to test how well our bodies are absorbing them. I eat a mostly organic/all natural well-balanced diet, but geez, if my body isn't taking it all in, what good is it? Ok, I am not getting pesticides, preservatives, and added hormones, which is great, but we need those vitamins and minerals. That is something to consider too, Alison... If you are able to and don't already, think about eating some organics. I am a believer in limiting as many environmental toxins as possible and trying to get the purest stuff. Unfortunately the world has become quite toxic and more and more reports are telling us to avoid certain things... Really we don't need the reports... intuition tells us what we need to know on these things. Ok, well, I could talk forever about health and nutrition and get more specific... and will if you tell me to take another run around the track... careful... haha! One place I would recommend for some nutrition info is (And I am very sorry for your loss. :( I had my 1st m/c nearly 2 weeks ago). Good vibes...


mulgajill - March 24

Just a quick reply... nutrition is important, not just avoiding alcohol etc... but supplementing vitamins etc... might pay to do a search with something like 'fertility food natural supplements'.... there are all sorts of advice it is just a matter of finding out what may suit you. Our western diet is high in fat, animal products as compared to Asian diet (lots of soy/rice/fish, not much meat or milk) and these people have MUCH lower rates of b___st/prostate cancer and longer luteal phases (menstrual cycles on average 3 days longer) not to mention just breezing through menopause which comes later too.... So a google search may be a place to start... :-)


Alison - March 25

Wow- -thanks everyone for your thoughts that's great! I will look up the website Kat and look for more organic stuff when I'm shopping! I will also have a look on google thanks Mulgajill. I have been taking Sanategen Pro-natal vitamins since last April faithfully every day (through micarriages and all!) so at least I know I'm getting my folic acid etc. I agree the diet probably doesn't affect chances of a loss as seems they are chromosonal but would certainly be good to have as healthy as diet as poss during these important times! :o) I wish you all good news in the very near future and thanks again for your "online" friendship! xxx


Kat - March 25

Hi again Alison... I do think it is very wise that you are thinking of nutrition... the right things can help to: fight stress (which we are all experiencing!), promote a healthy balance of hormones, boost fertility, keep depression away, etc, etc. Read about a study that said green tea may boost fertility - as a little fyi for you. :) But as with ANY herbal supplement (which green tea is), you should only have it up until Ovul, to be on the safe side. Type in a bunch of stuff on Mercola's website - see what you come up with... Watch out - it can become addictive. Ha! :) ~~ His website gives info on how to increase absorption of certain important nutrients. We can take the supplements or eat the right foods, but again, if they don't get absorbed, unfortunately they are useless. Best of health to you... Let us know if you come up with anything interesting.


Kat - March 25

Sorry... I said earlier that green is an herbal tea and actually I don't think it is... I think it does come from a tea leaf. Not sure I would drink it during pregnancy still - or at least would limit the amt and make sure it is Organic decaf. (One reason to get organic decaf tea -or coffee if you are inclined to drink it - is so that there aren't chemicals used to decaffeinate the tea/beans... maybe u guys already knew that...). Ok, bye. :)



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