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dukeblue1212 - March 14

Okay, I'm 9 weeks five days. I started spotting a couple of days ago. The color has ranged from brownish to nude colored to light pinkish. This morning it was back to a nude color. I've read so much on the internet some of which indicated this can be normal and others have indicated I need to call my doctor immediately. I'm having very slight cramps as well, but I've had those since I found out I was pregnant. I'm going to call my doctor's office today, but does anyone have any words of encouragement?


stefkay - March 14

Hi dukeblue, it can happen in a normal pregnancy and it can be a sign of impending m/c....I know, that doesn't help much :-( But do call your dr. right away. My OB told me to call her at the first sight of even tan discharge. They can do an u/s and see how things are and take blood to check hcg. I know sometimes it's easier to be "out of sight out of mind" and not call out of fear, but please do as it could be something going on that needs attention. Good luck!!!


1mom - March 14

You should call your dr for sure and don't freak out yet i have heard of people bleeding in there first three months and going on to have healthy babies. Best of luck. Sticky baby dust to you


dukeblue1212 - March 14

I talked to the nurse and she said that what I described to her is fairly common. She told me to call back if the bleeding becomes heavier, the blood turns red, or my cramps get worse. She didn't seem to think I should be too worried. If it continues more than a couple of days, I'm gonna request an ultrasound.


stefkay - March 14

That sounds like a good is true that there isn't much they can do if it is a m/c. I hope it stops soon and my thoughts are with you! hugs!


dukeblue1212 - March 14

Thanks stefkay! I'm trying not to get upset, but I just hate not knowing. I'm trying to think positive thoughts because it's out of my hands. I just feel like crying my eyes out but I can't do that because I'm at work. I'll let you know what happens.


HeavenisMine - March 14

My mom's friend bled all through her pregnancy and had healthy twin girls. I heard some people can bleed all through it and have wonderful healthy babies. If it turns red, then you should be more alarmed. But by all means please do contact your doctor and put your mind at ease! I wish you the best, hang in there sweety. When I started spotting before my miscarriage it was dark red and bright red.


HeavenisMine - March 14

I hope your U/S goes well!


dukeblue1212 - March 15

Well, the bleeding is getting thicker, although I haven't seen any clots. The blood is more of a pinkish red now. I've put in a call to my doctor's office and I'm waiting for them to call me back. I did call yesterday and they said not to be alarmed, but to call if it gets worse. Unfortunately it has. I'm praying that I'm just one of those women who bleeds during pregnancy, but the reality of a possible miscarriage is starting to set in.


knox33 - March 15

Hi Dukeblue, I also bled throughout my pregnancy. The color varied from bright red, to dark brown. I actually started bleeding pretty early - around 5 weeks. But every time I went in for an ultrasound little baby girl was in there healthy and active. That was the good news. Bad news is that we miscarried on Tuesday after premature rupture of the membranes. The doctors think maybe the continual bleeding either weakened the membrane or got in between the membrane and uterus and tore it. Anyway - we're heartbroken of course. I know this is a scary time and the doctors will pretty much tell you to wait and see. My advice is to keep up with your ultrasounds and keep yourself healthy. (I got a really nasty cold and was coughing uncontrollably so not sure if that ruptured already weak membrane.) We got all the way to 18 weeks and a couple days. We were able to hold her and she was so beautiful. So just hang in there and pray. God's will is divine so you can't question. Just cherish every day with your little one and talk to baby so baby know she is loved and you know you did everything you could do. Good luck to you. We're going to try again as soon as possible. You have great chance that everything will be fine. I hope the bleeding stops for you completely so you won't have to worry about it throughout the rest of the pregnancy.


sososleepy - March 15

Hang in there dukeblue. Hugs.


andy - March 15

I had some masive bleeding in week 7 , and was a subchorionic hematoma or threatened m/c , it came suddenly and like an opened pipe , it was sooo much that I thought the worse had happened , We requested an u/s and saw that the sac had separated from the uterus and that was were all the blood was from , the blood was always very watery and bright red , the Dr . sujested bed rest and I had to be at BR for 6 weeks and having progesterone pills , thankfully eveything got better and now I´m just 2 weeks away fromm meeting my baby ... I wish you the best of luck and please go to the Dr and have them do you an u/s to determine what is happening ... xoxoxo !!


dukeblue1212 - March 15

Well, unfortunately, after the ultrasound and blood tests it looks like I lost my baby. This has been a very trying day and it's going to take a while for us to get through it. Thanks for all of the prayers. I'm sure I'll be back on this forum when we start trying to conceive again. Baby dust to all.


KDF - March 17

Hi dukeblue, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm afraid I am starting to go through what you are going through. I have been spotting dark brown and somedays I have bright red. The doctor thinks that I am m/c and did some blood work, I go back this week for another test and then on the 29th for the results. The waiting is soooo hard. I am preparing myself for the worst but praying for the best. Sorry again for your loss. <hugs>


dukeblue1212 - March 17

Just a word of warning to anyone who decided to pa__s the baby naturally after they find out they've had a's horrible! I don't want to get into the gory details, but I pa__sed so much blood and some major clots for about four hours. The cramp got so bad I was doubled over. Just when I was ready to go to the emergency room, I finally pa__sed the sac and it was totally disgusting. My doctor told me to bring it in when I pa__sed it so we had to fish it out of the toilet. Yuck! I was the worst thing I've ever had to go through physically. I pray for all of the moms going through a miscarriage. It's the most horrible thing I've had to go through so far. Hugs and baby dust to all!


alicia1 - March 18

OMG, dukeblue. I'm sooooooo sorry it turned out this way for you. Most of us here KNOW your pain. Please don't try to go it alone. Personally, this site has been so theraputic in the couple of weeks that I've been around. I wish i had this two years ago when i was forced to have my first and only pregnancy terminated (tubal pg) after several years of ttc. But God is so merciful to bring us together where we can say ANYTHING that we're feeling and someone will understand and offer some strength. Speedy recovery and keep us posted of your condition b/c we care (i cried for you as i read the outcome). GL


stefkay - March 18

dukeblue, I TOTALLY understand your pain and send you big hugs...I went it naturally and have to agree that it was the single most sucky thing I've ever been through hands down. My dr. also wanted me to bring it in to test so the day the cramping started to get bad I popped a ton of alleve (which did NOT help) and had to have tupperware dishes handy in the br and actually had to play "catch the fetus"--my bf and I called it that at the time because he was trying to keep it light for me as if we didn't try to laugh I was going to lose it completely...I had to take it to the dr.'s office, then on the way home another wave of cramps and a drippy ran into bathroom and it happened again. It was basically hemorraging because this was no dripping type flow it was gushing out. I ended up having to do that 4 times (catch, go to dr's and drop off). I thought after it happened once that was all of it, but I could not believe how much there was. The nurse in the office finally hugged me on the last one and said they had all they needed and not to worry about it anymore. I was so drained and they all looked so sad for me. It brings it all back....but, it will get better. {{{HUGS}}}



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