Spotting Months After Miscarriage Anyone

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Jai - March 10

I had a miscarriage back in January. I haven't had my period since. I has some light brown spotting the other day and thought I was getting my period, but it never came and I haven't had any spotting since. I've been a little tired lately. I was yawning all this weekend, and I really didn't have any reason to be tired as it was the weekend and I have a good nights rest both nights. Please help - I took a test about a week ago, but wondering if that was too soon as the spotting came right after I took the test.


Misty - March 10

I would find it very possible that you are pregnant. I also miscarried in Jan., never got af, then found out I am pregnant again. Go see your doctor. Good luck and take care of yourself. I know how scarey it is if you find out you are pregnant again considering what just happened but it seems many people get pregnant right after m/c and succesfully carry to term.


Jai - March 11

Thank you Misty - good luck to you as well! I took a test this morning, but it was negative. But I was actually reading on the 'Pregnancy Test' forum and tons of people seemed to have complaints about the Clear Blue Easy digital test - which is the one I took! I think I will try again with another brand. Congrats!


stacey - March 11

Misty- congrats, when in Jan did you miscarry? Was it natural? I just had my first period (am having) since miscarriage on 1/28. Hopefully this time we'll get pregnant again :)


Di from PA - March 11

I also had a mc in Jan. (1/11/05). I got my period six weeks after but I have heard of it taking up to 14weeks. You might want to take another pregnancy test in a week or two.( I like the e.p.t. brand) Also, two days after my period I began spotting for about 8 days. I was suppossed to be ovulating at that time and now just waiting to see if I am pregnant. You might want to take some ovulation tests too! You never know:) Isn't crazy trying to understand what your body is doing.


stacey - March 11

oh my G-d 14 weeks!!! And I was complaining about 6.



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