Spotting On And Off After D Amp C For 3 Months HELP

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Martha31 - October 27

I am not sure what to think anymore...I lost a baby at 17w2d, had a d&C on Aug 3, 2007. Since then I had 2 normal on Sept 14, 2007 and October 12, 2007....perfectly 28 days apart...the thing is I that spotted for like 6 days after the first af and nof it's been like almost 2 weeks that I'm spotting after my second fact I should be O today/tomorrow which I think may not happen...the spotting is accompagned by a mild cramping...and it's really on and off...once a day for a short period of time. I was checked for retained tissue 10 days after d&c....I will go back to see my OB next week to talk about this. Please advice...has any of you experienced such spotting after d&c?


Martha31 - October 27

anyone?? please!!


BriannasMummy - October 27

I dont have any experience myself with this issue, but I do have to say that Ive spoke to a lot of women that have issues with AF after a d&c or natural miscarriage. Sometimes your body gets a bit out of wack for the first little bit afterwards, especially where you were so far along... it might take a while for your body and hormones to adjust. This must be so disappointing to you, Im sure you just want your body to be normal again. I wish you the best, and I hope you can get some real answers very very soon! ~Kristin~


stefkay - October 28

Hi Martha, do you temp and chart? I would say that would be the best thing to do at this point because it can really tell you what your hormones are doing. It seems that if you are spotting there is something going on there. Like Kristin said, hormones could be wacky for a while. At least with charting you can show it to your doc and it saves lots of time. Good luck! You'll be there soon :)


deniseb - October 28

Hi Martha, it is normal so don't panic. I also had a mc around August and I like you have had 2 af's and spotting before and after. I went to my doc last week and he said it is perfectly normal once it is not heavy heavy amounts of blood. My spotting is very brown (like dried blood) along with small clots here and there. It is a pain to say the least as I am sick wearing panty liners arghhhhhhh ...I have had 5 mc's and this one is taking alot longer to recover from. Hope this helps you!


Martha31 - October 28

Thank you very much ladies...I really appreciate your responses... stefkay, yes I do chart. If you would like to take a look at my chart, you're more than's on fertility friend under marta31. Please let me know hwat you think. deniseb: thank you veyr much. that is very encouraging for me...are you ttc? and charting? Please take a look at my chart if you have a moment. You're correct...I do panic...I jsut want things to be perfect and bad things to go away...and it's draging on...I'm so tired and least my OPK is + today...I'm happy becasue it looks like despite the spotting I am O normally on cd 15/16. ~hugs~ God Blees you!


Tory1980 - October 28

Hi Martha, after my D&C I had spotting on and off until AF showed on time 33 days later. I was told by my doctor then that if it didn't stop after a 'proper period' that it could be a sign of infection. I also had spotting for 8 months on and off after the birth of my second child and they eventually diagnosed a womb infection that a course of anti-biotics cleared. You don't have to have a smell or retained tissue for there to be an infection - as I found out and it won't hurt to have a course to see if that settles it. My Doctor doesn't believe any break through spotting/bleeding in normal in a cycle and the only reason she wanted to wait and see what happened was because when I went to her my AF was due 3 days later and she told me to wait until then and if AF didn't show to go back to her. It did and all was fine. I am sorry you lost your little one. Take care.



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