Spotting Weeks After M C Please Advise

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Judy - April 27

I had a m/c on 3/22. I was five weeks. I m/c naturally. After 7 days of cramps and bleeding it was over. I have not had my period yet. DH and I have had s_x the last two times and both times I spotted light pink for 3 days (very little but still there). Should I be worried. I am still waiting to get my period (hopefully this week). Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.


B - April 27

My doctor said I had to postpone intimacy for two weeks at least. I experienced 21 days of bleeding, but only 4 days of cramping. The bleeding was heavy then light and off an on. I have heard that what you are going through is normal. Anytime I get concerned I always call my doctor's nurse with questions. She will ask the doctor if she doesn't know the answer. It will help you to build a relationship with your doctor and their staff. (You may not have that option?) Try not to worry and just pamper yourself for a while, you have been through a major loss and it is natural to worry about everything. I hope you start your cycle soon. Blessings!


Elyse - April 27

Judy i'm glad you have said somthing i thought it only happened to me i too had some bleeding when my DH and I first had s_x nearly 3 weeks after mine i was terrified i had caused my self to bleed again, i did obstain from the s_x for a while and my dH has been great about it, remember you are still healing inside. B is right i would speak to your Dr if you are worried about anything, take care.


Judy - April 27

Thanks B and Elyse. At first it was light and now it is darker. I think it may be my period now. Not to be gross, but I don't have the flow I get with a period so it's hard to judge right now. B- I know what you mean about the doctor relationship, but I am in the transition of getting another doctor. I had some issues with this doctor (just not attentive at all. One instance I was showing her where I was having pain after the miscarriage, but she was to busy looking at paperwork to notice where I was pointing). That combines with a bunch of other things tells me I have to get a new doctor. Know I just hope this is my period. However I will more than likely not have s_x if it's not my period for a few weeks. Poor DH. He'll survive though.



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