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michelle - April 2

are you still doing the SME plan? what cycle day are you on?


stacey - April 2

yes, we tried to do it the best we could. More along the lines of 2ce, skip a night b/c I wasn't sure when I was ovulating. I kept mixing the s____n w/ cm. I am on day 25,and just ovulated 3 days ago (I think). According to I did-my opk's say 2 days ago and yesterday. Either way, I think we have it covered. What about you? Are you doing it?


michelle - April 2

yes, we are on cd19. We are supposed to BD tomorrow for the last time. Then I will be in the 2 week wait.Hopefully this thing works and we both get a BFP! When are you supposed to take a HPT?


stacey - April 3

On the 18th. It would be nice b/c my mom will be visiting from out of state then. Did you follow it exactly to plan? Did your man complain about all the ttc? My hubby was started to lose the luster :) Hopefully we did this month or I'm not sure what will happen (or won't) next month:)


mulgajill - April 3

Just a quick thanks to stacey for her recommendation of the SME plan, i used it this cycle as compared to the last where is was doing it "all the time".... it was a much better option for me as my fella has a few health/energy level problems and was getting pretty worn out from the constant s_x.... he did comment once that "s_x is over-rated"... so though i thought that men wanted it All The Time, in fact, that is only when they are not getting it all the time... suppose it is like getting christmas dinner everynight.... the novelty starts to wear off.... and good luck to you & michelle


stacey - April 3

Oh good, lets see if it works for us! My neighbor is also starting it! If it doesn't I'm going to try to get one of those Clear Blue Monitors. But hopefully won't have to worry about it!


michelle - April 3

I hope you get your BFP on the 18th! Yes, we followed exactly and my husband has complained a lot. He would tell me to wait until after his show was over! Men always talk about s_x and then complain when they are getting too much! You would think they would be happy! I think I am going to take my hpt on the 11th. That would put me at 12dpo. It is a little early but I am so anxious. ( I cant imagine having to do all of this next month! :) Baby Dust to you and me!


stacey - April 4

Am a bit scared this am. it's 5dpo. and my temp dropped below cover line :( Last month I either had a 6 or 10 day luteal phase. there were 4 questionable temps that could have gone either way. yesterday my nipples were killing me and today I have a crampy feeling in belly. Not sure if I am making myself think these things b/c of temp dip- thinking af could be on way (I'd rather think implantation dip). however, if it is af, then my luteal phase isn't long enough to get pregnant- I'll have to go to doc and ask about meds to extend it. Wonder if it was this way before m/c, or it's a result of!


stacey - April 5

ok, well it's now 6 dpo, no af -yet :) Still have soem weird feelings, but a - BFN- I caved and did it today just in case :) Now will wait until Sat- my period should be here by then.


Dawn - April 5

What is the SME plan or where can I read about it? I'm new to this sight so I am getting familiar with it...thanks!


stacey - April 6

it's called the sperm meets egg plan- I read it on the web, but don't have the address now- can get it later. Basically, starting on day 8 (day 1 being first day of af) you start having s_x every other day. starting day 10 you start opk's. When you get a pos. You try 3 days in a row, skip a day, and then once more. i think it might have worked for me this month (first month trying it)- I shold know by Sat. but def have pos symptoms :) Fingers crossed!


Misty - April 6

I don't know if you remember me or not Stacey but you had helped me out a while ago. I had the thread "could I be pregnant, or infection"? If you don't remember it isn't really a big deal. But you touched me so I come back to this site periodically just to see if you concieved yet or not. If it makes you feel any better I am praying for you and I really hope you get the news you are hoping for come the 18th. Good luck.


mulgajill - April 6

Hi Stacey, i too have read a few of your posts and am wishing you the best too! My af due tomorrow... i have caved in a few times for neg results... but not today.. the closer it gets the less i want to know... if you know what i mean.... wishing you luck this round... hope it happens for you!


stacey - April 6

aww shucks :) Thanks you guys! it is always so heartwarming to know people are thinking of you! I'll let you know what happens...also, Mulgajill, let us know if af comes tomorrow- I'm hoping for a BFP for you soon!!


stacey - April 6

Dawn- SME plan can be found at : look until you see something called the sperm meets egg plan.


Tara-T - April 7

Stacey: mulgajill told me about you're temp dips etc. I'm 2 mnths post miscarriage, and same thing happened to me this month. I normally have rock solid 27 day cycle with 13 day L phase. But this month, I had temp. dips and started AF on day 23 of cycle. Also had what I thought was implantation bleeding on around day 9 of cycle (got really excited), but turns out it must have been a bust this month. Anyway, hope it's helpful, and we'll see what happens in the months to come. I bet we'll even out and things will be fine.


stacey - April 7

Tara-T, thanks and sprry it was a bust- I hate getting my excitement up :( Today I'm not really feeling anything, so think it might be a busat for me too. Thanks for the warning :)



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