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myangels - October 2

I had a D & C last monday and I can't seem to get my mind off losing my baby angel and I was hoping I could start exercising again so i can keep my mind on other things also. So I was hoping somebody can help and tell me about how long I have to wait before exersing?


FrancesM - October 2

I had a dnc on a Wednesday and I believe I started back to the gym the following Monday. I did not have a ton of bleeding so be sure to watch that. I go to Curves so I was able to take it easy. I am sorry for your loss. It is so sad. I too think about it everyday. Yours is still fresh and I know that you are hurting. Just take it easy the first few days and be sure not to over do it. Sorry again. Frances


myangels - October 3

Thank you so much for your help. I am also very sorry about your loss. Tell me how your doing ok. Thank you again.


FrancesM - October 3

I am ok. I had a "breakdown" the other day...I just cried and cried. It sucks! It is getting easier but when it hits, it hits hard! I have had 3 cycles (AF) since the dnc. The first one at 35 days and then 24 days later and 24 days later (started today). I know it will get better but it will always be in my mind. How are you feeling?!


myangels - October 3

I'm doing better physically but this my first pregnancy and I really was so excited about the baby and my husband and me were planning everything already and it just went all downfall when our baby died. My husband is not taking it so hard he is thinking positive and saying well have another soon but to me it is so different. I cant seem to stop hurting. I have this big empty piece in my heart and I keep crying just how you did when you first had a dnc. Im really trying to get through this but i never thought it would be so hard. I hope I can start my cycles soon so I can get back to normal and start trying again.


FrancesM - October 3

It was my first too. It was unexpected but we were happy. We have been together for 7 years and talked about kids then no kids, then kids and boom, there it was. I was so shocked and excited. I had 2 great ultasounds and when I went for the level 2 (btw I am 38 was 37 at the time) there was no heartbeat. I took a video tape and everything. I was by myself which in the end I think was better b/c I had to deal with it. Everyone tells me that they wish they had been there with me but I had to be strong...It is a terrible loss. Yours is still so new. I hope it gets better for you mentally. When did your Dr say you could try again? Had you guys been trying long???


myangels - October 3

We have been married for 3 years and we were not really planning on having kids yet but than I was 3 weeks late in Aug. and I found out I was 7 weeks preg. but we were extremely happy even though it was a complete surprise. The doctor said to wait 3 months until trying again but that seems like its forever. He put me on birth control and that breaks my heart because I don't want to have to put a baby on hold but I understand that I might have a miscarriage again. Do you think I trully have to wait 3 months? How long did the doctor say you have to wait before trying again?


myangels - October 3

I wish I could have had at least one great ultrasound. 2 Thurs. ago I had started bleeding slightly and I had really bad cramps. My husband thought it would be better to go to ER when we got there they did an ultrasound and I got to see my precious baby but there was no heartbeat,. The doctors thought it could just be to early for a heartbeat and and that I may be spotting. Than on Sat. morning I had a lot more bleeding and a lot more cramps so I decided to go to ER again and they did another ultrasound and they said the baby still had no heartbeat and that the sac was moving down and they said it was definintly a miscarriage. I was also by myself when they told me but when I went back to the hospital room where my husband was waiting for me as soon as I saw my husband I broke down crying and I could not stop. The doctor sent me home and said that through the weekend the baby will come out and sure enough on Sunday night the I started bleeding a lot and I went to the hospital because I could not even stand up from the pain. I was bleeding a lot and clots came out. I had low blood pressure and they said I had lost a lot of blood. They did another ultrasound and said the sac and the baby was gone. My husband was with me at that ultrasound and he was really upset because he didnt get to see the baby at all. They kept me over night and they did a dnc the next morning. It is the worst thing to ever go through and I pray to God I never go through it again. Were you at home when you had your miscarriage?


FrancesM - October 3

Poor thing! I went to the u/s at the hospital. My Dr did not do it at the office, they do not have the equipment. Anyway, I had to wait I think 3-4 days before the dnc. He did it all. I had barely started to spot. He took care of everything. I bled a little after for a few days. I went back for the follow up just over 14 days later and said everything looked healed. I did not pa__s it at home. What really sucks is when I went for my 2nd u/s my husband was with me and the tech told us that the baby was moving around. We did not see it cause the screen was facing her and she was doing all the measurements. My mom went with me the first time at 6 weeks and she saw and heard the heartbeat. She can't get over it either. She was kinda mad that this happened. My Dr told me that it was Mother Nature's way of taking care of it cause something was wrong. They did test the tissue and it was in fact a chromosome issue. They were not adding up right. I hate that is happened. I hate it for you and your husband too. Are you guys going to try again?


jlbko - October 3

I don't mean to barge in on your conversation, but your situations sound similar to mine and I wanted to tell you both that I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Reading the posts on this site have helped me so much to not feel alone and not feel crazy. I am turning 35 on Tuesday (dreaded 35 - Advanced Maternal Age). I just miscarried my first pregnancy. I was having no problems and went in for an appointment at 8 weeks and 4 days. My dr decided to ultrasound and found the baby was only the size of 6 weeks 1 day and did not have a heartbeat. We were devastated. We tried to miscarry naturally with the help of drugs but that failed. Two weeks later I had a D&C (Sept 19). We found out the baby was gone on Sept. 5th - 4 weeks ago today. I feel like I should be over this and moving on already. I can't move on. I want to try again but can't seem to have hope. My dr told me I could try again after my first AF, but that seems so far off - I'm still spotting and still getting a strong line on home tests. I also wondered how fast you can exercise. I'm a runner (very very slow). I had the D&C on a Wednesday and ran only a mile on the Sunday after but had pretty bad cramps. I wanted to try to get back to normal (and get some endorphins going). Normal doesn't seem possible anymore. I would love to have 4 solid minutes of not thinking about this. Again, I'm so sorry for both your losses. Thank you for sharing your stories - you made me feel not so alone (especially after coming from a party and hearing everyone congratulate someone who is pregnant and due at the same time I was and then having them all turn to me and say "I thought you would be pregnant by now!"). Julie


FrancesM - October 4

Jlbko, sorry for your loss as well. I hate saying that! Please don't feel like you have barged in at all. We are all on here to support each other. I too am advance maternal age 38, how bad does that suck (ha ha). They tested the tissue (which I call the baby) (which the Dr called the tissue) and it was a chromosome issue. The pregnancy was not viable. He said he does not normally do that with the first one but he wanted to make sure it was not me or my dh. I am glad it is not. It hurts everyday but it will get easier. I posted that I had a crying fit the other day and I am sure I will have more. We had not been trying but we were not careful either. I woke up one day and my b___bs were SO sore! My face broke out so I decided to take a test, there it was. I spotted a few days later, called the Dr made an appt and they did blood work. They put me on progesterone.I had 1 u/s at 6 weeks, everything was good, had 1 at 9 weeks everything was "perfect" (Drs words) and then went in for the level 2 u/s, NT scan thing and there was no heartbeat. I had a dnc a few days later. I have since had 3 AF (the 3rd starting yesterday). So Dh and I are not trying so to speak we are just not being careful. We don't want the pressure. Be careful on the exercise for sure. I started back soon after too and I am realizing now (almost 4months later) what my body went thru, it will take a while but you will be back to normal soon. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Are you guys going to try again? I wish you luck! BTW it took 35 days for my first AF to show up...


emtcutie1028 - October 4

You should be fine to excercise. I had my son at 22 weeks and went through delivery and I was back in the gym a week later. Good luck!! :-)


myangels - October 4

Hi ladies. How are ya feeling today? jibko I'm so sorry to hear about your story. Don't think your barging in. Were here to help each other. I also felt very alone until FrancesM is helping me through this. Today I was in the car and all of a sudden I just started crying and i felt so sad. I cant stay online that long today because I have to go do some errands but I'll be back. Tell me how ya are doing? God bless ya and my prayers are to you. Goodbye FrancesM and jibko. :-) we have to keep our heads up and keep trying for our little angels.


FrancesM - October 4

Hey myangles. I am cranky as c___p today. I started AF and I am 1 ill witch! I am trying not to be so cranky...I know the car crying thing...I did that the other day. You know what song gets me? This might sound stupid but it is Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry. I know it is about a man and a woman but I just moved about 90 miles away from my parents and got married and had the m/c and that is the dang song that always seems to be playing. Dumb maybe I know but it hits me every time. I am going to start taking my temperature everyday to see when I ovulate. I felt it with my first cycle after the dnc but have not felt it yet. So that is my day. I hope everyone else is having or has had a pretty good day...


jlbko - October 4

Hey, my real name is Julie. Strange how so many songs set you off and make you cry. In the car with a good song is the best place to bawl. I'm doing okay today. I'm still spotting, more than 2 weeks post D&C, which is getting annoying. I thought it was almost gone but now its back with a vengeance. Frances, how funny is it that I'm jealous that you have a period? At this point it sounds like major progress over the waiting game to try again. I really want to try again. I've decided that I would probably be crazy by now if I didn't have this forum to read to know that so many other women understand. Myangels, why did your doctor put you on birth control? Anyone know what's the story with progesterone? I'm reading a lot on this forum about progesterone. What does it do? Another question, I'm on just Target prenatal vitamins. Are they the same as prescribed prenatals? Is there one prenatal that's better?


FrancesM - October 5

Hey Julie, it took 35 days to start. I was SO aggravated. I called the Dr and they said it will come! It actually came the next day. I was thrilled. I had another one 24 days later and I am on again at 24 days later. The waiting game is terrible! I feel for you. I take prescription prenatals. I am not sure about the Target ones but I think any vitamin is good. I also take an extra folic acid...I was on prometrium and was supposed to take it for 3 months. My body was not producing enough of it so they put me on it. I read a lot about it and it does not sound good but I needed it. It makes a comfortable living space for the baby. Once you pa__s your first trimester, your body produces it more rapidly and you can come off of it. After the dnc I asked the Dr if I should start taking it again and he said no. We will give it to you if you need it. Have you ever taken Evening Primrose Oil? You can not take it during pregnancy but it helps build the lining in your uterus. I took it before, not the help get pg, it was for something else. I asked my Dr about that too and he said just the vitamins...I hope everyone is feeling better today. I am not as cranky as yesterday but I am still a little on edge....


myangels - October 5

Hi Frances M. and jibko. I'm sorry your feeling cranky. I felt pretty cranky this morning and I kind of got my husband upset but its not my fault. oh well. I wish I could start my cycles soon too because I can't wait to start trying for an angel again. I'm the same way about hearing songs and starting to break down. Have ya heard the song What hurts the most? Rascal Flatts sings it. Everytime I hear the song I break down crying because I remember the baby. It says what hurts the most was being so close. Ya should hear it and hopefully ya will understand why I remember my baby. The doctor gave me some antibiotics for an infection. I have no idea why he gave them to me. Did your doctor give ya any? Well I'll talk to you two later I have to go see a family member. Hopefully they don't mention the baby because it gurts so much when people mention the baby. My prayers are to ya. Have a good day and FrancesM get happy. Just know that you have me and jibko and you have your family.



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