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Rylee - March 20

I had my miscarriage February 28th and I was wondering when you start counting the days until your af. Do you start the first day of the miscarriage as the first day of your new cycle or is it the last day of bleeding in your m/c? Curious if anyone has any info!! Thanks!!


Gina - March 21

I want to know the same thing. I started bleeding but not sure really sure when I actually miscarried, it was so small. It happened two or three days after the onset of bleeding. I did ovulate 2 weeks after although. So I am betting on the first day of bleeding. Does that help. I have not gotten my period yet. I am expecting it (or not) this week. Tomorrow will be 28 days since the onset of m/c. I was at a 24-25 day cycle before m/c.


Lenore - March 21

I am sorry to hear about your miscarrige, I too suffered a m/c on February 28th. My Dr. told me to count from the first day of actual bleeding. I heard it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to get your next af. I am very anxious to start trying again, but was told to wait at least one cycle.


C - March 21

I am sorry for you all. I had a m/c on 3-5 (just a little over 2 weeks ago) and my doctor said the same thing... Wait one cycle. I did see her this afternoon and asked what would happen if we got pg before af. She said it would be fine. I had a natural m/c but she made no mention of it being any different than a d&c. She did say that I was so early it doesn't take as long for your body to heal. (was 9 week) I've read of a lot of women who ovulate about 2 weeks after m/c. I believe it's counting the first day of bleeding as the start of the 2 weeks.


Lenore - March 22

Every Dr. seems to have a different opinion on how long to wait before trying after a m/c. I guess if you trust your Dr. than it's best to listen to what he/she says. I have to say that it's been almost a month since my m/c and it's the sadest & longest month of my life. I definitely feel as though i should be getting my af this week, so I will be trying after that. Good luck to all of you!!



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