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cush74 - March 18

Would I take the start of my miscarriage from when I started spotting or when the heavy flow began. The spotting started on Saturday morning of Feb 18 and five days later on Wednesday had the heavy flow. Also, I'm trying to work out when I may possibly ovulate. Is this taken from the start of my miscarriage or when it finished, which was the 27th Feb? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Rhiannon - March 19

Hi. I miscarried in Oct 05 at 12 weeks. I had been spotting the entire time. It was horrible, but I consider the start of my miscarriage the day when the really bad cramps started. I had severe cramps for about 12 hours before any bright red blood came out. I am so sorry for your loss. I have no idea when you will ovulate.


cush74 - March 19

Thanks for replying Rhiannon. When I started spotting on the Saturday I had period like cramps that never really went away until about Thursday and by that time I had gotten past the the real heavy bleeding. Would you then start counting your new cycle from the start of your miscarriage or when you finished it??? I know I sound a bit ignorant. Sorry. I really don't know much about this sort of thing. It was my first miscarriage. I never thought I would have one because I have two healthy boys. Although I did bleed for the first 13 weeks of my last pregnancy. Thats why when I started bleeding with this one, I wasnt too concerned. It was only when the cramping started that I got worried because I had no cramping with my last one........It must have been awful for you to miscarry at 12 weeks, not that its great at anytime. Are you pregnant again or ttc?


parkermegan - March 19

you will O when your hcg is under 5.


Susan W - March 19

Everybody drops to under 5 at their own rate, but it's generally 2-4 weeks after the m/c with the first AF 10-16 days after that, which is where the doctors come up with the "you'll have your first period 4-6 weeks from the m/c." You really won't be able to calculate when you'll ovulate again since you're waiting on the HCG to drop. You'll only have some idea if you are watching hpts, having quants done by the doctor or are watching for signs of fertility, which is what I did.


Rhiannon - March 21

Hi cush74. I don't really understand the numbers like hormones going to 0 and stuff. My best advice would be to wait for your af and go from there. That's what I did and I was pregnant again 2 months later. My LMP is 2 months after my miscarriage to the day. So in answer to your question, yes, I'm pregnant again. I'm 15 weeks, with twins, and trying really hard to keep it together. Good luck with everything. I hope to hear good news from you soon. ( Also, I had an emergency d&c so that may explain why I became regular really quickly)


Rhiannon - March 21

Oh, and don't apologize for being ignorant. Don't you wish you could go back to that though?


cush74 - March 21

That's great to hear that you are pregnant again. And Expectin Twins. Wow!!! Have you had any spotting with this pregnancy?.....I'm so happy to hear that you have gotten to 15 weeks. That's definately a good sign. I know that you must still feel a bit anxious though. I would to... If (hopefully) I fall pregnant again I'm going to be stressing the whole time. I know that I'm going to be a___lyzing every little thing, as you must be.........It would be nice to enjoy being pregnant without the worry wouldn't it?.....Have you had much sickness with this preg? Are you feeling OK? (apart from the aprehension of course). Are you showing yet. I suppose you would be, seeing as they're twins......Sorry, too many questions!!!...I love to hear good stories though!


Rhiannon - March 22

Hi Cush. I'll try to remember your questions. Yes, I had an episode of spotting at 11 weeks and I freaked out because it was bright pink. The hospital said it was a subchrionic bleed and very common. It stopped quickly and hasn't come back. But I have a mini anxiety attack every time I go to the bathroom. ( I told my husband that I might still do that in about 50 years). And yes, I a___lyse EVERYTHING. I have been so sick this time which was such a relief. The first time I vomited I was so happy. After about 2 months of that the novelty wore off. I am still sick, but not everyday anymore. And I am definitely showing. Strangers have noticed. It's nice, but I wish I could just relax. You will get pregnant again (hopefully soon). To cope, both with the miscarriage and pregnancy, I told myself that no matter what I would still be me, just a different, stronger version. Feel free to contact me whenever you want. ([email protected])


cush74 - March 23

Sorry about all the questions Rhiannon!!! I'm known for it in my family. But, I guess that's how you find things out.......I didn't fall pregnant this month. Still haven't got my af though. I've done 3 tests in the last week, just to make sure. It sort of put me off trying again. I'm starting to wonder if I want to be pregnant again. I know it's only been a month since the m/c but I feel like that was ages ago now. My feelings about being pregnant are all over the place. My heart certainly isn't in ttc. I didn't want too much of an age gap between my last one and the next one, and I thought that if I wait too long or can't get preg for awhile is there any point in having another one. Maybe my reasons for having another child aren't right. I wanted another one so my little boy had someone to play with, grow up with etc ( I was an only child for a long time) ....... My partner wants another child but he says that if I didn't want anymore that he was ok with that. I'm just really confused. I don't want my life to be all about trying to have a baby. So much of my time has been taken up with thinking about it and I'm a bit tired of it really. I wish I could be one of this women who falls pregnant, goes through it easily and comes out happy with the whole process. I suppose we all feel like that here.....



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