Starting Over After A D Amp C M C Part 3

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Sarah9 - October 11

Is there anyone out there that has just experienced their first or more D&C and are starting with a clean slate? Welcome to the Forum! We are here to support each other!


Shabnam - October 11

Yay to a new thread!!! Sarah my fingers, toes and pretty much anything on my body are crossed for you! Here's hoping this is your month. I personally am starting to get the baby itch. I am starting to think about it alot more. All things in due time i guess but im hoping it will be sooner rather than later! Babydust


cynnababy - October 11

new thread!! I was thinking about starting a new one, but Sarah beat me to it!! May this new thread bring us more good news!!


Shabnam - October 11

Amen to good news. Anyone know if it's possible to ovulate twice??? My bbt went from 97.2 to 97.7 for 3 days and now has jumped 98.3. This is a first as i have been charting my bbt for close to 2 yrs. If anyone has comments let me know.


cynnababy - October 12

Shabnam, how many DPO are you? I am looking back at my chart, I had a big jump at 3 DPO (from 97.9 to 98.3), then my temp sort of stayed there. Also, there's another reason for another jump, it's called triphasic temp pattern. You will see 2 temp shift in one cycle. it's not uncommon.


Sarah9 - October 12

Shab- I've also heard that a bbt will stay elevated when you are pg....just a though for you! Hehe. Ok ladies, its CD 26. I am so close and so nervous. I dont think I'm going to test until I'm a few days late. I had seeing just one line and then having AF show up the next day. Its a waste of money. But we shall see what the weekend brings....


cynnababy - October 13

Good luck Sarah!!


Shabnam - October 15

Hey gals! Sorry it took me so long to come back... I forgot to register for the email notification. lol. I was 3 DPO when i had the 2nd temp shift now I am 8 DPO. I have never b4 had a 2nd temp shift. I have always been at 97.7 before O and 98.1 after. I have been very moody and snappy... but I am pretty sure that is PMS. The chocolate craving i can also atribute to PMS. The pita bread craving tho, I have no explanation for it. I should get AF on sunday so we will see then... I am just very curious about the double temp shift and why the hell is my forehead so oily that if i touch it my fingers get shiny???? Sarah I have my fingers crossed for you!!!


cynnababy - October 15

Shabnam, when you had the temp shift on 3DPO, did your temp stay up there after that, or is it just a one day thing?


Shabnam - October 15

Staying up there... I dont know... I try not to think about it so much. But I am hoping that im pg. Life's miracles i guess...


cynnababy - October 15

well, i hope it's good sign. I had that on my cycle where i got pregnant. Fingers crossed for you!!


Sarah9 - October 15

AF came today....BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Now I have to have the laparoscopy. God I really hope they find something to tell me why I havent been able to get PG. I am so frustrated! I feel like I'm never going to get PG again. I should be 7 mos pregnant right now!


Clauds - October 15

Hi everyone, I'm new to board and want to express how truly sorry I am for everyone who has lost their babies. Just to tell you about my story I found out I was pregnant in July and was overjoyed. Started spotting shorlty after for a day. I had scan which showed the gestational sac only which I was told is normal for an early pregnancy. I also had my HCG levels monitered and they doubled and had a further scan which showed growth so was told it was a threatened miscarriage. I started spotting again on my wedding day two weeks later and after I came back from my honeymoon and had another scan was told I had missed miscarriage at about 11wks the sac had collapsed. Words cannot describe the hurt and grieve that I felt then and have continued to feel. I had the D&E on the 24 September and bleed/spotted for about a weeks a half later. I asked one of the nurse when I could try again and was told after two weeks when the bleeding stops. I have started to try and but took a pregnancy test today three weeks after the D&E and its still positive. A faint line but it is still there. I just feel so upset. MY BABY is gone and now I cant even start trying again because my HCG levels wont go down. Sorry if I'm not using the correct terms I'm new to this and don't know what any of the abbreviated words are that your using.


Shabnam - October 15

Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about AF. I am gonna keep my fingers crossed for you. If I may suggest and if you have the patience to do so... start charting your bbt and how you are feeling everyday and when you have ur period and all... I do it on (its free). It might help figure out what is going on in your body. I hope your laparoscopy yelds some answers for you. Clauds welcome to the thread. I know exactly how you feel as it took more than 2 months for my hcg levels to come down to 0. The dr couldnt get everything out because of the way my uterus is tilted. But hang in there your body will go back to normal. Hugs kisses and babydust!


cynnababy - October 18

sarah, i am sorry to hear that the witch is here!! I hope the laparoscopy will help. Clauds, welcome to our thread. I am sorry that you have to be here. My AF didn't come for until 9 weeks after my D&C. Usually it takes about 4-6 weeks for the AF to show up, and about 2-4 week to start ovulate again.


jstaley1228 - October 19

Hi everyone. I had my first D&C (after my first pregnancy) on the 26ht of September. I just found out I'm still testing positive for pregnacy. I'm scared I'll have to go in for another D&C. I have since left my doctor so I can't ask her but maybe someone else can tell me. Will whatever is left, if that is the case, pa__s normally or is having to do multiple D&C's something that happens? I feel pretty confused and sad. I had hoped to try again soon but now I guess that won't be the case. Oh, and can you please tell me what "AF" stands for?


cynnababy - October 19

jstaley, AF means Aunt Flow = period. Your are about 3 weeks past D&C, and it's possible that you still have HCG level in your system. I still tested faint positive on HPT 6 weeks after my D&C. My period finally showed up 9 weeks after my D&C. sometimes it takes longer for some women to get the hcg level to drop, especially if you are further along. Although i was only 9.5 weeks along when I had my D&C. Can you get your regular doctor to do blood draw to monitor your HCG level id you are worry?



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