Starting Over After A D Amp C M C Part 4

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Sarah9 - December 4

Is there anyone out there who has just experienced their first or more D&C and is wanting to start fresh? Welcome to the forum! Bring on the BFPs!!


MissP - December 5

Wooo a nice clean fresh thread, i love it! Thanks Sarah9. Ok so if i can remember who posted last - smmom and wgruber i think. Welcome Wgruber, i completely understand how your feeling with regards to stressing out about your af coming. Im also 6 weeks post mc/dc (like smmom) and i got my af at 5 weeks, but not before practically thinking myself pregnant first. Its weird how this experience has turned me completely insane. At least thats how it feels at times. Its a mixture of grief, pain, sadness, stress, and trying to remain your normal self, holding it together is not easy. All i can say, is just take each day as it comes, and some will be easier than others. Im still finding it hard...but this board does help to vent your frustrations / questions. Sarah9 - thanks for the message, so many of us seem to experience the best friend / sister in law thing..why is that? Its like theres somebody out there who plans these things to cause maximum pain and suffering for the one with the loss. Im finding it awkward with my family...they normally email or call me regulalry and now theyve either stopped / or being very formal, i know they feel bad talking about my sil's pregnancy, but covering it up makes it hard for me too, its like they cant be themselves. Ive told them to try and be normal...but i guess its very hard for them to. Im greatfull that they are trying so hard tho. My mam was crying on the phone when they told me, shes still very upset i lost the baby. It was going to be their first grandchild. Now they have another 'first grandchild' on the way. My heart aches that mine wont be anymore. There never seems to be an easy way to handle these situations is see, now ive set myself off again, just writing this message. Better go get the kleenex.


jstaley1228 - December 5

Hang in there, Miss P. Mine was also going to be the first grandchild. My family has been pretty good. They are not extremely understanding, though. Rather than being uncomfortable around me they have un underlying aire of "get over it". I can feel it and I know my dad actually said that about me to my sister-in-law. There is no set time to our grieving and att_tudes like that can be really hurtful. I don't need them to be weepy and cry with me but just give me a chance to deal with it on my own time! I am currently waiting for my second AF after my D&C. I was hoping this week so DH and I can ttc this month. A little Christmas baby would be so awesome. Just keeping my fingers crossed for AF. Take care of yourself, Miss P and give yourself as much time as you need to be sad. We are all completely ent_tled to that. Thinking of you.


Clauds - December 5

Hi girls, its good to have a new thread, hopefully we will have some more positive news during this thread. Sarah how are you any sign of ovulation yet? Jstaley1228 glad to see you here, its been a little while. How are you? Good luck ttc this cycle and let us know are it goes. MissP like Jstaley said hang in there babe I understand how you both feel. I know some days do get too much I just have to believe things will get better. Jstately I hear you I totally agree ppl just don't understand they just expect us to get over it and do not understand what we go through after and it stays with us. I'm on CD31 the feelings I was talking about a few days ago I think as gone and I just have sore b___st waiting to see what will happen so will continue testing. Speak to you guys soon. Best wishes******************


smmom2 - December 5

hey girls...I have to make this quick as I have to get my girlies to bed....Just wanted to say it will always be hard for all of us, and honestly no one will understand unless they go through it themselves. SO Keep your heads high and remember the baby....not the loss. Clauds, hope you get a bfp, and MissP and jstay...good luck ttc and with af!!!!!!! As for me...I am still giving it a whirl, hopefully we will know soon!!!Anyways there was a shooting here at our mall todaya nd nine people were killed. So scary...not something that happens here ever!!! I gotta go all...I will check in tomarrow !!!!


Mrs.Hath - December 6

Hey ladies- thought I'd poke my head in on this forum too. It's sooooo nice to have other gals in the same boat. While our familiies, and even husbands, do not have understanding or patience for our insanity, it's great that we have each other. I see that we're all in the TTC boat. Me too. Today is my first AF visit since having a D&C exactly 6 weeks ago. I am officially TTC now as my long wait was over. I took 3 HPT over those 6 weeks driving myself crazy that I could be PG. It seemed like a fricken eternity. The funny thing is that I only bd one single time during that 6 weeks and I wasn't o'ing. I must have thought I was the next Mary with imaculate conception powers. Yikes. Looks like my window is during x-mas too. Jstaley, let's both get our Christmas baby! I'm sending AF your way!


Sarah9 - December 6

Good morning ladies! Glad to see you all made it over here. I like it better when I don't have to scroll down for five minutes to read the new entries don't you? smmom- I saw that on the news, how scary! I just don't get people. We had a shooting a few months ago at a school in Cleveland and that is about an hour to my north. It really shocks you when its so close to home! Well here I am on CD 24, AF should be right around the corner but I have no signs of her yet. Maybe she'll stay a bit longer...say 9 months?? Well, I've got a busy day. I have a few days off work so I need to go xmas shopping. We had a pretty big snow storm here yesterday so it really feels like the holidays now! Yea! Have a great day ladies!!


Mrs.Hath - December 6

What does CD mean?


MissP - December 6

Sorry girls, i was feeling a tad emotional yesterday and thanks for thinking of me. I feel a lot better today. Lets all be positive, for a new thread, new month...soon to be new year too! Who knows what it might bring, but i think i know what we would all like it to bring. Jstaley - im sorry about your family thinking like that, i have a few friends who are just the same. They dont really get it, and hopefully they wont go through i so that they do! Its time thats needed, like you said, nothing more, just a bit of understanding and sympathy. I hope your af comes soon. Clauds - wow cd 31 for you(calender day, right?) so it might be good news, sore b___bs is allways a good hoping for you. Smmom2, i read about that shooting, it was your mall? that is scarily close. Mrs Hath, your timing is pretty close to mine, i hope your ttc is successfull this month. Sarah9, i find myself jealous of your snow! Im missing it, here its 30 degrees. Me and the dh are allowing nature to decide, so we are not ttc but are not not ttc at the same time, make sense? That way the pressures off us for a little while. I hope it helps me relax more! Take care all.


MEKA2008 - December 6

Hello Ladies, new to the whole blog thing here but this is really awesome to have support. I don't know if anyone experienced what I am going through now. I had a mc on October 30,2007 and as of today no period. Since December 2, I have had the worst menstrual cramps and back pains lower and upper by my neck like I am on my period full Force...but no period!!!! I did have unprotected s_x on November 24th and 27th and I took a preg test on December 2 and it was negative... Is this normal before the first period after D&C?


Clauds - December 6

Hi girls, cd33 (cycle or calender day) now I feel a bit nauseous and still have the sore b___bs but mine are almost always like that so it could be AF. Still getting bfn as well just waiting to see what will happen. smmom2 I heard about that shooting on the news in the UK just before going to bed yesterday thats so terrible! Keep us informed of your progress. Mrs.Hath good luck this month! Missp also praying that things will work out for you this month. Sarah praying also for you this could be your month hopefully the lap have brought you some good luck. Welcome MEKA2008 and sorry about your loss. I normally have some pain before my period starts but not as intense as you describe not sure what that is about but it maybe wise seeing your doc. Lots and lots and lots of sticky baby dust for us with this new thread. *****************************


smmom2 - December 6

Hello ladies....Meka...welcome..sorry you have to be here....for your loss. Yes...your first menstral will be totally out of whack!!!! My first af was so light.... and my second was uncontrollably heavy....Seriously the red seas had parted!!!!!! ANyways...good luck MissP and Clauds on ttc and testing !!!! I am still trying to play catch up this week and we had several inches of snow dumped on us today...and more this weekend!!! Have a good evening


Mrs.Hath - December 6

Oh Meka. Welcome to the community. So sorry you had to meet us under these conditions. Let me just tell you that I spent the last 6 weeks wondering where the heck my period was. I had a D&C on Oct 25. For the last two weeks I had tremendous cramps and symptoms of my period- but it never came. I only had s_x one time through the 6 weeks and ended up taking 3 PG tests thinking I could be preggers. It was always negative. It's such an emotional rollercoaster. Well, I'm happy to tell you that I finally woke up today with one red monster. AF (aunt flo), finally came. I went running a few times this week and it seemed to speed things along. So yes, it's COMPLETELY normal what you are experiencing. Hang in there. You're period will be here soon enough. Then you can start TTC again. All the best. JOURDAN


smmom2 - December 7

Hi are you feeling this day with af finally here??? I hope not to badly....I know I always feel weak and achy the first day....Atleast that means in a couple weeks you can ttc again!!!!! I am now offically in the 2ww list !!!!! SO by CHristmas we will have an answer either way. OK...I gotta go get babies to bed....night all


valeak - December 8

I too am in thanks for the new thread! Sorry havent posted in a week or so! Busy with work and christmas stuff and being stressing about no period!!! Welcome Meka and im with you...had D&C on october 30...dr thinks i had light period about 8 days after but im waiting on the next one to make sure...and no signs of her! Im trying so hard to be patient but....where the hell is my period...ive never wanted it to come so bad in my life and its driving me crazy....(just had to get that off my chest) im seriously about to go nuts and nobody understands how hard it is to wait...but you girls of course! hope all you girls have good weekend...maybe good news by monday ***********Babydust to all****************


smmom2 - December 8

Val....welcome back....I had my d&C on Oct 26th....6 days later spotting stoped and I then started bleeding 1 day later....Dr. said it was a light peroid...then exactly 30 days after D&C my af came....Heaviest b___h ever to!!! So, if af doesnt show then maybe you are pg.....It is possible to concieve directly after a should test !!!! But I totally understand the wait...IT SUCKS !!! Good luck and hopefully you will know somehting by monday !!!


Sarah9 - December 8

Hello everyone! Valeak- good luck with AF, or even better a BFP!!! Smmom- welcome to the 2ww. It feels like the longest 2 weeks of my life. It is CD 26 now and I'm getting a little anxious. I know I won't test until I'm about a week late though cuz it seems everytime I test sooner AF shows up the very next day and I've wasted another 15 bucks. But I've got 2 tests ready to go if she just stays away! Someone tell her she is NOT invited to Christmas this year! LOL. Later girlz!!!! Baby dust********************



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