Starting Over After A D Amp C Or M C 17

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smmom2 - April 21

We are all here for the loss of our children. Some of us are begining again, and some of us are trying, some of us are just trying to cope. We support eachother through every moment of life now, maybe with a little help from Sandwaby ( stands for Sad and wanting a baby) or the rest of us in SANDHABY ( sick and having a baby) . And now we even have a STANDHABY ( second trimester and having a baby) . All os us have come a long way !!! We have become more then support....we have become friends. So either way, come on in and join us...everyone is welcome. ?


smmom2 - April 21

AAHHH>.....fresh new thread !!!


ShanaT - April 21

Hey all.... SOOO Adam (DH) got the official offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the new job he had been pursuing! AHHHHH!H!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an amazing offer as well. We were worried the offer would go down as we are moving from Cleveland (a bigger city) and moving to Boardman (a much smaller city) But it didn't! It actually went UPPP!!! I'm so thrilled and feel SOOO blessed! This means we will be buying our first HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We already have the house we want so we will need to get the bank stuff situated ASAP! I am so excited! I will get to put together my dream nursery for this baby!!!!!!!!!!!! So Adam's start date will be May 19 so everything will be happening really fast! This weekend we were suppost to celebrate our 1 year wedding annivers..... now we will be packing!!!!!!!!!! I'm So excited...can ya tell!? Well keep me in your thoughts and prayers that we get more news on thursday at the ultrasound! I feel so blessed! New jobs, new house, and new baby! All closer to our family and friends (including BFF and GDD!) Okay night to all!


Mrs.Hath - April 22

Hello ladies. Happy Tuesday. I slept well last night. It makes such a difference. For the first time- at week - my bbs are getting sore. It's most noticeable when I first wake up in the morning. Ouch! BRYANDI: Welcome back! We knew your parents would find out ASAP. I bet they were so thrilled for you. For the record, time is creeping for me too. It's not just you, lol. T-minus 48 hours till your scan. I'm so excited for you. JILL: You make me laugh. We totally have the same personality. It's like talking to myself. Your grocery shopping experience is sooooo typical of the craziness that happens during pregnancy. It's so funny. DH told me he didn't like this steak we bought for dinner, which I cried and took it to mean that he hated my cooking and I wasn't good enough to be a wife. He was like, "ummmm......I just don't like rib eye babe. You're a fine wife". Hello crazies! I'm with you, the first kick is something that I just can't wait to experience. I've never felt that before so I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you told that no-talent-a__s-clown x-ray technician to back the heck off you as you and your baby ain't down with that. MISSBFP: I'll tell you exactly what is going on: You are pregnant! LOL. That's it. I don't think you are having a dragon or anything, herm is just a fast developer. That's a good thing. Outsiders will tell you all their theories about your baby. Every pregnancy is different and your size/ shape may be perfectly normal for you. I wish I was big already and I hope that I can feel mine early like you did. SHANA: I don't think you're going to stop POAS until you are crowning, lol. Yes, we are lucky. All of us. Judi is definitely next and then all of us will be given our miracle babies. As for Adam and you, well hot darn. Seems you guys are into serious blessings right now. Someone loves you upstairs. What a wonderful year it's been for you. SHELLY: I think Carson was playing his first devilish trick on mommy! What a prankster. I'm glad he danced for you. I am so eager to experience that feeling. LISA: Where are you? How is the baby?


Mrs.Hath - April 22

19 days till my NT Scan.....Man, I need this to zip by already. It's going soooo slow.


Shabnam - April 22

Hello all you lovely ladies! I hope you are all doing well. I had a very good weekend... Still working very hard to save this deal for my clients. I hate banks... they just dont care that ppl are gonna end up on the streets. The weather is making everything better tho. It's so nice and sunny here in montreal! JStay... Lucky dogs get to eat eggs... hehe... I wouldnt give my dog that pleasure (especially not my sil's dog) lol. But it's your dh's fault. He should never say no to a pregnant woman. MissP, the pains do start early... My groin and hip pains started around 13-14 weeks. So don't listen to what ppl say, every body is different, and your body is adapting to its changing shape at its own rate. SARAH, my b___bs were sore till the end of my first tri or so... It does get better... They stay tender but not as sensitive. (THANK GOD). MRSH, I am counting the days till your NT with you. I'm gonna be getting ready soon, I have a dr. appointment and then an u/s... Hopefully everything is fine. I will be doing my diabetes testing sometime soon. I've been eating so much sweets im worried a bit. Well back to work for now. Have a great day ladies


jstaley1228 - April 22

Shana...I still check my two pee sticks a few times every day. They were looking a little grosser this morning as the windows have taken on a yellowish hue, not unlike...PEE, so that kinda reminded me I am referring to a stick I urinated on daily. Might be finally getting gross for me. Okay, I'm still totally stoked they are positive, though! I will throw then away...soon. That is so great about Adam's job! Congrats and wow! My dh got an incredible offer right before we found out about baby too so he'll start at his firm in September after the BAR and they are floating us a really nice bonus to live on while he studies and takes the test. We couldn't be happier so I can understand your excitement. Now I only wish we were moving out of the ghetto. I looked online and they don't make any Kevlar or bulletproof vests that fit a sesame seed (as that is currently how big my bean is). Shelly, everytime you say Carson is dancing I get this goofy picture of that Lord of the Dance guy with his headband and all. So funny! I know boys can dance, I mean look at hotty Jason Taylor on dancing with the stars? I would think of that but I know that would be WAY to werid. I think I'm going to imagine Carson is practicing to pick on his sisters. Practicing his Kung-Fu! Jourdan, I am so glad to hear you were a little crazy too. I read in my book last night that my estrogen is going crazy and it's totally normal. I had to call my DH and a__sure him I was going to go back to normal at some point. He laughed. I'm glad that man can love me after I throw breakfast foods around. I feel pretty lucky. MissBFP, I'm sure your tummy is totally normal. I can't wait to have one (that cannot be attributed to nachos and beer). Hang in there...I know everything is fine. Bryandi, how are things going with the folks? Sarah, getting ready for your scan? Judi Sarah, where are ya? We miss ya. Well, off to work ladies. Happy Tuesday.


Mrs.Hath - April 22

SHABNAM: So glad the weather is nice. It's nice hear too. Sure wish I wasn't stuck at work all day. I can't wait until we go to 4 day work weeks. We are only trying it in May to see if our clients are okay with it. If it goes well, we will do it in June as well. I sure hope it goes well. That stinks about your clients losing their home. I can't imagine how they feel. It's horrible. It is happening everywhere you look because of this horrid housing market crash. JILL: Throw those disgusting tests away. It's time. Let your crazies remind you that you are preggers along with the sickness and belly soon on the horizon. You seriously have to get out of the ghetto. Maybe your bean can borrow a jacket from Nicol Richie. That might fit a sesame seed! My bean is now a green olive. It still sounds rediculously small. Next week it goes from an olive to a plum. That's a pretty big leap. I wish it would just hurry up.


Mrs.Hath - April 22

Oh girls, I am so tired. It's 4pm and I don't think I'll make it much longer! The fatigue is just so much. All I want to do is crawl in bed. I have so much laundry to do when I get home. Yuck. Shelly, can you come over and do my laundry? Ha ha. Didn't you just clean your whole house yesterday? I'm so pooped just thinking about it.


Judi Sarah - April 22

MRSHATH and JSTALEY - thank you for thinking of me. i am still around and reading all the entertaining stories. i don't have anything to report on my side, except that i am going on vacation on friday and i know when i get back i will have a lot of catching up to do. i am sorry i am not writing specifics to everyone, which i usually like to do, but it's 6pm and i want to try to get out of work! i am glad to read that everyone who is posting is doing well, God bless... i hope the ladies who have not posted in a while join us soon to let us know their status!


Bryandi - April 22

Thanks for the new thread smmom! I hate the scrolling. I think we do fly into Omaha on Thursday. Hehehe you wouldn't want to do lunch with us after we have been up at 3am and gone through the process of getting from Maine to NE. DH and the kids would be cranky, but you know what, I probably will be the crankiest of all. C___ppy flight with cranky kids to a place that I really don't want to be. Sorry to vent. I just wish that his family would understand that we have our hands full and flying to visit is hard on us. they should come visit us since they do not have kids to pack up and drag along. ARGHH guess I need to get my venting out now. It doesn't help that I am anxious/nervous for my scan tomorrow. I don't know how I will handle the trip if I find out that my bean isn't where he/she should be. ANyway, I got off track.


Bryandi - April 22

Shana, that is awesome about dh. You really have hit a streak of awesome luck! That is great! New house, new job, more money, and the most perfect little bean to top it all off. It doesn't get any better than that! Good luck with all the paperwork and bank stuff for your house. I am glad you have a house picked out already. I swear that buying a house was the most stressful thing in my entire life. I literally lost 10 pounds in 2 mths while living on peanut b___ter and fluff sandwiches, and egg and cheese sandwhiches. I have no idea how I did it either... Anyway, half of my stress was finding a suitable house that we could afford. So hopefully it won't be too stressful for you as you already have the place picked out. MRS HATH - my parents are excited, but are being very cautious too. They dont' want to tell anyone this time around like they did last time. Jstay/Mrs.Hath you guys sound like you have great husbands. Isn't it amazing how much a little bit of hormones can really throw you out of wack?! Lately I have been soo moody, I feel bad for DH, but he is very good about it. Usually just ignores me when I am mean and tries to find something nice to say when I am upset. I think a lot of my emotions are due to the increasing anxiety over my scan tomorrow and the trip to NE. 19 days till your NT test huh? That isn't all that far off. I know time seems to be creeping for us both, but I guess we just have to take it one day at a time. It's like when your a little kid and you cross off another day on the calendar counting down the days till we are just big kids!!! Smmom, sounds like your little boy is going to keep you busy!!!! My DS is so different than my DD and he is very mischevious and playful (also stubborn and good at playing deaf) I was always told that girls are harder, but so far, I disagree. I can't wait to find out your take on the boy vs girl. Jstay, when is your first scan? Have you told us yet? Judi, glad to hear you are still around and are doing ok. Have a good vacation! well ladies, I think I am going to go to bed now....the earlier I go to bed the sooner tomorrow comes.......I hope I can sleep.


smmom2 - April 22

ShanaT....Congrats ont he job...that is awesome that everything is falling into place for you !!! I wish you a healthy baby and seeing a good strong HB on thursday !!! JOURDAN....hahah..about the steaks....It is so funny how pregnancy makes us so emotional !!! And sorry about the sore b___bs...I really feel your pain. I am soooo glad I am past that point as I remember how aweful it was !!! Just try not to let ANYTHING touch them !!! As for Carson...yes he was playing tricks on me...and it scared me !!! But he has been moving all over the place maybe he just wears himself out and sleeps all the next day !!! I go back to the doc on the I will get to hear his HB again..thank GOD !!!!! ANd the next 19 days will fly by !!! Trust me !! SHAB.....that na__sy orange drink !!!!!!!!!!!!1 EEEEWw !!! I dont get it until the 7th...then dont have to drink it until the next appt at 27-28 weeks. Then I have to have my rogam ( sp?) shot also. Right in the Toushie !!! What is your US for??? JILL.....HAHAHA....Carson is totally practicing to pick on his sisters...however I think they will have enough practice of their own in and probably gain up on him. Poor little lad....but I bet he is mostly babied by our entire house !!!! That is really funny about your vision !!!! ANd your little seed will double in size very fast here....but I disagree with Jourdan.....borrow one from Paris....that will surely fit !!!!! ANd throw the tests out !!!! ICK !!! ALthough Addison ( youngest dd) would love saying lellow !!!! Jourdan....I cant clean my WHOLE house in one day..I split the chores up...I still get pooped !!! I gave my dogs a bath and trimmed nails today !!! And did my own laundry...but I am totally sending you some energy !! The fatigue does suck hun !!! But it totally gets better by 12 you only have 3 wks left !!!! As for me...Carson was baby dancing today...I loved every minute of is just so rea__suring !!! I am going to go watch Idol ladies..have a good evening !!!


smmom2 - April 22

Judi.....I hope you enjoy your vacay !!! Report back to us !!! Good to hear from you you know !!! BRYANDI......nope..I have my own cranky kids thanks very much !!!! We dont need to share !!! HAHA. I dont blame you at all...I know how hard it is and expensive it is to fly with kids !!! But if you want to do lunch at some point it might be fun! !! Maybe you should suggest to your inlaws that they come see you next cause you wont be able to with the baby...which by the way I belive is growing strong !!!! I pray good things for you and your bean also !!! ANd so far my little boy's ( hehehe I LOVE SAYING THAT!!!) pg has been much harder !!! So...ya so far boy vs girl is very different and I think there are points to each that are difficult !!!


ShanaT - April 22

BRYANDI... I just had to get on and leave a message for you... BEST OF LUCK tomorrow! I know it will be fantastic and be so wonderful and reasuring for you and DH! I'll be thinking of you! Then have a good vacation also.... try to find the good in it altho I totally agree that the inlaws need to come visit you instead of you all flying there! Good luck on the flight with the little ones too! Ladies.... thanks so much for all the nice thoughts about us moving! So sweet that you guys care so much! It has been an eventful year already! I'm tired already! lol.... Today we got the bank preapproval!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!! and another appt for saturday to visit the house again (ask everything we didn't before and take one more peak...altho I'm convinced its def the one!) We put our notices in today (I gave 3 weeks to be nice)... so May 14 will be my last day here.... So the next few weeks will be PACK, PACK, PACK! The inlaws are coming to help move as I can not lift much. Also... was talking to my mother today telling her all the things that are changing... out of the blue she says "oh my goodness.... that's all wonderful... next thing you're gunna tell me your pregnant again!" I totally freaked and was silent for like 5 awkward seconds! I danced around it and then moved on.... at the end of the convo she said " You don't have to say anything to me but no moving stuff!" SHE SO KNOWS! I can't believe it... the first one she knew too!!! I don't get it! Well I can't deal with her making any comments that would stress me about this preg.... so I'm still gunna avoid telling her at all costs until like 14-16 weeks. We'll see. Okay ladies hope your days are good tomorrow. I will write to each of you all tomorrow! Nite!


Mrs.Hath - April 23

Good morning girls. Happy Wednesday. Only 18 days left till my big appointment. Woo hoo. Still no audio on the doppler, but I saw the BPM readout of 146! That's enough to keep me sane. I really do think the doppler has helped me with my sanity. I get the same rea__surance as I would from ultrasounds (at this point). JUDI: Where are you going on your vacation? I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. I'm so jealous. BRYANDI: I can imagine that flying with kids is very hard. It also seems really expensive. Seems weird that the inlaws wouldn't naturally just come your way. However, Try to remember that at the end of the day, it's all about family. And, the memories you make (good or bad) when together, is what life is all about. So, vent with us and then try and enjoy the limited time you have with them. I am very eager to hear the results of your scan. I'm sure it will be wonderful and you'll see your little sesame seed thriving in there. Soon it will be an olive like mine! Next up....prune then plum. Gotta love all the fruit comparisons. SHELLY: Geez, I'm an emotional basket case today for some reason. In reading about your little carson, I just started tearing up. Good grief, what is my problem? I'm just so happy that he fulfilled your dreams and that he is showing you he is here to stay. BTW.....Addison is one of my names if it is a girl! I love that name so much. Please don't be offended if I use it. Although, DH is sure it's another boy. I am going with Ava Gayle or Addison Gayle (middle name covers both moms! luckily for us). If it's a boy, I think we're leaning toward Aidan or Austin. I know they are all trendy, but I don't care. I love those names. SHANA: Don't worry about your MIL knowing you are preggars. At some point, you just have to learn to tune out her crazy comments. You have us to bounce ideas and worries off of. Don't waste your time getting stressed out un-needlessly. You clearly are in a great place in your life right now. You have everything in the world going for you. Sit back and count your blessings. JILL: Where are you sweetie pie? Did you tell those "suckers" at the dentist to back up off you with the x-ray? I bet that felt great, lol. SHABNAM: Did you get your client's issues worked out? I hope they didn't end up losing their house. MISSP: How are you feeling today? How long before you go back to the UK? We need a countdown.


Shabnam - April 23

Good morning ladies. I read through all your posts last night. And this morning I have pg brain. I am a little upset, I was told at my dr. appointment yesterday that my baby had a dilated ureter, so of course like any mother I've been thinking about just that since I found out. I know its not life-threatening and that nothing can be done till the baby is born but I can't help but worry about it. I am still trying to find more information online about the condition, so if you ladies know anything about this please let me know. I really appreciate it. JUDI, its good to know you are still with us, enjoy that vacation!!! Especially for me... The dr. wont let me travel :(MRSH, you are too funny. I hope you get to work only 4 days this summer! And dont worry your been will grow faster than you can imagine. Once i got into my 2nd tri, the weeks started flying by. I am in cla__s now, I should listen to the teacher.... I will check in later ladies! Have a good day



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