Starting Over After A D And C Or MC Part 9

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MissP - February 13

Ladies - everyone who has experienced a D and C or a MC is welcome to join our little group - we are all friends here. We help each other through our good days and the bad ones...but lets hope this thread only brings good ones!!! Welcome to you!


MissP - February 13

So first i just want to point out - how many of us have our lost ones edd in May? Because mine should have been May 12th. I think that means that Mays going to be a hard month for nearly everyone here. Mrs Hath - im sorry love. I know how you must be feeling and it sucks. Im just happy you are back in your fresh start and in a day or so af will be just a bad memory. You too Jstaley and sarah9. Altho i think sarah9 was a bit more excited about hers! I totally agree with you about the hpt too early though, it only drives you insane and even though its hard wait_tng a bit longer saves uneccesary stress and money wasted on tests! Its great that we have 3 of you all ttc at the same time tho! So that will be another exciting phase in 4 weeks time. Les1les, your house sounds very nice. I wish i had one! Jstaley, what the heck happened with your boss? smmom - i know the next day or so will be toughies, well im thinking of you. Lets think positive that you will get past 'that' milestone with this praying for you both!! Cynnababy, cant believe you have less than 6 weeks to go, were you hear for the start of this thread? Because i think i joined in Part 2 back in Oct. Or were you pg already? Clauds, im sorry about your granspa but im glad youve put him to rest and can get some closure now. I sincerel hope you got some good news this morning??? Please post as soon as you hear! Ok i dont think i forgot anyone - oh shabnam, hows things with you? x x x


MissP - February 13 still hanging in there and i hope i have a bean in there but i just dont know yet. Ive got 2 weeks till i find out if its good or bad news. I read in a few places that if its a blighted ovum i would usually mc between 6 - 8wks so i guess we will find out soon enough. on another note, someone on the last thread said itching is normal during pg though. Are you sure?? Because this is driving me crazy!! Its like itchy everywhere - especially around the abdomen, and the lower back, hips and crotch. My dh keeps telling me ive got beasts!! Im like haha very funny. So i dont know what it is but has anyone had it before and can i take anything to make it go away? Lots of love to everyone today girls - kisses x x x


MissP - February 13

Everyone else must be asleep or workig this afternoon. So i have some interesting info for you ttc ladies. One of the girls on another thread who is a sonografer - or ultrasound person or however you call them, anyway, she spoke to the obgyn today that she works for and he gave her this advice. Im pasting - For this example we will a__sume 28 day cycle…. You should a__sume that you will ovulate on or around the 14 day….so on day12, day13, day14, day15 and possibly day16 you should bd…but your man should refrain ( his actual words were “your husband should sustain from activity with you or alone – ha ha ha) from day 7, day 8, day 9, day 10, and day 11 to maximize good healthy strong sperm. …then you should do this every month until BFP. So there you have it…the Dr’s recipe for BFP. I asked him about every other night and he said no every night after at least 5 days of zilch… there you go. - Interesting huh? Just thought this might help some of you...x x x


jstaley1228 - February 13

Good advice Miss P! I will be sure to "s_x starve" the DH for a few days before we start bding. He'll be thrilled. Whatever...he'll get getting it pretty consistently for a while there so he'll survive. I was one of the people that told you I had itchy crotch when I was pg the first time and my best friend, who is due in April, had the same thing. I wish I could tell you why but I honestly don't remember. I just remember it drove me nuts in public cause you can't exactly walk around scratching your junk, ya know!? AND I want you to be more positive. I don't want to hear "blighted ovum" come from you at all! There IS a bean in there and it is growing just fine! You just wait... Thanks for the new thread too. So, my boss and the CEO just weren't seeing eye to eye. I hope things don't change too much cause I really love it here and they have already told me when I get pg again and have a baby they will create a position for me so that I can work from home, part time. How awesome is that! So....hopefully none of that changes. If it does, my hot, lawyer husband will just have to bring home the bacon on his own and I'll be out! Gotta run ladies. Talk to you tomorrow! Babydust!


MissP - February 13

Okay i promise to be more positive jstaley! And yeah the whole - is anyone looking cos i need to itch! thing is driving me bonkers. oh by the way, a tipple refers to drinking alcohol - like you could say, whats your tipple? and you could say - vodka martini - or if your me - il have a large gla__s of the house red please...ah, i would love some nice red wine right now. Is it normal to crave alcohol while pg? Because i didnt drink much before anyway - now i think about it every night. Maybe its the whole banned substance thing, when you cant have it, you want it more. sigh. im envious of you girls in sandwaby today thats all im saying! By the way Jstaley your set up at work sounds great, what a cool place to work. A nice cushy number. Anyway, clauds, you didnt post yet, how did things go this morning? It must be evening now in the uk. Im getting worried??? x x x


Sarah9 - February 13

Hi Girls! Thanks for the new thread MissP. It was definatley time. To those of you who were EDD in May and want to be PG before that date....I TOTALLY get you! My 1st EDD was Dec 25 and I got my BFP Dec 11 for this past about waiting til the last minute. So, that did help me through the holidays though I was a little down on xmas for my little angel. Now, my 2nd EDD was Aug 19 so there is my next be pg before that point or I'll be sad again. Let's hope I don't wait til the last possilbe cycle this time. Fingers crossed that it happens next week. I may just have to try the whole 12-16 days with ....what did Jstaley say....."s_x starve" i like that. We shall see.....anyways...have a wonderful day! Baby dust***********


Clauds - February 13

Hey ladies, just another quick post I'll catch up on your news tomorrow I'm just feeling really tired and sick at the moment. I had my scan I am so pleased to say it when well my little bean had a hb!!! They didn't measure it cos they said it is not necessary. I see my midwife on Tuesday. I cant believe I might be a mum soon!!! I really thought I lost my baby. Girls, I am have living proof that you can bleed heavily with clots and your baby can survive. I am so thankful to god! I'm just gonna keep praying for myself and all of you. They said in my scan I was measuring 8 wks today which is 4days further than I thought. So 4 more weeks till I hit the 12wk mark. I cant wait until I'm out of the 1st trimester. Also I wanted to thank all you ladies for your support about my grandad, I really appreciate it thank you. I've decided if I have a boy I'm calling him after my grandad Frederick. Take care and I'll catch up tomorrow.


Shabnam - February 13

Hey gals! MissP thanks for the new thread! it's good to start fresh. A new ttc months for all the gals who just got af. Yes believe it or not I am still on bedrest. But I do get up and do stuff... I was at school today (just goes to show you how relative bedrest can be. I still cook and clean but i go to my sofa whenever i feel tired. I would honestly say i spend close to 8 hours a day on the sofa. MINIMUM!!! Right now I am not feelin gtoo good... i guess I am getting a cold. I've been successfully fighting it off for 3 weeks now. But I am feeling it get stronger so I am boiling turnip to eat and probably gonna make some ginger tea later tonight. But right now I'm craving cheesecake!!! I will talk to you all later... after all we cant keep this baby starving... when baby asks for cheesecake, baby gets cheesecake!


Bryandi - February 13

Wow you ladies change threads a lot around here!!! Well sorry I haven't been around, I have been keeping up a little, but haven't really had time to post. Last night I took an HPT and it was a faint positive, but I read it after the time I was supposed to. I was going to wait until Friday or Saturday to test again, but then I started having some spotting today and had hubby get me a different test (one that I am familiar with and used to using) andn it was completely negative...SOOO I guess AF is here!!! I think that I can wait one more month before ttc again...maybe not, but that is my goal for now!! Clauds glad to hear everything went well at the scan...I say it is amazing that you can have all that awful bleeding and still have a healthy baby!! Congratulations girl! Shab take it easy and rest (not like you have much choise :) and hopefully that cold will go away quick. MissP, the end of the month will be here before you know it, I know you are fine!!! Jastay Sarah & Mrs. Hath you all have good luck this time around concieving and get Sandhaby ready for me cause I am coming in a month behind you all!


Mrs.Hath - February 13

Hi girls. Thanks for starting a new thread MissBFP. I hope you are right and we get better news for everyone with lucky number "9". I loved your a___logy about being a survivor and picking up the pieces. You are right on my dear. My EDD was May 10th. Yep, looks like we were all expected May mothers. Goodness. I know you are rattled with so many unknowns. Just try to hang in there until you get confirmation that all is well (which it will be). As for the "s_x starve" plan, well, I can tell you that will NEVER work with my DH. No way. No how. I'd be lucky if he went 3 days. And, as I've learned, I can't effectively ban his alone time. There are so many theories on how to go about BDing. So many contridictions too. I just don't know what to think. Considering I've gotten PG twice now, I don't think it's a matter of getting PG so much as it is getting a good egg/sperm combo. I have some work I have to finish up, I'll check in with you all in the AM. Good night Jstaley, Sarah, Bryandi, Smmom2, Les1Les, Shabman and Clauds. Hugs to all :)


smmom2 - February 13

Hello ladies....Yea a new thread !!! Well, tomarrow is the day when Alyssa died....I am so nervous. ANd I have to say emotional. Les...I was also Due with her May 5th. So seeing as well are all going to be blubbering messes in May...I think we will need eachother big time. Mrs Hath....I am soooo sooo sooo very sorry about what you are going through. Is your doc restricting anythign for you as far as ttc again??? How about giving you something to help you along next time??? Atleast you know you do not have any issues Getting pg. I am so praying for you !!!! MissP.... I a;ways get really itchy during pg....but usually only in the abdomen. Make sure you are Lotioning yourself well. ALso...I majorly craved beer with my first two pg's. This time around so far...nothing. Just food in general ( as I am just starting to get an appet_te back). Jstay....I hope everything goes well with you at work...that they keep their promise to you. If will totally enjoy raising you baby !!!! Shab...CHeesecake...>YUM....dont say cheesecake to a fellow pg woman....heck...not to a woman in general....that is not a word to use lightly here !!!!! I have been craving the junk lately....choc and pb mixed !!! Brayndi....congrats on af...if in deed that is what has happned....NOW you get to concentrate on the TTC !!!!! We are holding a spot for you ladies here !!!! Although I must will not be as fun as your Sanwaby!


Mrs.Hath - February 14

Good morning girls. SMMOM2: I will be thinking of you during this difficult day. I am sorry for your loss and I hope that you find strength to get through the day. I'm glad you have a healthy little bean in there to keep you company. BRYANDI: Glad AF is finally here and you can get back to normal. Well, actually "normal" will turn into obsessive. At least you have friends in crazy town. SHABNAM: Pa__s that cheescake over here girl. MMMMM. It's my favorite. 8 hours a day on the couch sounds wonderful to me. I love sleeping :) CLAUDS: Man, I can't believe the rocky start you had and that it's all behind you now. You really are living proof. How fantastic that your scan went well and that you only have 4 weeks until your 2nd trimester. That is great news. Please do keep all of us in your prayers. MISSBFP: I have been laughing out loud with all this itchy talk. Well, as Jstately so beautifully put it, you can't go around randomly scratching your junk! That would be too weird. Sorry to hear you are so itchy. I really have heard that this is completely normal. Geez, from being itchy to weird shoulder pains.....PG gets you all out of whack. JSTALEY: How are you doing today? Man, I am so jealous. I wish my company would allow me to work from home- even just 1 or 2 days a week. That would be awesome. Now, all you need is the baby to make this work! Let's try and make this happen this month. I don't know what "strategy" to do this time. I know DH will not go for the deprivation method. He'll think I"m being too scientific about it. My problem is that the first month, I o'd on CD 17, the next time it wasn't until CD20. As you should BD lots BEFORE ovulation, I need to plan for both and earlier and later date. Maybe I'll just start on CD15, 16,17,18,19,20,21 or take out the 18th to "recover".


Mrs.Hath - February 14

Happy Valentines every one. DH sent me 36 red roses. He's also taking me to sushi tonight. I sent him his favorite cookies (to work) AND......I bought a "bedroom board game", a sa__sy outfit and a few delights. I put them on the bed this morning so when he came out of the shower, he could learn what was in store for later. I did all of this hoping it would bring our BDing back to "fun". Also, I thought the board game could make TTC a little less like work. We'll see how it goes. I'll probably start laughing. Every time I try to be Uber s_xy (when sober), I just end up laughing.


Mrs.Hath - February 14

Last thing: I bought Pre Seed last night. It should be here in time for BDing. It's to replace/ enhance CM. It's specially made for fertility. On another note, I ended up reading a million threads about this product called OVULEX. Have any of you heard about this? Do you know anyone who has tried it? JSTALEY, why don't you look this product up and tell me your thoughts. I thought of you and me because of our irregular cycles and our ovulation issues. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Have a good day everyone.


jstaley1228 - February 14

Smmom...I'm thinking of you all day. I know it will be hard, just cuddle up with your new bean and think good thoughs. Maybe you and Shab should share some virtual cheesecake. Clauds...I'm so relieved to hear you say you can have heaving bleeding/clotting and still have a healthy pg. I know I will be one of those...I just know it. My first time around I had more bleeding than I felt was normal and some clotting around week five then it all stopped. Had a blighted ovum but I feel that was unrelated to the bleeding. Like Mrs. Hath...I just need the prefect egg/sperm combo. Mrs. Hath...I promise not to "starve" dh that long but I will be on a trip for four night before we start bedding so it's gonna have to be that way anyway. We are going for sushi tonight too! I got him two sweet one and one s_xy/funny one that I am saving cause it felt lame to give it to him with AF in town so we'll have a belated V-Day bding party next week sometime. For tonight it's just sushi, wine (yummmm...sorry, Miss P) and good conversation...maybe a little messing around! Miss P...I love "tipple"! Totally adopting that one over here. have you officially gotten AF or your just sure she's coming? Good luck either way. Mrs. Hath, I'll check out that OVULEX stuff and get back to you. I have sworn off OPK, temp taking, cm checking and anything else this month. I'm just gonna stick to the days I picked (CD15, 17, 19, 21,22) and hope for the best. Next month, if this does not work I will look more seriously into regrulation methods. I just need a break from all the other stuff. We are having a chili cook-off today at work so I hope I kick eveyones b___ts! It's snowy too which always makes chili better. Have a great Valentins Day, girls!


larsoe - February 14

Hello ladies, my EDD would have been in June. I never had a chance to get to my first appt and I've never figured out the EDD on my own. (And I sure won't now.) But anyway I'm sure I will still be thinking about it that month. I guess I'm really lucky in the fact that hopefully I will be pretty far along by that point. DH and I are going out to dinner tonight but nothing big. He got up early this morning and made me breakfast before I was up though so now I feel like I have to find something sweet to do for him. Hmmm I do have some edible underwear in the drawer...



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