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smmom2 - May 7

: We are all here for the loss of our children. Some of us are begining again, and some of us are trying, some of us are just trying to cope. We support eachother through every moment of life now, maybe with a little help from Sandwaby ( stands for Sad and wanting a baby) or the rest of us in SANDHABY ( sick and having a baby) . And now we even have a STANDHABY ( second trimester and having a baby) . All os us have come a long way !!! We have become more then support....we have become friends. So either way, come on in and join us...everyone is welcome. ?


lisamc - May 7

SMMOM: Thanks for asking about me. I appreciate it. I am doing ok. Everyday is a bit easier and I have just about adjusted to life now. Funny how everything changes so quickly. I am going on 3 weeks since I found out I lost my 2nd one, just waiting for AF now. As far as trying again, we are waiting until we get some test results back and then we will decide if we want to try again. I just saw a new baby yesterday and I couldn't help but think how much I wanted one, and I am really trying to picture my life with no more children. But I guess I can't really accept that. I don't know. BRANDYI: good luck with the call, it could be nothing. My dr. tracked me down once to confirm an appt. But they called my house, my work and my MOM's house! I was freaking out and it was nothing, hopefully its the same for you. SHANAT,JUDI, JILL, JOURDAN,CLAUDS, MISSP, ERIN, MRS HATH... hope your all doing well.


stefkay - May 7

oops, I posted this on the old thread: Hi MissP, sorry to b___t in here but I saw your post and just wanted to let you know that I have a friend who had low amniotic fluid as well...she was a bit further along, but take the dr's advice and drink TONS of water!!! It helped her drastically. She over doubled her volume from one visit to the next. Cut out all caffeine if you were drinking any too and take the rest thing seriously. Your baby will be fine! Hers turned out totally perfect :) The growth lag could be due to the low fluid or it could just be that babies have growth spurts and yours hasn't hit it's next one. Good luck to you and I'm pulling for your baby BOY (congrats! :) to do perfectly!


Shabnam - May 7

Good morning ladies! Lisa, I am glad you are feeling better. Here's hoping AF shows soon and you get the test results that will help you along. MissP. Take what the doctor sais to the letter! I pray that your baby boy will be born at 40 weeks a healthy bouncy baby. Smmom, I also have my glucose test coming up... It has me a bit scared because I have been eating soooooo much sweets. My dh left for iran last night. He will only be back in 3 weeks. He is not in iran yet. There was a problem with the plane from Paris to Tehran and it was turned around. It is very nerve racking. I hope he makes it safely. In the meantime, I am 25 weeks now and growing. I also have back pain... I try to rest as much as possible but it's not so easy when you can't sleep. Judi, you are so adorable asking about everyone... It's really appreciated. How are you doing? I hope your AF comes on time. I could write all day today but unfortunately I have to concentrate on my cla__ses and take care of business. I will check in soon (I hope).


Judi Sarah - May 7

LISA - i actually had no idea about your 2nd loss. i am so sorry. i am not sure whether i overlooked your post about it or whether i was on vacation when you told everyone. at how many weeks did you find out about the loss? now you have 2 babies in heaven, keeping each other company and hopefully keeping my son company too. you and i are in the same waiting to ttc boat and waiting to get results. maybe we will both get pg together and crry healthy, beautiful babies to full term and look back at this time we shared together in sorrow. once again, i am sorry. MISSP -yaay on the boy! have you thought of any names? i am praying for you. i'm sure it will be fine. worrying is not going to help so try not to even though it's easier said than done. keep us posted. BRYANDI - same with you... worrying won't change anything or make anything better so keep the faith. i am sure it will be absolutely fine. you also keep us posted. btw, as for the weight, i have always been thin w/o having to watch what i ate, but after my pg, i became so gluttonous and gained like 24 pounds by the time i was 17 weeks. after the procedure i had still about 15 pounds more than i was at initially. i began working out and now i feel that since i want to be pg again soon, i should just enjoy the fat and go crazy working out after our baby, God willing soon! MISSHATH - i usuallly do 10 hour days with only 2 day weekends, i wouldn't mind 11 hour days with 3 day weekends. 2 weeks ago i officially decided that i hate working here! the plan was to quit work after the baby to stay home for some time to raise our kids. with that changed, everything has changed. i am sure it's for the better though. SARAH - i am hoping to get AF, don't send her away just yet! i need her 1 more time before i start ttc again! JSTALEY - hope you are feeling better! CLAUDS - i can't believe youa re at 18 weeks! God bless! have you felt movement yet? SHANA - sucks your mom isn't very supportive, at least dh is great and you have us! and don't worry, before you know it, it will be july 4th and you will be sharing your news w/everyone! SMMOM - have fun with the glucose testing. sounds nasty! ok, i have missed a few people who i will catch up with later... peace peace!


decbaby - May 7

hi ladies, im new here but i too am losing a pregnancy as i have a d&c schdualed on satuarday because of a belighted ovum. i was torn to pieces when i first found out as it was going to be my first pregnancy and i was very excited about it as was my hubby now a sense of void is felt as our life goes back as it was babyless. nevertheless i cant wait to be pg again with a healthy baby and i hope to death that we will not have to wait too long for that as i dont know how i will be able to take it if my due date comes and im not pg yet. the hope of getting pg again as soon as possiable is the only thing that is keeping me together at this point. Thank you all for this forum it helps a lot to share.


jstaley1228 - May 7

Morning, girlies...I know, I know. Shame on me. I've been AWOL for a while now. And I leave AGAIN tomorrow for San Diego then after that I will be gone all of next week. I am still really sick. I barfed all over my feet in the shower this morning. That was special. San Francisco was tough last week as I was sick the whole time there too. I am just so thankful this is all for a little baby. It would totally suck otherwise! I'm leaving tomorrow for San Diego for another meeting and get home Friday night then next week my husband will finish his LAST law school final ever on Monday, Tuesay is our big appointment (come on heartbeat!) and then after that appt we are off the the mountains to relax for the week. I can hardly wait. It's gonig to be great. Then he graduates the Satruday we get home. This is a very busy, and exciting time. All I need to make life complete is to see my little babe's heartbeat. I will admit I am nervous. Shelly, glad your appt went well! Bet you are getting so exciting to see Dancing Carson. Jourdan, are the long days killing you? My fatigue is off the charts so I don't know how you are doing it. Clauds, thanks for the well wishes. It's great to see you back. Shab, 3 weeks without DH...hope you have lots to keep you busy and I'm sure he'll be safe! Lisa, I'm so glad you are keeping up with us. I think about you all the time and still keep you in my prayers. I know seeing that new baby must have been heartbreaking. We've all been there so we feel ya. J Sarah...waiting on AF on the 8th, right? Tomorrow? Any signs yet? I'm hoping for ya! Miss BFP...a Boy! That rocks! Please try to drink tons and relax as much as possible. I you said. It's awful hard to realax when things like this happen. I'm praying for you and you son. (I like saying that!) Bryandi, welcome home. Did you get a hold of your nurse? I'm sure everything is fine. Let us know. Shana, how are things going with the family? Any better? Everytime you mention how you are waiting until 16 week so tell I am just in awe...I am suck a freakin' blabbermouth. Hope it doesn't bite me in the b___t this time like last time. Decbaby...welcome to our thread. I am so sorry to hear about your upcoming D&C. I had one in late September last year also due to a blighted ovum. It's such a hard thing to go through. Just cling to your hubby and come here for any support you need. These ladies were crucial in getting me through. They rock. Well, girls. Not sure when I can check in again but I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and barfing...I mean kicking. Take care, girlies!


lisamc - May 7

JUDI - Yes sadly I lost my second baby three weeks ago, I was 9w6d and the baby had stopped growing at 7w1d, the dates are almost exact as to my first loss. I am finding myself numb to the feelings right now but I do know i feel better everyday. I hope I can get some answers as to why this happened. As for right now, my DH and I are enjoying getting back to normal life and we will revisit the baby thing soon once we have had some time to absorb it. I told him right away I was done, but I am not feeling that way anymore. SHABNAM, 25 weeks is just awesome. Does it get easier to relax as the pregnancy progresses? I think if I am ever lucky enough to get pregnant again that getting past the 9/10 week mark (when I found out about both of my losses) would be a milestone, but I imagine you never feel 100% confident. DECBABY: Welcome, sorry its under these circ_mstances. I am very sorry for your loss, I am just getting past my second loss in 4 months, it is a hard thing to deal with. We are here for you... you will find a ton of support on this board. Hugs to all.... Lisa


smmom2 - May 7

Evening ladies!!!!! LISA>..I am glad to hear you are getting laong better. I pray you get the results you need and that the next bean is so healthy it sticks for nine months!!!! STEFK....good to see you...good advice to missp....definately drink all the water !!! How are you doing??? SHAB...crazy we are so far along huh !!! The glucose test isnt a big is just gross. I eat alot of sweets to...Carson makes me crave them . I am normally not a big sweets eater !!! DECBABY...I am sorry to hear about your loss. We all know how hard it is. As for can usually after you have one normal cycle or af. Some docs want you to wait two. How far long were you??? Again..I am sorry. JILL !!!.There you are !!! My oh my are you going to be a busy lady. Try to relax as much as possible during all that travel and congrats on dh getting his degree !!! Does he just have to take the bar now???? As for me....I am just enjoying Carson. I am totally having bad cramps today but he kicks every now and then making me feel better !!! I am going to bed early tonight as I am so exhausted. No sleep wears me thin !!!! Have a good evening !!


MissP - May 7

Hi girls, firstly thanks stefkey and lisamc for you support and i appreciate it. Lisa especially as your going through a loss right now and im totally hoping you never have to go through that ver again. Stefkey, you keep popping up, i think you should join us, are you on the clean slate normally? Thanks for your positiv story. Everyone else, smmom, jstaley, mrs hath, sarah9, shabnam, judisarah, bryandi and everyone, thanks for your advice. So i was at the docs again today and he checked the heartbeat, which was fine and examined me, everything normal. Anyway his prognosis is that if god wants this baby to survive, he will help him, but if he dosnt want then my littlone might not make it. Those were his words, be them in spanish. I asked him to be a little more clear in medical terms and basically, he suspects that my little son (still feels strange saying that) may have a urinary defect which is causing him not to be able to pee out the amniotic fluid and therefore the amount in the sack is decreasing as he swallows it but cant release it very well. All i can do at this point because its before the 3rd trimester is to drink excessive amounts of water hoping that this boosts the levels in the sack, rest a lot - in case there is a rupture which is causing the fluid to leak whenever i move about too much, and pray. I have to go and get a 3d scan in a couple of days to see if theres evidence of there being a defect or a blockage somewhere in my little boys bits and pieces. If theres not then they a__sume its the other option that theres a leak somewhere and i may have to be hospitalised for the rest of the pregnancy - this can cause premature labour and so they would aim to get me as far along as possible before the baby decides to be born. Right now im devestated and i did all my crying yesterday so now im just trying my best to stay calm, rest, and drink. I desperatly want to go home next week and im praying the visa comes this wkend so we can fly home and then i can go straight to the ER and get some proper treatment. Apparantly theres a procedure they may need to do where they inject fluid into the womb on a daily/weekly basis if it looks like the baby dosnt have enough to live on, but they cant do that here. Oh girls, i know i dont know if any of this will happen yet - theres a chance i go back in a few days and the fluid levels will have gone up because of all the water im drinking and everything will be ok. Im hoping that it hasnt already caused some brain damage. Ive read several success stories and several sad ones about this exact same situation and i dont know which way mines going to go, but we are praying hard. We are going to call the baby Tyler i think - and it helps to give him a name when were talking about him. I just hope he gets through this ok. I dont think i could cope with such a late loss, especially as im just a few weeks away from when he might survive on his own if he did come early. Im 18 and a half weeks now. Say a lot of prayers girls please, we need all of them right now. DH is being very positive but i know hes upset...anyway we are just going to try and get through the next few days as best we can. Il update if theres anymore news girls and sorry i havent checked up on all your situations, i will soon i promise x x x


Sarah9 - May 7

MissP- I am saying extra prayers for you and Tyler. Please keep us updated on his condition as you learn of it. If you do end up going home (hopefully) next week or end up staying in the hospital, please let us know before you are there so we can keep you in our hearts and thoughts until you can make it back to us. Stay strong and we love you!


smmom2 - May 7

MissP....I pray you get your visa very very very soon !!! You sooo just need to get home and get the proper care. I also pray little Tyler will make it all the way to birth being healthy and strong !!! ANd if you have to be on bedrest or in the hospital ...then there are worse things !!!! Just get home first !!!!


Mrs.Hath - May 7

Hi girls. Yuck, I am sooo sick. Not PG related, just sick. My entire office has this same bug. I had to leave work early today. I've been sleeping on and off. It stinks not being able to take anything for it. I'd kill for some NyQuill right now. I think I'm going to be shortly. SHELLY: Didn't you get really sick in your 1st trimester? Boo. Speaking of pregnancy nose smelling, you know what I smell? My dog's stinky farts! I thought they were bad before, but pregnancy nose magnifies it by 3. Gross. I'd much rather be smelling Sarah's lilacs. MISSP: Congrats! It's a boy. That is sooo wonderful. There goes the theory that only girls kick early on. I thought for sure it would be a girl. Hot darn, another blue in the group. As for the low fluid, I am so sorry. I can't believe it. I really wish you had better doctors to take of this. I'm just not that confident with them. I'm not going to give up hope for a perfectly healthy baby. I know how you feel. When they told me that my baby was malformed, I just fell apart. It was the worst. However, I don't think that is your case. 9 is still well above the minimum. Drink water like crazy and let's pray big time. LISA: How are you doing my dear? Stupid question. I know how you are doing: like c___p. I know you are still healing. You are now waiting for AF, is that correct? Geez, sometimes we can't cut a break. You think you finally got the pregnancy right and then you still run into all these issues. I just wish it was easier emotionally and physically. BRYANDI: My doctor called me today and gave me a scare. Turns out they just needed me to get some extra stuff tested because they left it off the order. It really could be no big deal at all. I always have that same corpus luteum cyst. Those are no big deal at all. They almost always resolve themselves. I don't think you would develope a new blood issue that wasn't present with your other kids. So....let's just a__sume it's not bad news. I know that's easier said than done. I'd be breaking in to the doctors office rooting through my files, but I'm nuts :) SARAH9: It's so good to hear from you. I cannot believe you are almost in your 2nd trimester. That is insane. What a crazy ride it's been. We can't get there soon enough. I too feel bloated. I'm not showing at all either, but I feel yucky. I'm going to hold out for as long as I can. I do like to live in my elastic PJs the minute I get home. STEFKAY: So glad you b___ted in with that story. I've never heard of low fluid before. I think you've given us nice hope for MISSP's successful turn around. In fact, I think I'll start drinking more water myself. That's good advice. SHAB: Man, how far is IRAN from you? Oy, 3 weeks is a long time. I know how nerve wrecking it is. I can't believe you are 25 weeks already. It's going so quickly for you. How are your cla__ses going? I didn't realize you were back at it already. JUDI: Hi honey. Sorry you hate your job. It stinks to be in an enviroment that you hate (right Shelly?). I'm hoping you get to quit soon because you have to stay home with your new baby! Did I tell you how much I believe in Pre Seed and baby aspirin and B6 for getting pregnant? Just food for thought.


Mrs.Hath - May 7

DECBABY: I am so sorry for your loss. We've all been there. Most of us multiple times. This is the best support group you could ever imagine. We will help you get through this. Welcome to our group. The D&C does not hurt at all. You will feel very sad afterwards as you come back with no baby. It will be a tough journey to heal. JILL: Yes, shame on you for sure. I cannot believe you barfed on your own feet. That does sound really special. What a lovely moment. As for all the stuff you have going on, that is great. I say that because it makes the time go by faster. It really does help when you have other stuff to focus on. I like it when I'm busy. Of course, when you are sick, you want the world to slow way down. Horaay for your DH finally finishing law school. this is the start to your wonderful new life. You are living the American Dream for sure. (except for your c___ppy neighborhood of course).


Mrs.Hath - May 7

Oh Miss BFP. I am soooooooooo sorry. I can't believe this is happening. You have to get the heck out of there and into proper care. I just don't think you're in a good place to deal with this. I believe Shireen's issues were also related to urinary concerns. But, we are in a very medically advanced world now. You just need access to good care. If you have to stay in the hospital for the next 20 weeks, so be it for Tyler. I will pray my very hardest for you. I'm thinking about you. Love you.


Mrs.Hath - May 7

Alright girls. Off to bed. xoxoxo


decbaby - May 8

dear all, thank you so much for your very warm welcome i already feel part of the group im sure that sharing wih you guys will make this whole ordeal much easier it already makes a huge difference knowing that im getting advice from women who have already went through what im going through now and are talking from experience. im getting ready to take the meds tom as the doc told me to take a pill every 8 hrs so that to get my uteurs to contract and open so that he can do the d&C the next day. im more afraid of the meds that im of the d&c as im sure ill be in great pain just like labour except with no baby :( anyways i hope it will just all end soon so that i can get a fresh start. Smmonm you had asked how far along i was and the answer to that is that i was 7 weeks when i found out that it was a belighted ovum. i should have found earlier but the first doc i went to messed up and even though she knew that it was a belighted ovum she gave me meds to keep the pregnancy going and when i asked her where the baby was on the u/s image she used to point at a white spot and say that that was it so basically she kept lying to me for 4 weeks then finally at my last visit to her clinic her a__sistant was the one who told me that they could not see a baby and when i told her but the doc said that she could the a__sistant told me that even so she still wrote in my file that no fetus was visiable. well sorry to blab so much but i just could not tell my story anyways im with a different doc now who is great. Thank you all again for your thoughts and advice and congrats for those of you who are carrying i send many baby wishes to all.



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