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smmom2 - July 31

Question: We are all here for the loss of our children. Some of us are beginning again, and some of us are trying, some of us are just trying to cope. We support each other through every moment of life now, maybe with a little help from Sandwaby ( stands for Sad and wanting a baby) or the rest of us in SANDHABY ( sick and having a baby) . And now we even have a STANDHABY ( stressed and having a baby) . All of us have come a long way !!! We have become more then support....we have become friends. So either way, come on in and join us...everyone is welcome!!!


smmom2 - July 31

OK...NO AF allowed in this room during BFP time !!


Judi Sarah - July 31

thanks SHELLY! you're too kind. i am getting sad that my cycle buddies may have abandoned me :( but i am really glad you are still here! i hope the other pregger ladies chime in too. i hope i stay like you, SHELLY, and don't disappear once i become preggers, soon, God willing!


lilymummy - August 1

Judi I may not qualify as a cycle buddie but I am here for you.....sending you good vibes, but worrying that you may test too early, get a bfn, and feel sad.....I'm sorry you feel abandoned, but I'm sure everyone is logging on just as often as they get the chance. My work is really cracking down and I often have no chance to get on during the three days that I work. However, i'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all here for you, whether we happen to be able to log on or not. Fingers crossed for you testing Friday. xxx Kath PS. I've started testing for ovulation, even though I don't think I will until this time next week. I'll keep you guys updated.


Erin_thenurse - August 1

JUDY. I am so sorry I haven't been there for you. I know this is such a hard time for you and I understand how you feel. today is cd 30 and 10dpo. I have tested with 2 bfn the last 2 days. my bbt have still been up but I am not getting my hopes up. We sent in our s/a yesterday and don't know when we will get the results. I do miss all of you everyday but have been so stressed out ttc. I just needed to give my mind a break. We have been ttc for 18 solid months now except for Jan when I had my m/c. I am not trying to avoid you all. I love you all so much. I will tell you how my hpt goes today.


MissP - August 1

Hi girls, sorry judi that i havent been around so much, my life is a bit crazy at the moment. I dont seem to get chance to make comments, altho i try and read everyday, sometimes just reading the posts takes the 10 minutes i have spare and then i dont have any time to write! But i am thinking about you and i soo hope this is your month. The thing is to remember is that whatever happens - not to get too down if its not the result you want - i remember the extreme highs and lows of ttc and i know how awful you feel in the months when its not happening. Having said that, i dont want to put you in a downer, im just crossing everything that things work out, and for you other ladies in the same boat too. Erin im sorry about the bfn,s but like you said dont give up until your a little further on from ovulation. You still got time. Lilymommy im rooting for you too! Thanks to everyone who is pleased for my good news, i do feel better and i just hope so badly that everythings fine for my little baby boy!! Ok il have to love ya and leave ya but your all in my thoughts. Have a great weekend girls x x


smmom2 - August 1

Hello ladies...It's friday..>YEY !!! JUDI...hang in there...we are all here to support ya ...just maybe not able to log in. I am not going anywhere after Carson is born...You ladies got me through a very hard time in my life and I still need help sometimes. And I like to be here for all the ladies who need my help any way I can help. What did your test say this am???? LILLY.... You never know when you can O....sometimes it happend earlier or later then we think. hang in there too..>I know it is hard to stay positive when it is taking so long...but GOD will bless you with a healthy baby...just in his own time..not ours. I pray this is your month !!! MISSP.....You keep that positive att_tude...your little man is going to be born full term and healthy as can be !!!! OK ladies...I am going to get ready for my doc appt...I will check back in and let you all know. If they say anything at all.


smmom2 - August 1

I am back fromt he doc ladies...and noone is here !!!!!!!!! I asked them to check me becasue of my BH and the fact that he dropped again. SOooo...I am dialated at a good 1 and possibly 2, and 50 % effaced !!! That means the cervix is thinning and baby is starting to make his way !!!! I am excited !!!


Judi Sarah - August 1

i'm so sorry i made you all feel so terrible. i just miss having you guys as support, but i shouldn't feel that you abandoned me since i know i, along w/everyone else here, is in your thoughts and prayers. LILLY - even if not a cycle buddy in terms of cycle days, you're still a buddy who is going through what i was going through a few weeks ago. thank you for taking the time to write. keep us posted on the O-ing. i can't remember whether you temp? ERIN - thank you for writing even though you want to get away. i feel badly that i said you guys abandoned me w/o thinking about what you may be going through. that was very selfish of me. please let us know what your hpt says, i am praying for you. MISSP - thank you to you also for writing. like i said to the other ladies, it was selfish of me to make that comment and i apologize. you have your plate full with all that is going on, you don't always have time to chime in, but thank you for giving me your valuable time. SHELLY - you are very kind to check in every morning and every evening. thanks for your support and i am so excited that carson is making his way! i am thrilled for you and totally looking forward to it!!! thanks again ladies for giving me your time. you are all awesome and have made me feel great!


Judi Sarah - August 1

btw, LISA & LEXXY - i think i speak for everyone when i say we are waiting to hear whether you both tested?!


Shabnam - August 1

Hello everyone! Judi, sorry you felt so alone on here. I have been all over the place as well and with I could come by and check in more often. Unfortunately, my work and situation don't really allow it. I had my dr's apt today. She sent me to the hospital with a blood pressure at 160/100. I spent close to 3 hours in the hospital doing blood tests and monitoring the baby. I have to go back monday morning for the same tests and go in to start induction tuesday evening. Until then I have been put on strict bedrest. I just finished off my ice cream, gonna drink my hot chocolate and then go to the bedroom. I really hope monday's results are ok and I get sent back home.we will see... i'm hoping this month brings a few BFPs but for now i have to go rest...


smmom2 - August 1

Hello ladies....SHAB...I can not even believe Shireen will be here Wednesday !! That is s crazy !! you are done. Sorry about the bed rest...but only a few days isnt bad. I am so excited!! JUDI...its ok...dont feel bad...we all need support on here all the time...and sometimes we need it more then others. Especially when all you ttc ladies are on edge TESTING !! Speaking of....LISA< ERIN< LEXXY...and whoever else...what is going on...what are those tests saying>?/?? JUDI..did you wait....I am going to fall off my seat here ladies !! OK...I will check in again in the am...I better see some action !!


Judi Sarah - August 1

SHAB - that's awesome! shireen will be here in no time, absolutely exciting. SHELLY - don't want to have you fall over... so, FF suggested testing on aug. 9... being patient is a biatch!!! keep them prayers coming... where are my testing buddies? ERIN - you were going to tell us about today's hpt, even though it's still a bit early for you, yeah? LISA - weren't you going to test today? LEXXY - when are you planning on testing? all the other pregnancy ladies... how are you doing?


Erin_thenurse - August 1

Judi, Still bfn today but my temp went up from 98.1 to 98.6 today. So hope is still not lost! I am so hoping and praying for you and still read about all of you even though I haven't been writing as much. Don't you dare apologize because we have all been there and I totally understand your frustration. TTC is such a hard process and especially after the incredibly hard m/c you experienced this year. And then you had to wait so long to actually ttc again. Did you test again today?? I'm waiting here those results, girl!! And the rest of my girl, I am waiting to hear about how you are doing. Shelly, sounds like you are starting to be on your way!!! I am so excited! Shab, yeah!!! Shireen is going to on her way this tuesday! Please take it easy this weekend and go to the hospital if you feel dizzy or nauseated. High blood pressure is nothing to take for granted in pregnancy. I'll be praying for you! Would you mind having a contact person during the birth that you could text and they could relay the message to all of us! I would be happy to do it if you need me.


lilymummy - August 2

guys this is getting so exciting....almost everyone is either getting ready to test or ready to give birth. It's so exciting that Shelly is effacing as we speak and that Shireen will be with us shortly. It makes me remember waiting on giving birth to Lily. I was very frightened of being induced and was going to be the day after she was due, but I turned out giving birth on her due date, everything happened naturally so I knew she loved me before she was even born! Please treasure this time, as much as the bed rest may seem like a pain in the bum, magic is just about to happen. I know I probably sound crazy, but I feel sorry for men not being able to give birth. I loved giving birth! It was hard and painful of course but it was the best work I have ever done and just fabulous! So go to it girls! And let us all know how you testers are doing. That wait is a REAL pain in the bum but good things come to those who wait. Lots of love and baby dust!


Erin_thenurse - August 2

Judi Lexxy Lisa Kath Shelly Shab and MissP... I am thinking about you today and wishing you the best. TTC ladies... I am hoping that this is our week and wish will be blessed with BFP!!! Don't give up hope. Cd 31 & 11 dpo for me. No symptoms for me except a little ga__sy. At least my patients are small and don't care. Hehe! I'll check in tonight and let you know what the hpt says. See you then!


Shabnam - August 2

Good morning all you beautiful ladies! Erin, sounds like AF wont be showing this month. I remember having a 2nd rise in temp when i got my BFP. I have my fingers crossed. Judi, Lily, Lexxy, and all you ttc ladies, I'm sending baby dust your way. As for me, I am still resting. we wanted to go get a blood pressure cuff at the pharmacy yesterday but didn't have the time. We used to have one but gave it to my in-laws... The bad thing about high blood pressure is you dont actually feel bad... I honestly feel like i could go for a nice long walk right now. But I wont do that. We will go get a blood pressure cuff this morning and I will be better able to monitor myself that way. Just a few more days I guess. Thank you all for your good wishes.



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