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smmom2 - June 18

We are all here for the loss of our children. Some of us are begining again, and some of us are trying, some of us are just trying to cope. We support eachother through every moment of life now, maybe with a little help from Sandwaby ( stands for Sad and wanting a baby) or the rest of us in SANDHABY ( sick and having a baby) . And now we even have a STANDHABY ( second trimester and having a baby) . All os us have come a long way !!! We have become more then support....we have become friends. So either way, come on in and join us...everyone is welcome!!!! ?


smmom2 - June 18

Here we are....25....I pray it brings us all healthy babies...and new life to those who are praying for it....precious beans to those waiting.....and May we all have good doctors and finally some good solid answers !!!!!


lisamc - June 19

Hi girlies! Happy Thursday to all.... ERIN: How discouraging! I tried the OPK's way back when I started this journey and they never worked for me. Its so hard to read those darn things and I was getting so frustrated. So I started temping and I was preggers within 2 or 3 months after that. (I had been ttc for about 11 cycles - talk about frustrating, my DS (with my ex hubby) was conceived on the very first try! Although that was 10 years ago....) anyway, if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. It really is amazing to see how the temps show you exactly when you O. I didn't temp this month, but I plan on getting back into next month as I want to be sure I am ovulating. It hasn't ever been a problem for me, but I have been dieting alot since my last m/c and I heard that can effect your cycle. ( I have lost 30lbs since May 1!!!)So I just want to be sure. So come on here and vent to us as we all understand how you feel, and then you get it out and still keep the right frame of mind. Somehow, it will work out for you, i really believe that. So keep that chin up girl, when your baby finally gets here it will be worth all of this, I promise.... Gosh I am obnoxious with my "cheerleader" att_tude! Sorry girls, that book I read has me being ms. positive .. i am sure it can get annoying, I will try to take it down a notch! SMMOM: pet_tary gland??? Never had it tested and never heard it mentioned by my Dr. What is the jist? Should I talk to my dr. about it???? I am having a hard time getting my dr. to do much more testing on me. Because I already have a living child, they aren't that concerned about my fertility... they only ran all those other tests for my piece of mind but told me typically someone in my position wouldn't get the testing. I digress..... Hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo<<HUGS>> Lisa


jstaley1228 - June 19

Morning, Ladies! Lisa, you've lost 30 pounds in the last 6 weeks? that is incredible and good for you! I'll adopt your cheerleader att_tude for that! Oh, and don't apologize for being too positive, you goof! That is exactly what this site needs...positivity. I'm glad to hear you are doing well and get to temping this next time, lady! We want more babies! Erin, I know it's hard to stay positive. I tried those dumb OPK's and Jourdan had to keep me from wanting to burn down the house everytime they didn't work for me. I hated them...they just didn't work for me. I tried them for three months before I caved and bought my fertility monitor. I was spending so much on those sticks anyway I though the monitor was worth a try...and boy was it ever. First month for me! I know it doesn't work that way for everyone but I fully intend to used it for all future kiddos. It took all the guessing (is that a line? is it darker than the other? is it darker than yesterday? etc...) out of the process for me and that was what I needed. I think the fact that the monitor tests for two hormones instead of just progesterone was what worked for me. I am so greatful for that little monitor. Give it some though if those sticks start to drive you insane. I got mine in a "kit" that came with test sticks and preg tests and pre-seed all for $200. I know, I know...but it is something you can always use and in retrospect I would have paid double, triple that to have this baby. And of course much more! I'm diverting...I got this kit off of early pregnancy tests dot com. I am not sure if they still have the same special running but just FYI cause I feel your pain with trying to interpret those dang sticks. Okay...moving on! Oh, and my toes are still crossed so don't give up yet. I ended up ovulating on my cd18 so you are still totally in the running. Shelly, I thought about you and your family the other day. Hang in there. are almost to 9 weeks and something days...that single digits, baby! Whoo-hoo! So, excited for you and Carson Dancing Pants! Bryandi, you guys doing? MissP, and new news? New news...nice. I am off to Vegas today where it will be a lovely 106 degrees everyday. I am hitting the strip! It'll be just like in Knocked Up where she can't get in the club because the bouncer says, "I can't have no pregnant b**ches runnin' around my club!" Hee hee... We actually won't even get close to the strip. People in who live in Vegas I guess rarely go there. It's like me. I grew up in Colorado Springs and just visited Pikes Peak for the first time a few years ago. Guess it's not that exciting when you live there. Anyway, we will be hitting up the pool with the kiddos and just hanging out. She is taking me to some great maternity store and I might buy my first official maternity clothes. Oh, boy. Hey, quick question...any of you find yourself spacier" lately? I ramble like you would not believe lately, totally getting off point and stuff, and I have never been like that. The kicker is I know I'm doing it but I can't stop! It's the craziest thing... I'd better go before I get stated again. I'll talk to you gals next week and have a nice weekend! Stay cool where ever you are. Jourdan, if you ever pop in I miss you.


lisamc - June 19

JSTALEY: Yes 30lbs in about 6 weeks, I had put on about 5lbs with each pregnancy so I had about 10 to lose then it just kept coming off. Seriously, its a control thing with me, I couldn't control what was happening to my babies, but I could control my weight and that extra I was carrying around was just making me more miserable, so it was my first step in getting back to the old me. I missed her and I am glad she is back. But I would gladly give up my skinny jeans for maternity ones!


jstaley1228 - June 19

Still proud of you, Lisa. That's awesome and someday'll gain it all back in sweet, sweet baby weight. Hang in there!


Bryandi - June 19

Hey ladies, I am back. My trip to NY was good and the training was good. I am super glad to be back, not to mention exhausted! MissP sorry things just aren't moving fast enough and it seems like you are not getting the treatment you deserve. It is amazing how procedural they are there.... I hope you have finally gotten in to see someone by now! Smmom glad to hear you got your yard done finally. I too enjoy working in the yard. This weekend dh and I need to get back down in the bas____nt and get our bedroom finished. lisa, I hope your MRI goes well and nothing has progressed. Then you will be all set to start ttc! yay~ Erin, don't give up yet. I hate those OPK's I had an awful time with them too! Maybe they just aren't working like they should or maybe they just don't work on your body! Keep positive! Jstay, congrats on the bump! LOL I do not have a LITTLE bump....I have an "there's no way you are hiding you are pregnant" bump. I finally let the word out at work and soo many people came up to me and said they knew it. They could tell I was pg because of my belly, but were waiting for me to spill the beans. My weight has continued to creep up in the same fashion as before. 1 pound behind the number of weeks along I am. So I am 14 weeks and have gained 13 pounds. It really is all in my belly, though. The other day I definately thought I felt some movement. I know it is early, but I have already had two kids and know what to look for and what it feels like even when it is weak. So tomorrow night DH and I are officially packing away all the pacifiers. Tonight was Rory's last night with one. I am afraid I am going to have a very long and tiresome weekend! Sometime next week I am going to be getting my "raise review" at work. I am hoping and praying that it is a good one! With the baby coming we really could use the extra cash to get ready for christmas and other things for the baby. If it is a boy we will be ok since Rory was born in the winter so we have winter clothing for a baby boy. If we have a girl we will need to do some shopping as Tabby was born in the middle of the summer. Only 4 weeks or so till we know what we are having! gotta run ladies I am exhausted.


Shabnam - June 19

Hey gals! Lisa, 30 lbs is awsome. I just hit the 200lbs mark. OY! I'm really feeling big. lol. It's all for a good cause though. I am looking forward to exercising again. I am gonna be starting the walking soon. My goal is to get back to being about 130lbs before getting pregnant again. Jill, I remember rambling on and on about irrelevant stuff. I still do. Wait till you start forgetting things... And then you can't concentrate long enough to get anything done. It's all wonderful. But all worth it. Bryandi, good luck with the pacifier withdrawal. I know my mom had a hard time with me. She actually threw them out the balcony of the 6th floor apartment. lol. Erin, I always temped. even if I dont always wake up at the same time... I would reach for the thermometer and temp first thing when I opened my eyes. I would get a pretty steady curve and was able to pinpoint ovulation. Maybe it would be something to try. I think as long as you get 3+ hours of sleep you are good. Anyways ladies I have to feed myself before i pa__s out. Take good care.


smmom2 - June 19

Hello keep that positive is great !!! It is the pituitary is actually in your brain...and produces the necessary hormone for releasing the egg....the one that makes you pg. So....yes I would ask your doc about it...and no matter if you have a child or not I think your doc should give you testing. My doc would have had I had another m/c....and I have 2 healthy kids. My m/c was with my third child. Anyways...I had a friend who had it...she stopped having af and didnt know why. hey found a tumor on her pituitary gland...all she had to do was take b/c for a couple months. She did have a m/c ( she got pg first cycle after going off b/c) and then got pg first cycle after that...and now has 2 healthy kids. JILL....Vegas...FUN !! I hope you enjoy your vacay !!! I loved that movie Knocked was so funny !!! As for the brain is called pregnancy brain...and it doesnt go away until baby is a few months old. Seriously !!! It makes you do the dumest things....say the dumest things and forget everything !!!! It is funny how your mind turns to mush...but your b___bs turn to boulders !!! HAHA !! Oh...I am 30 weeks this I have 10 weeks and 3 days left. BRYANDI....I am glad you are back and had fun on vacay !!! I cant believe you are 14 weeks now !!! And I know the feeling of the bump appearing so early...This is my 4th I showed immediately. ANd was for the weight..I think the more babies you have..the more weight you gain. I am better off with Carson then I was with second dd...but have also hit 200 mark. it sucks/...but I also quit smoking with dd and never lost that added extra 15 pounds ...and I am tall. Anyways...lets just say I will be a work out hound after Carson is here !!! Ok ladies...I have to go get kids to bed....and I have my nephew here, my sil is going to have her second amnio tomarrow to see if baby is ready to come!! Ok..gotta go....


Bryandi - June 20

Shab, I hit that lovely 200 mark with both of my kids and am positive I will hit it with this one too! It is so worth every pound, but once I hit 200 I feel like a blimp, LOL. Thanks for the luck with the pacifier. I waited till today to take it away from him because dh doesn't deal with him during naps on the weekends and he never deals with him at night so I figured dh could suffer through one nap today and then hopefully come Sunday night he will be doing better so that I might get a decent night sleep before work. He took a nap today without it, but a very very short one. We will see. he is down now, and quiet but he did cry for about 10-15 min before settling down. Smmom congrats on 30 weeks! that is soo exciting. I find it amazing to think you are soo far along. It seems just like yesterday that you were telling us you got your bfp! It seems even crazier that in 6 weeks I will be halfway there! it is amazing! Smmom I hope sil is ready to have her baby and that everything goes smoothly for her even though she is soo difficult to deal with. I too will be working out like crazy once the baby is born. I have weighed about 160 since I graduated high school and I am 5'7. So I have always been on the high end of the healthy weight range for my body. After Rory was born I got down to 153 and was soo proud of myself. That would make me happy, just to be 150. So that is my goal after this little one is born. I figure I will have about 50 - 60 pounds to lose by the time I deliver. So Shana, where are you? Clauds...check in sometime! Mrs. Hath, I am still thinking of you! Wow I think this thread has gotten a little slow lately. Well guess I better hit the sack. I am taking the kids to pick strawberries tomorrow morning and I should probably get a head start on the sleep in case little man doesn't sleep well tonight. good night ladies


smmom2 - June 20

Hello ladies....SO sil had her baby today via c section at 1230...boy 7 lbs 7 oz....yey!!! It is all over with !! BRYANDI.... I can not get the paci away from my almost 2 yr old....she freaks if she cant have it at night time and nap time( which is the only time she is allowed to have it) We took it away from oldest dd at 2...and then potty trained...but I am dreading taking it from dd now...cause she is way more atttached. I am trying to pottyy train her now...she totally goes on the potty and even in public now...but will not go poop or tell me when she has to go. I am hopinig to have her potty trained and no more paci by the time baby comes...b ut I am thinking she might have issues once baby is here. SO...only 6 more weeks and you will not only be half way....but you will know the s_x of the baby !!! Same with ShanaT ( where the heck have you been???) and Jill !!! I am so excited for you ladies. Have any of you set up your u/s yet??? As for the weight..I love how they tell us that women should only gain 35 lbs when pg....I gained 55-65 pounds with my two and EVERYONE I know has also. So seems to me the common is atleast 50 lbs. I grew up very skinny my whole life... weighed 130 until after my first dd...then went to 145 ish....and after second dd was 160. Couldnt lose any more weight either. So I am praying to get back to atleast 150 !!! I am 5' that is a good weight for my height !! ANyways....weight talk depresses me......I hope everyone is doing ok !! MISSP....any more news for us yet???? You are almost to 30 weeks girl !!! are you and bean doing?? Judi...check in please !!! LIsa, Lexxy, SHAB, and everyone else....HELLO !!!!


Erin_thenurse - June 21

Guess who ovulated???? I DID!!!!(I think, at least I had a positive opt) Ladies, I am so excited. This is the first time in my life that I know(pretty much) that I ovulated! Yesterday and the day before I started having a lot of cm (TMI sorry). So much so that I had wet panties at cla__s. Today I took my opt and turned positive. All my other opt this month were stone cold negatives. I am also having left lower quadrant ovarian pain ! I have never been so excited to have pain before. Well DH and have been bding everyday and so hopefully this is our month!! I got so defeated after cd15 when I hadn't ovulated and one of my friends told me that she was pregnant after ttc for one month. I was so sad. I am now feeling so much better! Thank you ladies for your support. Yes Jill, you were right. I shouldn't have given up because it did. We will now see if those sperm can do their job!!


ShanaT - June 21

HEY LADIES!!!!!!!!! Did you all miss me??? LOL. I missed each of you oh so badly! Things have been just crazy around here. Unpacking is just about down....we have begun fixing up the house as we like it and are ordering furniture now and planning for our dream nursery! Things are FANTASTIC! Baby is doing wonderful and we have had another ultrasound.... we will have another one at 18 weeks and then that will be it until the end of the pregnancy. I don't know what I'm gunna do cause already the doctors are treating me like this is just a normal preg now.... now that we are out of the first trimester and past the scare period and everything. I knew it was coming cuz everything has been going so well..... i'm just gunna have to keep my cool. WELL some news ladies..... I have only gained about 2 pounds... I have a baby bump however people say they had no idea (family) we announced it today to the family and showed ALL the ultrasound pics thus far. Everyone was thrilled! I have never felt so proud! AND we also were able to tell everyone what gender we are having! YUP! We found out already! We are having a GIRL!!! I know its early but the doctors said that it was clear already. I was surprized as I thought it was gunna be a boy but we are just SO SO SO excited for a little girl to love and adore. I have already started shopping but don't worry I'm keeping tags on for just a bit longer! lol But it seems they were pretty sure. SO Sophia (or Baby Sophi as everyone else is calling her) is doing wonderful and we still have been listening to her HB every day or two. I have started feeling real movements or flutters now. It has happened just a couple times sitting up still tho.... but often when I lay down. That's very exciting. She just seems so lively and healthy....we are so blessed. Things are just really good for us. However I did have a minor meltdown when I asked DH to move the hope chest (filled with baby things we had bought for the first baby) to an upstairs room. I opened it and started crying for that baby all over again. I even felt guilty for a second becuase here I am pregnant again with our baby girl....and in the second trimester and everything.... then I told myself I was allowed to cry still and I sure let myself! Then I took out two of the stuffed animals from the chest and put them in Sophia's room. They will be our reminders that Sophi has an angel sibling in heaven. It helped me. I even named one of the bears "Bean" like we used to call our first baby. I hope that someday Sophia loves that stuffed bear and calls it Bean too. ahhh.... but we are all doing good. I did read up on you guys on this thread and it seems things are good. SMMOM.... you sure are getting down to the final count!! So excited for you and Carson. BRYANDI.... glad I'm not the only one with the noticable baby bump... I swear I don't know how any of my family has been missing it lately! SO glad the news is out and I don't have to ware baggy clothes and stuff anymore! JILL.... sounds like all is well with you too and your bump! lol.... ERIN...... SO SO SO glad to see that you have worked thru the ov frustration! It sure sounds like you got it and bd right on time! I'm so feeling confident this month is it! ANd yes I always got the ov pains and CM like crazy and that def let me know when I ov. THIS IS IT GIRL!!!! LISA....congrats on the weight loss! I can't believe it. Getting yourself more healthy is wonderful and will only help later ya know! I so plan on taking baby weight and more off come january and the baby comes! I sure need it. I started out heavier so even tho I have gained only 2 pounds I feel big and I have to watch it!!! The dr. only wants me at like +20-25 pounds tops at the end of the preg! Is that even possible??!!!! lol OKay ladies.... our computer at home (I'm at the in laws now) is not working until later this week so I'll be back on like wednesday or so! Until then! Love you all!!!!


Bryandi - June 21

Smmom good to hear the baby was born and is healthy. 7lbs and 7 oz is a good weight. Tabby was 7lbs 6 oz how far along was she? they took the baby early right? Erin congratulations on the big O! I knew it was going to be your cycle this month! Everything sounds perfect you are going to get that BFP!!!!!! Shana, we have missed you. it is about time you checked in missy! I am glad you have finally let the secret out. I know for me it was a huge relief to be able to wear cute pg clothes instead of baggy loose clothes to try and hide it. I am soo jealous that you know what you are having already....and even more jealous that you have only gained 2 pounds! So totally not fair. I did have good news this morning....I lost 1.2 pounds while I was in NY (I walked my little..ahem not so little tooshie off out there) that brings me down to a 12 pound gain in almost 15 weeks. I might be breaking away from my pound a week! I think it is sweet that you gave 2 of the stuffed animals to Sophia that were originally for your first child. Sophia will always have a guardian angel baby watching over her! Well I brought the kiddos out to pick strawberries this morning and this afternoon I vacuumed the pool. This evening DH and I sanded down more of the drywall and hung the last door. So tomorrow we just need to put up a couple small peices of drywall around the door and mud the creases in the new drywall and finish sanding. Then one more layer of mud and one more run of sanding and we will be ready to prime the walls! Before we do that I need to get down there and clean the room. All the dust from the sanding has made a huge mess down there. Plus there is a rug so it is going to be a pain to clean. I am very excited that we are getting closer and closer to actually moving our bedroom down there! Smmom we broke dd of her thumb at two years old, and were thinking of waiting till ds was two before taking the pacifier, but each day that went on he was getting more and more attached. Plus we are hoping not to use pacifiers for this next baby, but if it happens to be like Rory then it will wind up with a pacifier anyway and we want him to be completely broken before the baby is born. He did very good last night. He woke up a total of three times and the first time I went in and rubbed his back and then he fell asleep The second time he cried for probably 10 min or so but then fell asleep. The third time all dh had to do was get him a drink of water (he has a cold so is breathing through his mouth probably dried him out) and he fell right back to sleep. Today he did not take a nap, though. So tonight when I put him to bed he was out instantly not a fuss out of him. He did stop in front of his dresser (which is where we used to keep the pacifiers before) and look at me like "you gonna give me my plug mom?", but I said "no more plug buddy you are a big boy now, let's get into bed" and he crawled right in and cuddled up with his bear and went right to sleep! YAY!! You are lucky you have two girls. there is no way Rory will be potty trained by the time this one comes. Tabby started using the potty a little bit around 19 mths but by the time she was two she was like your dd. She would go if you put her on there every so often but wouldn't tell us and wouldn't poop in the potty. At 2.5 she started telling us and she has started pooping in the potty more often starting just recently. So she is almost completely trained. She doesn't come close to making it thru the night yet though. So we will for sure have two in diapers for a little while. Oh well. Well ladies, I suppose I should head to bed. Good night!


smmom2 - June 21

Hello ladies....>ERIN.....YEY !!!!!!! This is it...this could be your month !!!!! I am so praying it is !! Just keep that positive att_tude now !!! SHANAT.....glad you are getting all settled in and putting your house together. And you even made the big announcement. How exciting...and how did you find out the s_x so early??? Most docs wont tell you this early cause they could be wrong !!! HOW exciting. Sophia is a beautiful name. ANd that is so sweet that you gave her one of bean's bears. What a nice way to remember. And it is ok to cry..I still do sometime also. You can not help a never forget one of your matter how long we have them. As for me...I had another bday party today, and still have my nephew things are busy. Carson is still doing great/..I have another check up tomarrow. Oh..ShanaT...dont worry about your docs...if they are relaxing on you it means they have confindence that baby is ok. And soon you will start going every two weeks like me !!!! 10 weeks ladies....I can not wait. OK...gotta get kids to bed...night !!


smmom2 - June 21

BRYANDI....sorry...we must have posted at the same time. Yess dd is 23 months old...she is not doing so well with the training with her cousin here( he is 7 weeks older then her). But she gets the concept. She does tell me she has to go potty every now and then and usually when we are not at home. WIth oldest dd...she did the same thing until she was 26 months old...then I finally just put her in undies...she had a few accidents...but really didnt like feeling wet or poppy. SO within a week or so she was trained. I am going to do the same with other dd when she turns 2. As for the paci...I am not sure when exactly to take it, but soon. I am glad your ds is not giving you to hard a time with it. You are lucky !!! OK...I gotta go...night !


Shabnam - June 22

YAY ERIN!!!! Congrats on ovulating... That is great news!!! so in 14 days I hope you get even better news!!! I am so excited for you, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. Lisa, when exactly is your MRI, I hope all goes well. Smmom, congrats on sil's delivery. Glad to hear baby is doing good. Hopefully each one of us here will end up holding a perfectly healthy baby some day. Shana, good to see you again. I am glad things are going good for you. Telling everyone must have been such a weight off your shoulders. Congrats on the baby girl. Bryandi, sounds like Rory isn't giving you too hard of a time with the pacifier. I hope I have an easy time like that. Although from the 3d US we had yesterday, it looks like Shireen likes to suck her thumb. She had it in her mouth the whole time almost. I have a dr's appointment tomorrow. She should be giving me the papers for my last medical us. I will find out what is going on with baby's kidneys. Hopefully the issue has corrected itself. I should also be refered for a mammo. I am anxious to get the results and see where I stand regarding that issue. I am itching to start getting things ready for baby girl. If all goes well dh and I will be moving some furniture next weekend and setting up baby's furniture in our bedroom! Now I'm noticing alot of ladies MIA. Judi, Lisa, MissP, Lexxy, Clauds, Col, and anyone I've missed. Check in ladies, we miss you. Have a good day ladies!!! Talk to you soon!



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